Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PUMA: Kiss Him Goodbye, Hillary!!!

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Lauren M said...

I have seen some awesome things on this site.....but, this is my favorite!

Thanks for the laugh and THE reality check!!!


Irene said...

As an independent, I'm on the Democrat's email list. Every time I get a begging email I respond. I have no idea if anyone is reading or cares about my responses. I suggest all the readers here sign up for the Democratic party's email list and let them know what you think! Some of my responses:

Mr. Gore, I have told your party that I wouldn't donate any more money unless Hillary Clinton was the nominee. If she is offered VP, I'll reconsider.
I'm willing to give my heart and soul for Hillary Clinton but not Obama. Here are the reasons why:
I don't like Chicago politics, his lack of knowledge on issues, his lack of experience, his lies, using the race card while blaming others for using it, connections to shady people, believing that a simple "I'm sorry" excuses his bad judgement, making promises that are impossible to keep, throwing people under the bus, and telling voters what they want to hear. Some of us know he's no different than any other politician. Not all the voters are stupid or naive!

Mr. Dean, When you clean Obama's house, then I'll help you clean McCain's house!

Tom, I said if Hillary wasn't your candidate for President, there would be no more money, time, or interest. If your candidate is elected,I just hope we can survive another 4 years of inexperience and huge ego!

Mr. Dean, When Obama stops taking smaller donations from wives, family members, and friends of the lobbyists and special interest groups, I'll be a lot more impressed that Obama is a different kind of politician. So far, I see the same DC story!

I said if Hillary wasn't your candidate for President, there would be no more money, time, or interest. I worry about our troops and all the civilians in Iraq, if Obama is elected. I worry about the war debt your party keeps increasing with excuses about why you can't bring the troops home safely. I wouldn't be so worried if Hillary was your party's candidate!

Mr. McMahon, Obama has most of the media in his pocket. With one marketing firm, you can have his face all over the media. Try having Obama talk about the issues which is what the voters want. If he doesn't know what the issues are or doesn't have a plan, tell him to ask Hillary because she does have plans and ideas!

I would have given money to Hillary but I won't give it to Obama!

Mr. McMahon, I would have donated $100 again for a Hillary T-shirt, but you couldn't give me an Obama T-shirt!

pumawhisper said...

I support Puma, Jus Say No Deal and all pro Hillary sites but I am very worried.

It appears this Obama plan started way back in 2004, and DNC made rules accordingly to make sure they could get this green (not black) teleprompter, plegarizing, crowd pleaser speaker guy to pull off the sneakiest Undemocratic selection of a candidate I have ever seen.

It scares me though that people like Edwards and Gore and Kennedy's are being used to get this puppet in place so Pelosi's group can control things and watch our individual freedoms disappear. Who duped their coffee. This is madness what is happening.

The DNC is unscrupulous! The plan the way they ran the caucaus and the rules committee it was fool proof to get their man selected, and then elected. To heck with the peoples wishes, if we didn't fall in line, they would make rules to fix it.

This is my view and I just pray that not only the DNC but the Chicago underworld and other bad dudes didn't count on the will of the people. We cannot let them win. Somehow, our puma power must overtake one of the strongests undemocratic processes of our Amercian History.

It is going to be tough. Look what they are doing shutting down web sites in favor of Clinton and against Obama.

It worries me that there are to many different goals among us and we are the ones that should show a United front. The old saying, united we stand, divided we fall.

As much as I would like to support write in campaign, they NEVER WORK AND TOO EASY to disqualify them.

Which is another scarey thought. SEEING HOW they controll the news media, shutting down webb sites, etc, what is to keep the unscrupulous people from rigging the voting system we have. IT IS NOT FULL PROOF ANYMORE. TRUST AND LIES HAVE TAKEN OVER. I AM AFRAID NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, WE will be shut down, put behind a fence, or worse. Not a very positive thought but I want us to succeed but we must be careful and SMARTER.

I just wish I was smart enough to be of some help and pray among the Puma's groups that we WILL prevail and Hillary will be our next President. We don't have much time.
Tell us WHAT TO DO besides contribute money? Kansaspuma

Joan said...

Irene's comments are wonderful. I hope, though Independent, Irene will stick with us liberals in the future. Moreover, I'm so happy to have her as an ally in the fight to elect a wonderful woman to the presidency. Meanwhile, I'm going to use her ideas next time I hear from the DCCC, DSCC, the DNC and all their minions.


seasonedcook said...

