Monday, August 18, 2008

Will Bower Urges PUMAs to Take Action


Yes, we've been told that Hillary's name will be placed into nomination...

...but now we need to help make sure that that actually happens... and that it MATTERS !!

First, we need to let Hillary know (in a heartfelt and respectful manner) that we want her to retain her delegates... and that we do *not* want her to discourage them from voting for her!:

Next, we need to contact Phil McNamara (Director of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection) and (respectfully but firmly) "ask" that the delegate voting process be a *fair* and *legitimate* one!:

Finally, for more information on these matters, please read Heidi Li Feldman's latest articles at:

THANK you!


Will Bower

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If the parties won't uphold democratic principles, who will?
If the voters don't hold the parties accountable, who will?

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE CONTACT ALL HILLARY’S PLEGED DELEGATES IN YOUR STATE. Make sure they are voting for Hillary in the convention. Voters in your district have voted for them to represent the people at your district.

Here is the link for all the Certified Delegates By State :

seasonedcook said...

Something wrong with this story...
I just received it to day, Sept 7, 2008..Why print it now? It is over and done with! I am still upset
over it, and I guess being an elderly
person, we hang on to our beliefs longer then the younger generation.
This country has made a grave mistake. We still do not know who
Obama is and the media and the democratic party will not let us know. I realize Hillary is forced to make the stand for Obama, but they are making a mockery out of
her. She is their whipping dog.
If Obama loses, it will be Hillary's fault for a number of reasons...None will be blamed on
Obama. I hope to live long enough
to see her president, or some one
as faithful and caring as she is.
I still have not made up my mind,
and I can't see neither canidate
be running our country....
What this nation has gone through
the past 8 years, we need someone
to support the middle class family,
and help them with their medical
needs..We need cheaper energy, but not at the stake of ruining our
country..and Education for our
children, and last but not least,
Iraq...Get us out of Iraq...and get
the rat that is guilty that is hiding in Afghanistan...I still say
taking Obama on is like leading this nation to people like the
Pied Piper..We will follow anyone if it feels matter what the song and dance is!

Anonymous said...

Worth noting: Anyone see a fair counting of delegate votes during the first and only balloting at Obama's convention? After Florida and Ohio, this is now the norm?? Oh, so sorry, forgot he's our Saviour! NOT!! In your heart, you know he is ... crooked. Thanks but no thanks DNC - no vote & no money in '08. Just want to "make sure" you and elusive BHObama "get it".