Saturday, August 16, 2008

Message from Real Democrats (Take Back Our Party)

Real Democrats

Taking back our party; one neighborhood at a time©

A Real Party for Real People.

Real Democrats is a grassroots initiative with the primary purpose of informing and educating. Many of us believe that the mainstream media has abdicated their responsibility to scrutinize Senator Obama in a fair and open manner. Others want to call the public’s attention to examples of sexism, discrimination or illegalities in the nomination process.

We are organizing groups in local communities in 50 states to take direct action (mailing postcards, handing out flyers, speaking to local civic groups etc.). Where local organizations already exist, we want to assist them by giving them membership leads and providing access to materials and resources. Send a message to the DNC and the media—we matter, we can organize, we have power, and we are taking back our party; one neighborhood at a time.

HWatch Marilu Sochor and Paulie Abeles introduce Real Democrats on FOX:

Please help!
H Join us at or call: 877-DEMS-USA or, send us an email to join a group in your state. (For example Pennsylvanians can reach us at; New Yorkers at Please sign up. We need you. We have national coordinators for media, radio, activities, volunteers, research and outreach that will get you off the ground running.

H Buy a T-Shirt for $20.12. This campaign has taught us the power of symbols. Send the message that we are organized and united.

H Send a contribution. If you don’t want a shirt, please send us $10. This is an enormous undertaking. Some of the groups will be self-funding. But in some of the most critical areas, where there has been economic dislocation, volunteers will not be able to afford printing $200. for flyers. We need to help them. We need money. If you want to help in this critical effort, please contribute. Whatever you can spare to get this initiative off the ground--$10, $20. --whatever—it’s all good. We’re all volunteers. Your money goes directly for outreach.

Join us today. Help us show the DNC and political pundits that Clinton Supporters can act as a coordinated, cohesive group to educate America about Barack Obama. If we’re successful, they’ll never discount us, or our vote, ever again.


At you will also find you can subscribe to updates by state and join your local supporters. Head over and join.

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woo hoo!!! P.U.M.A.!!! NO OBAMA!!

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