I have heard from those other political money grabbers also...and I will only donate to Hillary if she is running...I gave while I could...and if she was the nominee I would give again in a month or so...Obama is the
worst I have ever saw wanting money...every site you go on, he pops up asking for donations...no wonder he has so much money to throw a way...poor people giving their money is not right...they need it for the family...he is an elitist and asking for money does not bother him one bit
I TOO AM A PUMA.........

Anonymous said...

I'm a PUMA and a former Democrat turned Independent and loving it! I agree with all of the posts here.

One question/point I have it: I read a lot about retiring Hillary's debt so she can be out from under Obama's thumb and free. But, this sounds like a wishful thinking assumption not really founded on anything substantial. While I agree that it would be great if we helped retire her debt, I honestly don't think that's the primary thing that keeps her connected to Obama. I think she's campaigning with/for him for two reasons: 1) She's a Democrat and doing what she feels she needs to do to support her party, and 2) She's a politician and doing what she feels she needs to do strategically for her future in politics.

I think that for those of us who are strong Hillary supporters to think that after she pays off her debt we won't see her campaigning on Obama's behalf is just setting ourselves up for disappointment.

We all just need to stay focused on our mission, stay united, avoid hysterics and succumbing to rumors and have a loud, clear, articulate voice that will be respected when it roars!

M. Sakel said...

Great PUMA paws on Sweetie! Should be submitted for the Oscars!

But I have on question: Okay, let's have Hillary be the good-natured, polite and (according to that fabulous June 23rd issue of New York magazine with Hillary's photo on the F.C.) witty and humorous lady that she is. But when Sweetie gives the 'finger' in his Jay-Z rapper-wannabe act (and teenage pundits all agree he gave her the 'flip-off'), why restrain the PUMA from GIVING SWEETIE THE PAW on the posterior, eh?! After all his insulting comments made against her and the obscene gestures delivered by Precious Sweetie captured for posterity on the YouTube, it would be well-deserved!

P.S. #1. Sent money to Hillarygearstore.com to order Hillary T-shirts, signs and caps, stickers,etc. Good way to retire her debt, too! Will be ordering Puma paw-stuff, too, if available!?

P.s. #2. Read in the Washington Post by a Obamabotic moron that Barack's would be the "HISTORICAL PRESIDENCY". Really, boys? What would Hillary's presidency be, a run-of-the-mill presidency since we've already come a long way with less than 10% in the House? Why are these pseudo-journalists insisting on demeaning and diminishing the best Woman for the Job! Let's send a Puma to the WashPost!



M. Sakel said...

Yes, UNITY is the key!

check out these excellent Puma-related Just Say No Deal sites as they are very very informative!

NO QUARTER. Larry Johnson is fantastic, fair, balanced and pro-Hillary!

The CONFLUENCE-Riverdaughter's site is just as wonderful and love her clear focus and columns.

I loved this PUMA VIDEO! It should be submitted to the short-doc category for the Oscars. And let's not forget to send a copy to 'sweetie'...And to think that without Hillary forming a special Fund for Mental Health for children David Axelrod's own cild would not have benefitted so tremendously. She started this on her own initiative and hard research after she became aware of Mrs. Axelrod having a difficult time with her child....Gratitude is not in the political lingo it seems! Axelord was Mayor Dailey's little campaign helper in Chicago when they knocked BHO's mentor Sen. Alice Palmer off the ballot in Chicago in '96! He stole the election from Alice and now he stole the Nomination from Hillary. A recidivist in woman-thugging...

M. Sakel said...

I have just viewed the incredible Rev. Wright short clip and on the basis of what I have seen, Barack Obama and Michele Obama should have removed their two little girls from that toxic environment many Sunday Sermons ago!

How could a responsible parent allow their two little girls to witness the OBSCENE PULPIT GYRATIONS of the reverned, who is being pushed forward in clear simulation of a sex act?!

Barack should have removed his children immediately and posted an X-RATED SIGN outside the Church of Hate. SHAME ON OBAMA. HE IS NOT A FIT PARENT!

Surely, someone who does not find objectionable a sexual simulation act on the pulpit by his own pastor in the presence of his own children has a problem.

This may explain why Barack voted against a prohibition for sex shops near Schools and Churches in Illinois and did not offer objection to legislation intended to release sex offender early, prior to having served their full sentence! Very true to character, it seems....

