Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama's Sense of Judgement

- Whew! Is this an example of how Obama will lead our country?

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Shestheone said...

It defies my mind how this being can be even considered to be the President of the United States when he not only wants to allow live birth abortions but votes 3 times for it to be a legal action. There is more than enough time to dettermine if a baby has Downs Syndrome to abort while in the very early stages of pregnancy. I am aware that there are other reasons why hospitals are performing live birth abortions but I can't think of any reason that makes this acceptable and this being voted 3 times to allow it to continue to happen.

This is the same being who claims he was raised by a single mother and on food stamps. He had a father when he was born. He was adopted by a wealthy father. When, exactly, was he raised by a single mom and on food stamps? This is a single mom who was the daughter of quite well-off parents. And yet she collected food stamps? What kind of message does this give America?

This being dumps every one of his friends if by association makes him appear to be not good enough to be President. Doesn't anyone who is hoping he becomes President wonder about the large number of friends he has dumped.

Haven't any of you Obama lovers noticed yet that he is a pathological liar suffering from narcistic personality disorder?

Please America, wake up!

vrajavala said...

yes, the Democratic party loses again. Hillary, of course, voted for the Lie Birth Protection Act. It is really odd that Ted Kennedy overlooked this. It's nothing short of demoniacal.

Anonymous said...

The main stream media will be silent on Mr. Obama's inconsistent statements. It is pitiful. Perhaps, Fox News will mention some of them.

Anonymous said...

This is the main reason I will NOT and NEVER will vote for Obama! I knew about him voting no on this bill quite awhile ago!

And Fox News did bring up the issue and it got quite heated with the guest. :)

Lauren M said...

For over the last 6 months, I posted this information..... for some reason, no one seem to think this was or is important. I continued to write Hillary's campaign staff to remind them of this major character flaw that Obama seems to have..... that people just don't matter (and that includes defenseless infants).

I think he is a monster with no conscience. This is a far cry from "pro-choice" and I think everyone was afraid to debate this subject on any level....... so Obama got away with this until now. This Alive Infant Act should have been the main focal point of Obama's inability to run for President, because I believe he does not have the compassion to be in charge of a military would depend on his ability to make life changing decisions (especially for other people).

Although Hillary is Pro-choice, she has actively sought ways to educate and provide the resources needed to help people make better decisions for unwanted pregnancies. She understands the necessity for preventing pregnancies in the first place. Hillary is a good mother and she is a woman who not only acknowledges the problem, but she seeks solution. Obama's solution is cut and dry after the fact....... abortion.

I know Obama spent an awful lot of time fighting for that cruel horrible bill that kills infants ...... I wonder how much time he dedicated to prevention and education. CAN ANYONE SAY "none"!

Anonymous said...

Okay, first up, their is no such thing as partial birth abortion. Ask any doctor and they will say the thing. There are abortions and as laid down in Roe v Wade, there are 3 trimesters. In the 1st 3 months that "state" has no compelling interest in the pregnancy. In the 2nd trimester the "state" can and many states have placed varied restictions on abortions going to far into the second trimester.

In the 3rd trimester the state has according to Roe a compelling interest and it sets out strict guidelinee. In the first 3 months and into the 4th abortions performed are refered to as "elective"

But once you move past that point and into the last 3 months abortions are very rare and only done for "theraputic" reasons and only done in hospitals. Of the 1 million abortions each year, less that 4000 are done in that last trimester. These babies are often/usually dieing in the womb. or sometimes already gone. There is often severe fetal abonormalities that the baby/fetus would not survive or barely surviive after birth. Along with creating serious risks to the birth mother.

Please talk to you own doctor if you don't believe me.

david in iowa

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media has frankly put the security of our great country at risk with an Obama coronation media like CNN & MSNBC is the only way Obama managed to steal the Dem nom. It’s extremely concerning that so many Americans could care less about who their candidate really is?? simply amazing and frankly scarey.


"The Last 100 Days"
Hon. James David Manning, PhD.

Anonymous said...

Wow, his campaign JUST admitted to LYING about his position on this for the past 3 years.

Go to for more info!

HiLLGAL2008 said...

How in God's name and all that is holy can anyone, black, white, latino,anyone...even consider allowing this heartless liberal extremeist and a radical racist to even be a junior senator...I cannot believe that black mothers who love their children mosre than anything would consider voting for him after knowing thiese things about him just because he is black and claims change...he is also white and is so far left thoough he tries to pretend now in the face of the election that he is more moderate...this is murder not abortion and he condones is the most agregious sin in God's eyes...he is neither Christian nor a family man...I have not stopped crying since seeing this video..This video needs to be shown on FOX NEWs, the others are too cowardly to show it..and too Hollywood to care...

