Tuesday, August 5, 2008


If Hillary doesn't get the nomination... I'm campaigning for Paris

okay NOT, but I like her energy policy

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ohiosucks said...

Dude... Hillary sold all of you out. She just wants your money now so she can repay herself. Hate to break the news... but all of the dirty Clinton tactics in the world couldn't stop Obama and neither will McCain. Good news... there will be a feminist in the White House in January... her name is Michelle Obama.

ohiosucks said...

Also... your website asks that it be notified if you see an anti-Hillary comment. (Her official website also prohibits negative comments.) This is why your candidate lost. We do not live in the former Soviet Union or modern day China where political debate is not allowed. Obama's website has plenty of negative posts to go along w/ the positive. Who was the elitist in the Democratic race?

Freepartytime said...

I still want a woman for president and Paris is just as good as Barack. These are the new politics and Paris fulfills the mayor requirements: she knows how to read what others write for her, she knows how to act in front of a camera, and she sells so the MSM can't get enough of her. By the way, I think she's smart as a whip. She's fresh and new and doesn't have Obama's excess baggage such as the two racist, sexist preachers(Wright and Pfalger), the cheating that went on in the caucuses, the disenfranchisement of voters in Florida and Michigan, the right out theft of four Michigan delegates. Why not give Paris a chance? Obama and McCain are both sooo boring. She'd liven things up! Paris for President!

M. Sakel said...

The Ohio Obamabot sure sounds like Paris is still the best bet for Pres.!

Paris Hilton sounds more sensible and looks more presidential than either the thousand-year-veteran or the stuterringly flip-offing, flip-flopping Obamarama lecturer.

The misogynist media frat-boy tactics pushed Barry to a fraudulent 'finish line'. His sexism in "periodically, Hillary feels down and launches attacks..."; "the claws come out".."she's likeable enough" and Obambi's infamous Youtube mega hit:

"Obama gives HIllary the Finger" where Barry shows his extreme sexist 'cool' immaturity and disrespect toward his fellow female Senator Clinton! He smirkingly lifts his dainty midfinger and 'scratches' using what every teenager knows as THE FLIP-OFF!

Yea, "Ohio Obamabot--Michele's a real feminist. Go tell it on the mountain! The woman wouldn't know how to spell it and it's the farthest thing from her mind. But if you call fist-bumping the Chicago way 'feminist' then we guess the woman is a feminist. Her cushy hospital job got a big raise when hubby became a senator! She knows how to play the game, and why shouldn't she?!

This election is not about Michele, though, and no one should critize Michele for being a good mother and wife.

Hlllary fought for decades and passed legislation that helped concretely children with disabilities, families in need and she was fighting for Universal Helathcare when Barry was too busy chumming around with slum landlords who turned off the heat in a development that Obama helped fund with government money. The developers are indicted of course! And he got ahead in Chicago only by stealing the election from Sen. Alice Palmer (Hillary supporter!). Now his sleazy 'race-baiting' and sexist campaign stole it from Hillary Clinton, who won more popular vote than this skinny Obamarama resume

Come November Obamarama will get his bitter medicine from the Puma grassroot democrats who see through his xeroxed phoniness and woman-hatred. Then Sweetie will have to send his anorexic resume to Chicago to be xeroxed for the senate job!

Bye bye, sweetie, and quit flip-offing and flip-flopping. It ain't smart and, honestly, hon, it just ain't gettin you anywhere!

Mawachpo said...

This here is a good article about Barack:


Anonymous said...

I am confused about this blog. A group of people who post comments lately does not seem to be the same group of people who joined the blog originally. I am tempting to say goodbye to this blog.