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB PUMAS!!! You said it, WE did it!
No More Obama DRAMA! Those who contend they will NOT vote in the Fall NEED to understand that IS a vote for Obama....McCain and ONLY McCain can RID us of Obama. Write in Hillary votes may not help either...we NEED to look in to that though...wouldn't THAT be something to have a PRES elected from WRITE IN VOTES!!

Tabitha LoVerso said...

I agree that the articulate response is the merited one at this point. I think I am not alone in saying that if we pumas saw a clear separation of Clinton and Obama then the money would start rolling in for her, but the thought of any money potentially going to him makes us sick! I for one would like to see a concrete course of action for retiring Clinton's debt and at that point will contribute as much as I can to the candidate of my choice! Not a candidate that was forced down my throat! I will not ever give any of my hard-working money to support Obama or the DNC! Had they chosen Hillary, I would have, and they would not have to work so hard to win over the 18 million plus voters that voted for Clinton in the first place! Shame on them for having the gaul to ask us for anything, let alone money!!!

proudblackwoman4hillary said...

I love how Obama and his supporters think that we are just a small group of people who feel this way. I guess they will get a wake-up call in November!

PUMA '08

Anonymous said...

irene, I think your idea to get/stay on the DNC e-mail list is great in order to continue to provide a way to respond. (Of course, the other option is simply to contact them on your own, but I think if a person is on their list, maybe their response would have more credibility...not sure...who knows when it comes to the DNC anymore!)

m. sakel, thanks for the Washington Post heads up. You and all the rest of us should always send letters to the editor or find some way to contact the media regarding our views. Blogging is great, but we're generally preaching to the converted. So, let's make sure we contact the media each and every time we read something utterly false or misguided.

tabitha, as for your concerns about where your donation may go if you give it to Hillary's campaign, it's a concern many in the movement have expressed. I called her campaign headquarters a couple of weeks ago about that very issue. I was informed that it is illegal for a political campaign to give money to another campaign. They basically said they'd all be in jail if they took a single penny given to them and gave it to Obama or the DNC. So, I was totally assured that when we donate to Hillary Clinton it goes to retiring her debt and to no one else for no other purpose.

Anonymous said...

proudblackwomanforhillary - I have the same passion as you have and so many others in our new movement. However, I am concerned that we're getting ahead of ourselves in anticipating how we'll show "them" in November. I want that more than anything, but I also want to stay grounded in reality and so far the Gallop poll has shown Obama consistently ahead of McCain. As for the 18,000,000 who voted for Hillary, well, it's not as if those numbers are frozen in time. Many, if not most, of those switched to Obama. There are a zillion grassroots campaigns now, though with varying missions (if they even define one) and tacttical approaches. I feel like we need to unify, develop our priorities and tactics and grow, asap. Otherwise, we run the risk of becoming delusional, thinking we're far stronger and larger than we are. Case in point: 1) the petition on this web site has grown pitifully slow and one month out from it's target date has .01% of the numbers it was/is shootig for, 2) I've yet to hear actual numbers from any of these groups, including PUMA, as to the number of those who've joined (not number of hits on the web site). We must get serious media attention, supporters who have name recognition, impact superdelegates, etc.


P.S. To anyone out there who thinks they'll just sit this election out or write in Hillary's name, think about this: if your main goal is to ensure that Obama not be elected, you must vote for McCain. Sad, but true.

chris said...

love love love this video! played it over and over again! kiss him good-bye hillary. adios osama hussein. hasta la vista baby! kiss kiss.

Melissa said...

I think it is important to keep PUMA in the public eye ... it is important to send a message out to the voting public. To that end I have tried to put together protests and counter protests at Obama functions and the like ... no interest!! How is it possible that no one is actually interested in getting boots on the ground here? It appears that all people are interested in is blogging their opinions and little else. The DNC here(las Vegas)sent out a flyer asking Dem's to show up at a protest of the opening of
Mr McCains campaign office. Knowing there would be media attention I tried to get even a small group together to wear Hillary shirts and carry McCain signs ... not one taker ... not one. Stop blogging and get off your asses!! the only blogging you should be doing is the blogging that gets something ACCOMPLISHED!! Put together a rally or a protest in your area. If McCain is opening an office ... show up in Hillary shirts to volunteer. Alert the media to make sure they are there - if Mr Obama is speaking in your area get a group together to show up with PUMA signs. Use your blogging to start groups in your area to drive this forward ... If you are not willing to do this then you are irrelevent!! www.myspace.com/changewecantafford