Anonymous said...

This video proves nothing.

Lauren M said...

As I understand it, sometimes babies live through the abortion process and therefore it doesn't fall into the guidelines of the trimester considerations..... these babies come out alive and no medical attention would have been allowed to happen..... if the Alive infant protection act wasn't passed. This is what Obama fought so hard against. Please note: This bill was past pretty quick, once Obama had no influence of the passing of this bill.

Read and educate yourselves on this barbaric practice. I could be wrong, but I am always willing to listen.

Obama made it his sole purpose to not let the Alive infant protection bill be passed.... can anyone figure out why????

This is one scary man, no matter what color he is!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I too do NOT want Obama in the white House. But THIS Video is nothing more than a LIE!! And that is what we are ALL sick to death of LIES, Distortions, and more lies!! That baby that was shown in the Video was not a baby that would have been aborted in ANY STATE in this Country!! That was a full term baby. Aborted babies will NEVER look or be the living baby you saw there. I really hate that although some believe that birth begins at conception, the REALITY IS, birth begins at BIRTH! And for all of those who DO NOT WANT their babies, and would either mistreat, neglect, or abuse them, I am ALL FOR ABORTION!!! I lived next to a couple who kept their five year old in a closet for two years!! Surviving ONLY on his own feces and urine! He was 13 pounds when the authorities found this child, and I can bet you ONE thing I believe he had wished for those TWO years that he had NEVER been born! As horrid as it is people who do NOT want children will neglect, abuse, and torture them and for those I say give them the dam abortion and get over it!! But this Video is a sham! As a Nurse, why didn't she take one of those babies out of that hospital and to another one to get help and then adopt it??? Because they are nothing more than undeveloped tissue and would NEVER develop into a child. Now, should they be given something to ensure that they do not live for hours..absolutely! Nothing that has feeling should be left in a closet to die! But I really wonder how true THAT really is. Cheryl

vrajavala said...

this is my post with the facts why jesus wouldn't Vote for Obama

Anonymous said...

Okay in Casey v. Planned Parenthood there was a modification of Roe v. Wade with the main difference being VIABILITY, meaning if the baby could survive on its own than abortion is illegal. The fact that these people are waiting until this far along in the pregnancy says there is something wrong with them. As for the comment by Cheryl, It is true do some research Obama blcked this and NARAL was okay with the bill because a baby born alie has a right to medical attention, when you start denying infants treatment than what happens to the hypocratic oath? When do you think that it becomes once someone is elderly todeny them medical care? or someone really sick that is would cost to much to care for?? This is a real problem, we have a duty to protect life, not let parents who are too selfish to make a decision until it is too late.
As for being undeveloped tissue, please, my uncle was born at 24 weeks and survived after being left in just such a room for two days before he recieved help, that is why he has cerebral palsy, he would have been healthier if they had helped him. He was born early because of an accident, and they didn't want to help him because he was supposed to die from the injuries anyway, so they lied to my grandparents and told them he was dead for two days.
Life of babies is important to protect, if you wait that long you should be prosecuted for murder. Having an abortion earlier is one thing, but when the baby lives for any time period, you committed murder. PERIOD!!

vrajavala said...

yes, i have the actual recording of him arguing against BAIPA. I have most of the videos and links here The Audacity of Lucifer

Anonymous said...

you all are insane, ignorant or both. She lost, you lost, get a fucking grip. There are two sides here. The middle is great but will not win. A vote to stay home is a vote for Mc cain. If you all are so cought up in you misslead emotion then as stupid as that is it is also understandable. We are the smartest being on this planet, that does not make us smart.

Take five, ten, maybe twenty votes that have been cast by the two. And fuck me again there is only two. REal votes and not shit on Fox propaganda. Give points to each vote that matches your values and see who wins. MAybe it will be Mc cain and that is fine. THere are millions of freeks just like you that can laugh at the poor going to war, locking up the women who killed the sacred un seeable blastosis, you could help all the gays understand that they are less then human.

I want another athiest in the white house, maybe someone who has never made more then $100,000 a year, a women who would most likely hepl us find peace, a scientist who could save us from the death we all face from oil.

None of this matters though because we have two choices so pick one of them, not a false third

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah, anonymous! I think they're all fucking crazy too. (An atheist in the White House would be a great thing!!!)

