Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama is so last month!

Here is a great comment I got a few minutes ago.
BTW, my 17 year old told me last night that Obama is so last month -- looks like his popularity amongst the youth may not survive summer break.

I have said it many times that the only reason why Obama is still in the race is because the youth have sustained him. He has truly become the latest trend among the youth and pop culture. If your not voting for Obama your so not cool. The pressure on the youth is incredible and I don't blame them for caving in and voting for Obama. Most don't know much about politics but they know all their friends are voting and so is Scarlett Johansson, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, etc etc. all trends, they come and go. If this comment from a reader is correct, we could see a massive shift before the August Convention. Don't give up on Hillary.

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Kiki said...


this man is going to go down in flames! lol

Anonymous said...


seasonedcook said...

If he goes down, how does that help
Hillary...come on get real...If he
takes over the convention, and he already has, it will not make a hill of beans...WE have to stop him before
he gets out of the gate...He is trying to stop her name from being on the ballot folks...Her name will not be on the 1st ballot...and he is asking her not to put her name on the second ballot if he does not have enough for the 1st...I have never seen so much gull in all of my life..he has a lot of nerve....
She deserves every vote she can get, and I am sure she is not going to cave in by not putting her name on the ballot..
I hope to see the fire burn out
before he gets to the convention....and the delegates
have enough since to hold theirs back and give them to Hillary

pumawhisper said...

seasonedcook is so right on.

Obama has the convention thing pretty sewed up I suspect. Look how he did his rivals in his Chicago district awhile back. He and his foreign backers know the minute he gets in he will turn our country over to a Palestinian state or worse. Are only hope if the delegates have no backbone, is to vote MCCain, that simple but unfortunate. Principles must come before party. Can't let Obama lead this great country into the ground.

Patricia said...

It appears the "impression" is wearing's a shame that it wasn't sooner...that the "smooth talker" got to them...with his "changes".....what "changes" might they be??? Somehow....something needs to happen to change things....this man cannot be elected as our President....we think that there are problems now.....just wait IF he gets into that White House...enough words have been said...there needs to be "action" and get Hillary in that White House!!!