Monday, August 25, 2008

Dishing Up Denver

-- by RockinRobin, AUGUST 25, 2008

A quick Denver update for HillaryGrassroots folks...

Lots happening here in the mile high city of Colorado. The city is packed with police, swat teams and barricades in anticipation of riots. Saturday night I went to the Hyatt Regency where I met up with PUMA king, Will Bower, to enjoy a cocktail and take in the stunning view from the 27th floor lounge. It was a good thing we choose this place because we were told by the restaurant manager that it was the last night the lounge was open to the public. Bonus benefit ~ a show of fireworks gives us the impression that we are about to embark on an auspicious week. Either that or Will just has a way of making fireworks happen wherever he goes. All kidding aside, we knew that this show and most of the special events happening here in Denver should really be for Hillary.

Last night, PUMA Pac, one of more than 400 sites that make up the JUSTSAYNODEAL coalition, threw a media PUMA party where we enjoyed meeting other PUMAs having cocktails and feasting on an array of delicious food. We came together to premiere the screening of 'THE AUDACITY OF DEMOCRACY'. It was a 30 minute preview of the film that will be ready to view at full length some time next year. What a great job everyone did.

The following video is not AUDACITY OF DEMOCRACY as that is not posted on youtube yet. However this is another mini-documentary on caucus frauds during this primary election. I can't help but wonder. If the democratic party was so intent on having a democratic president, why did they pick the guy that has not proven he can win the G.E.? And why did they not scrunitize these frauds immediately when they were reported?

Check this out

Let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

I know that some 500 young Obama volunteers stormed the Caucus doors in Idaho -- all wearing "Obama Volunteer" tags. The problem? The Caucus Committee had authorized only 11 (eleven) Obama Volunteers to Hillary Clinton's 1 (yes, only one). They had to be rounded up and thrown out. I also heard on the news months ago at the time of the Texas Caucuses that multiple clipboards containing sheets of signatures in support of Hillary were stolen.

Anonymous said...

If the Caucus process is still alive in the future and if Hillary will come back in 2012, the Hillary campaign team must do better than in 2008.

At any rate, Hillary won more votes than Mr. Obama in 2008.

Anonymous said...

No matter me...HILLARY IS THE WINNER...This was "stolen" from her and I truly hope that come November the American people will have woke up to a guy that has no experience and has to no right to be elected President...maybe, by then...the "corrupt" people that heard the DNC will not be a part of it!!

Anonymous said...

Need to make a correction....The remark about the "corrupt" heads in the DNC will not be there when it's time to elect the next President in 2012 and WE can all hope that HILLARY will try again!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that even RUSH LIMBAUGH is speaking up for Hillary! He's telling all her supporters to speak up for their girl, and not support Obama, who never even CONSIDERED her for VP--which is the ONLY way he would have gotten my vote. If Hillary can't be on the ballot, then GO MCCAIN.

LoveAmerica said...

I do not quite understand why the Clintons don't sue the DNC for the fraud and corruption in the voting in the primary. Where is the outrage from voters besides Puma's groups? We need a class action lawsuit to throwout the results of this primary election.
This convention SHOULD NOT BE TAKING PLACE. You can't just sweep under the rug the hijacking of an election. This is not a third world country. Where is the ACLU when you need them??????? They will fight to get "God" out of everything but hey, it is okay to allow thugs to steel voting clipboards of Hillary sheets at polls and allow Rules committee hijack 4 delegates from Hillary.

Anonymous said...

The current DNC is so corrupted. Let's give them an expensive lesson when the general election comes in November.