Why do you people care so much about abortion rights? Maybe if you were living in the streets and could not afford to take care of a child you would be less prone to inject stupid Christian bullshit morality into politics. We live in a nation where the government is supposedly separate from the church. Don't get an abortion if you're so fucking concerned about it, but lay off everyone else. Christians always act like they're so empathetic and caring and crap, but in reality they don't even bother to respect other people's opinions or try to understand their situations. A child that has no chance at a good life really shouldn't be subjected to it. I mean, what's so great about life?

HectorB said...

The NY Times recently ran a story about Hillary's tepid support of Obama, this is unacceptable.
It is long past the time when you Hillary whining hens need to get off your ample asses and start to support Obama.
He won, you lost, GET OVER IT.

Anonymous said...

I fully get that it is hard for all you ass fucks who's biggest decision is what thumb to sit on that night to understand complex things like making law or from wthe looks of what I have read, to see and breath at the same time. So I will try to make this very simple.

If you have a law in your state that forces life saving care for any child of a botched abortion and have to vote on a national law that is along the lines of, you have to provide life saving care for any child of a botched abortion - you then need to arrest the mother for attempted murder - charge the father with rap if un wed - and just for the hell of it lets say force every fifth grader to read the bible.

What would you do?

You cant vote no or you would be no better then that fucking Oboma who need less to say goes around ripping babies out of there whom with his bare black hands.I mean next thing you now that basterd sun of a bitch will want to give up on what has just about been a party in Iraq, force that good for fucking nothing health care down our throats, and have us driving around for like a bunch of pole buffing fags in some god dam hybrid car .

No sir, I want a real man to lead us, even if its a women who only got elected because she wasnt the one sucking her husbands dick.

I want to work 12 hrs a day so I can pay enough taxes that my country can pay what is today the other $12 per galonm that gas cost. Not only do I want to burn that $17 a gal gas but I want everyone to do the same. I want to look up at night and not be able to see those stupid fucking stars through the smog that my father had to look at. I want all the kids in this country to grow up knowing that if you freind is in charge after you than you will never have to answer for all the death you cause. I want the world to know not to fuck with us for if you do even if it desroyes our militery and bank rups our country we will invade with out a thought.I want to tax the poor and help the rich. I want to give some phycho fuck another house he cant remember.I want women to not have control over there body. I want fags to be locked up. I want the water to rise and humanity to fall.

But most important like the rest of you back ass thinking fucks sitting at home alone, un willing to compromise on the one true thing you have control over in this country, I WANT MY HILLY

Anonymous said...

Let me be what must be the very first person ever to say that you people are not dumb or stupid. I mean let me be clear I no some very dumb mother fuckers but nothing that would compare to this.

This has to be twisted back stabing shit. Not just that but you fucks are sticking it in your own back. This is like having trail mix in one hand and busted glass in the other. You just cant be sure about that trail mix. I mean fuck me there might be a little rat shit in there or something so you think it would just be better to eat the fucking broken glass.

Can you ass fucks not see that Mc
Cain has promised to do all he can to over turn W. v W.

A little more about you your grand fucking hero. Finished in the bottom four percent of his class. THe stupid fuck crashed four plans before ignoring the missal warning and getting hit. Being so unworthy of the uniform that he wore he even fucked up his ejection causing an injury that lead to his capture. He that after being interrogated for a very short time began to make propaganda films for the enemy. By this standard every time your dog shits on your carpet just to turn around and eat it we would all have to throw it a fucking forty year parade as a hero of a life time.

So back to were I started you are not stupid but rather one of two things. One you are one of the pole buffing fucks who set up this site not as a concerned women from the left but rather a lieing cunt from the right. YOu would have no more vote for Hillery then I can grow palm trees right out my ass.

As to the second, you are being fooled. THis is not a reason to be sad, mad, or upset. We all get fooled at some point in our life but that is not the point. What is would be how long it takes for us to get it right. You can look at the votes of these two men and when you see something as far out there as making the murder of babies legal maybe there is more to the story as I point out in the post above.

Maybe there is a third in someone who just wants a women in the white house. You to have a choice. You can take you vote and just keep fucking your self in the ass with it and by extinsion bloody up the ass of every one in this country or maybe just maybe you can take a bit of hope out of what Obama has done . You can take some hope out of what Hillery has done. Between the two you now, right fucking now know with out a god dam doubt that a women can get votes for the highest office and you know that it does not take a life time in office to get those votes. There is now nothing that can convence you that after 8 years of Obama as pres that he cannot stand on a stage holding high the hand of a women you have not yet even heard of and endorse her as a next pres.