Sunday, August 31, 2008

Greta Van Susteren Poses An Interesting Question

From Gretawire

Do you think PUMA (”Party Unity My A**) is real? meaning that there are a substantial number of Democrats who are still angry over the Democratic nominee? or do you think the Democratic Party NOW has UNITY? that those originally unhappy with the nominee have now come to terms with the situation and fully support Senator Obama?

Check out the video below…and yes, it could be posted by one person…and have no (yes, zero) impact…or it could have the support of some..or even many…what is it? watch and comment..

What do you think?


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Anonymous said...

I and others who volunteered night and weekends at Senator Clinton's Headquarters in arlington ,Virginia beginning with the Iowa Caucus and down to her last primary, know from our calls that very few Clinton supporters (including most of us who made thousands of calls) will vote for Obama this fall. I personally with every phone call I made, asked if Senator Clinton does not get the nomination will you vote for Senator Obama.Very few said that they would vote for Senator Obama. I doubt that all his hypnotic oratory since then has changed their mind. My experience at Senator Clinton's headquaters as well as listening to the bias of the news and the sham of the Democratic Convention has convinced me that women is this country are still subject to significant obvious and subtle bias. Jim

jrosejames said...

I'm a PUMA; happy to know now there's an acronym for my feelings. Very disappointed that my vote for Hillary was IGNORED by Obama and if Joe Biden had intentions towards change then things would be different by now, wouldn't they? Palin shows amazing fortitude turning on her own party members and turning down special interest money. She's my kind of candidate! You got my vote "sister"!

islandpuma said...

McCain has shown so much respect for women that he chose Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his running mate in a close election. Actions speak louder than words. Obama, on the other hand, not only weaseled his way into the nomination through fraud and voter intimidation but he also turned his back on Hillary's 18 million votes and slapped us in the face by choosing Joe Biden. This is possibly the dumbest decision in the history of presidential elections. And to rub it in, he announced it at 3 AM, Hillary time. So much for his judgment...

I've never felt so disrespected by a political party and a candidate in my entire life. I will NEVER vote for Obama, and I like Sarah Palin very much. So McCain/Palin is a real alternative for me.

Gordon in Kansas said...

It's a beautiful day indeed. Senator McCain made a bold and politically astute choice. For so many of us who faithfully supported Senator Clinton in her Primary, all the way to the nomination process, and came together as PUMAs, it is a bittersweet day indeed. Our Hillary won the popular vote and the DNC undemocratically hand selected another for their party head. The DNC seemed determined to defeat the Clinton name and the Clinton legacy. It's a shame, because Hillary is by far the most qualified candidate who threw her or his hat into the ring. So will I leave my fellow Democrats to support McCain/Palin? You bet! Until the Democratic Party is reformed to allow one person one vote I will remain an expatriate democrat.

Jeannie said...

This video should be played at the Republican National Convention. It is a beautiful, inspiring message of love, hope and CHANGE. I am heartsick that Hiliary was treated by the DNC and Media so unfairly during the primary process and at the Democratic National Convention. I am heartsick to watch Hiliary being "forced" to represent Obama when we all know that it's not in her heart. It is unbelievable that she called for a nomination by "ACCLAMATION". What a dissappointment to the many, many people who supported her. She did not have to go that far, however, I understand when you have to put your party first before your country. The disrespect from the Democratic Party is disgusting and shameful -- the way they treated them (Clintons) during this entire process. She fought too long and hard, in her heart of hearts, to be the presidential nominee for the democratic party. Thank God for John McCain who is willing to help crack that glass ceiling in choosing Palin. Not only is she a woman, but she is more qualified than Obama for the seat. Go to the website: It is a wonderful site which gives truthful answers as to who is really qualified to be the President and Vice President of the United States. Praise God for PUMA, McCain/Palin. McCain, as a POW, showed tremendous courage, and I believe it prepared him for this very critical time in HISTORY,-- the courage to select a WOMAN of this stature and quality. BTW: I loved the spokesperson who was on Foxnews just recently advocating for Palin. Keep up the good work PUMA. You have my vote,voice, encouragement and support. God bless you and God bless America!


woman for hillary said...

I was a Hillary Clinton's supporter and i find McCain's move to try to lure women voters(Hillary's supporter) absolutely insulting to us women...women shouldn't vote for woman just because we want a woman in the white house...we vote because we want the right woman in there...I advise all women to take a minute and think about the issues affecting them directly...really...Ok...lets say you just you vote for any woman..ok...and now SHE is in the white house...what can she realy do to help you with issues you're concern about? Again my advise to all woman out there...think about your kids...don't let the talk heads affect your decision making...after all they are just doing it for their personal interest-issues that favor them...So everyone man or woman should vote because of issues affecting their lives. If you think the politicians really care about you personnally then you must be dreaming....key word is THINK...don't allow others to influence you while pretending to care about you...

