Friday, August 15, 2008

The Triumph of Fraud

In two weeks the Democratic Party will formally nominate Barack Obama as its candidate for President of the United States.

It's the triumph of fraud.

I've spent the past two months immersed in data from the 2008 Democratic caucuses. After studying the procedures and results from all fourteen caucus states, interviewing dozens of witnesses, and reviewing hundreds of personal stories, my conclusion is that the Obama campaign willfully and intentionally defrauded the American public by systematically undermining the caucus process

This site represents the fruits of my research. It's a work in progress, obviously, and also a central repository for a vast array of data: articles and blog posts from around the web, personal emails to me, interviews with witnesses, affidavits and testimonials, campaign communications, and videos of the caucuses themselves.

I have elected to make this information public. I hope that it sheds light on the caucus process and inspires reform or total elimination of the caucuses. I also hope it gives pause to those Democrats who believe that Barack Obama is the rightful nominee and that Hillary supporters should just "get over it." I have been a Democrat my entire life, but I will not support the Democratic Party at the cost of democracy.

Lynette Long
August 2008

Check out Lynette's site by clicking here - very interesting.

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Ricco said...

Ever since I saw that news clip if Bill talking to some supporters in Arizona and was told that they were turned away and told they only could caucus for Obama; I had a picture in my mind of what they were doing. Thank you Lynette for validating what I knew but could not prove. Until now! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynette...most of us all knew what a "fraud" this whole thing was....makes me wonder if there is any justice in this country of ours...really sad.....Obama has so many people "brainwashed".....OY!!

vrajavala said...

Anonymous said...

The fraudulent activities of Obama's campaign associated with the caucuses did not escape Texas either. My roommate's boyfriend was present at the caucus vote for his precint. He has been a die hard democratic supporter for YEARS and is very familiar with the workings of the process. As he checked in for the caucus, he went to write in the name of the candidate for whom he cast his vote earlier in the day and was stopped. He was told that to start he was only to fill out HIS information... name, address, etc... and that he was not to fill in the name of the candidate he voted for earlier until AFTER the caucus.

He knew this was not the case, brought the actions of the caucus volunteers into question, and it was discovered that they were actually volunteers associated with Obama's campaign. They were taking the sheets once the voters information had been filled in and writing Obama's name on all of them.

The caucus results in that precinct, to my understanding were nullified, all of the sheets were destroyed, and the process began again.

So while they were at least caught in the act, the results were still swayed as those who had already voted could not be counted, and there was no way to notify them all to give them the option to return.

As you could imagine, even though they were caught RED HANDED, no media attention was given to this at all, not even locally.

Michelle Obama made the comment that she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life.

I find this sad because for myself, while I have most certainly not agreed with many of the actions of our current administration, I have certainly never been ashamed of AMERICA. This is the first time that I have been utterly ASHAMED of my country for turning a blind eye to this continued manipulation and bullying of the ideals of democracy and for allowing this blantant FRAUD of an election to occur.

What is even more sad is that we cannot even hope for a lesson to be learned because no one in a position to authoritatively do so will admit to any fault.

Instead, person after person in this nation is bowing down, taking the mark of the beast, and selling their souls to the devil.

May they get what they deserve in the end, and may it be 10 fold for making their choices at the expense of what once was a beautiful nation with a beautiful soul.

Anonymous said...

It's much more difficult to scam a primary with many, many thousands of voters; it is no coincidence that Hillary won the primaries. Thanks so much for the ugly details about the ugly candidate selling us hope and change, but unable and unwilling to say what that is, or might be.

Anonymous said...

xifdvLynette:I, too, found the discrepancies between Caucus and Primary voting statistics alarming; the stats reported lend even more credence to errors and outright fraud in 13 of the states who only used Caucus data in delegation selection. Starting from my initial Caucus meeting (I have been a voting Democrat for 35+ years, and am active locally) where I was given the wrong address, through my begrudging selection as a Clinton delegate, and where I had to fight to have my name placed on the list, to the second caucus meeting where my name as a delegate was not on any printed precinct list (despite being a Precinct Captain myself) to the voting for the Legislative Caucus level where Clinton delegates supposedly "secretly" selected 20 delegates (from a pool of ? amount of intial dele-gates - we were not told how many were selected at the previous Caucus) but their names and numbers were never revealed, to the present was a debacle at best, and fraudulent.
Just for the record, I am an adamant Hillary supporter and was planning on not voting this Fall, but as a Precinct Captain for the 33rd Legislative District in Washington state and a loyal Democrat for the past 35 years, I simply can't let McCain win by default. My future voting plans depend, in large part, on what transpires at the DNC at the end of the month.

***STATE OF WASHINGTON: 2008 Primary vs. Caucus Election Votes
Washington Primaries
Democrats | Polls | County Results

Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Obama 354,111 51% 0
Clinton 315,740 46% 0
100% of precincts reporting

Democrats | Polls | County Results

Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Obama 21,629 68% 52
Clinton 9,992 31% 26
Uncommitted 363 1%
96% of precincts reporting

One can readily see from this example, that primary totals (1 of 13 states in which only the caucus votes were used in Delegate Selection) were Obama @ 51% and Clinton @ 46% while the caucus totals were Obama @ 68% and Clinton @31%. This despite the fact that 559,851 voters were involved in the primary and 31,601 voters in the caucus. It is clear that something seems terribly wrong in this and the 12 other “caucus only” states.

Sirtriz said...

Very telling stats...thanks for posting them. I too was a Clinton delegate in Wash. St. (precinct) and I heard numerous stories of bullying by Obama people and other caucus fiascos...such as delegates not even being chosen because people left early and no one was left to be voted in as delegates. While the caucus process was very interesting, and I'm glad I got to experience it, and very proud to be a Hillary delegate, I think there are too many problems and inaccuracies. Primaries, in this day and age, are the way to go.