Monday, July 7, 2008

Buses To Denver

PUMAPAC is organizing a bus effort to get people to Denver
If you want to go to Denver or ARE going to Denver, PLEASE send us an email at and give us the details of your plans — how many, when, and FROM where. Also let us know if you NEED, WANT, or DON’T NEED help in getting to Denver. Send specific questions to pumapac)

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Camille said...

Don't forget they moved Obama's speech to the stadium.

mahima said...

I have read that Obama moved to the stadium to keep Hillary's supporters out so they could not be heard. I am in India and cannot be there. I am hoping your voices will be loud and strong, I think Hillary is counting on all of you. She cannot speak out herself. It breaks my heart to watch her being forced to back Obama. I am glad Bill still has not come out and backed Obama. Stay strong and United Hillary supporters!