Hillary supporter

woman for hillary said...

Jeannie said "I am heartsick to watch Hiliary being "forced" to represent Obama when we all know that it's not in her heart. It is unbelievable that she called for a nomination by "ACCLAMATION"."...beaing forced? cmon..i have more faith in the Hillary than that. Again think're trying to say she is not strong enough to stand against her party when she knows they are wrong? I have more faith in Hillary than that...and i believe her sincerity. Thats a sign of a true leader. I don't want to believe that Hillary lied to us...I think she cares too much to lie to us even if the wish of the DNC. I think she cares more about her country than her party as any true leader should...Don't fall into the bipartisan tactics

Anonymous said...

Still think McCain/Pailin is a good choice? Better read this...
BTW, here's the link if you think I'm making this up.
Pam...a Hillary supporter who's POd over this story.
And will be even more POd if you fall for this McCain crap!

WASHINGTON, Pa. - So maybe saying nice things about Hillary Clinton at a Republican rally isn’t such a good idea.

John McCain’s new vice presidential nominee, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, acknowledged the New York senator on Saturday when reflecting on her new found role as a national candidate.

The reaction from a large chunk of the audience: boos.

“I think as well today of two other women who came before me in national elections, and I can’t begin this great effort without honoring the achievements of Geraldine Ferraro back in 1984 and of course, Senator Hillary Clinton,” Palin said.

Boo. Boo. Boo.

So much for trying to win over disaffected Clinton supporters. They, apparently, are not turning up to McCain-Palin rallies.

But no matter. The Alaska governor breezed on with a nod to her own historic bid, in Clinton’s wake.

“It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America,” she said. “But thankfully, as it turns out, the women of America aren’t finished yet, and the voters will shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”

The McCain campaign has made a concerted effort to win over Clinton backers who were upset at her loss in the Democratic primary to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Palin’s presence on the ticket puts the mother of five in line to make history as the first female U.S. vice president if she and McCain beat Obama and his running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, in the Nov. 4 election.

Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Palin campaigns in Washington)

Carolyn said...

Because of the way the media and the DNC treated Hillary, NO HOW NO WAY NOBAMA

carpetride said...

m seits said...

As others have said, it's an insult to women that the Republicans think that we who support Hillary will vote for anyone regardless of their views just because she's a woman -- Palin will take women's rights right back to the stone age -- and it will be the travesty of the century if Palin gets even as close as Blair House to the White House with no experience or working her way up the ladder when Hillary has spent a liftime in public service and was just dismissed by the Democratic Party -- I'm voting for Obama but my heart is NOT in it -- but having McCain/Palin in the White House is NOT the answer to this mess -- M Seits

Anonymous said...

Because of THAT!?
People boo Hillary at a McCain/Palin rally and you still say "NoBama"!?

Incredible. Simply jaw-dropping incredible.
Hillary gets booed by McCain supporters and you STILL want to support him!? You want THIS man in the White House?

START using your brains instead of your hormones before it's too late.
I am so tired of some of you using this victim/sexism card.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I was replying to carolyn's post, not yours m seits.
Yours is a voice of reason around here and this mess!


Anonymous said...

By Cheryl Page...

Your DAM RIGHT...McCain and Palin all the way!!! Finally, a hard working, common sense woman, just like Hillary IN the White House. With a Party that is NOT trying to sabatoge her!! The DNC MUST know that we the PEOPLE will NOT allow them to circumvent what WE the PEOPLE WANT for a candidate! I admire John McCain for his wisdom to select her! And you better believe the Obamabots will be out in full force INCLUDING ALL of the news Media they can buy!! But WE WILL NOT LISTEN TO IT! We can use the SAME deaf ear that they are USING about REV WRIGHT, MICHELE OBAMA, RETZCO, FARAKHAN, and his other terrorist like friends?? We have a two REAL patriots running NOW! And who knows maybe just maybe we WILL have another chance with our girl in 2012. All the way with McCain/Palin !!! PUMAS RULE!!

LoveAmerica said...

For those of you who think that Clinton supporters are voting for McCain simply because he has a women on the ticket doesn't understand the problem.

It isn't about Hillary anymore, or a woman being on the ticket it is about protesting the DNC illegal shenanigans in the primary that selected a candidate who did NOT get the popular vote, the fraud in caccus and at the polls, the Chicago style politics, the bribery of the super delegates and possibly if the right lawyer gets ahold of all this evidence a total shutdown of the illegal nomination process of the Democratic convention. Issues, smissues! It is about democracy, fairness, and what is best for the country, not party. There is no unity among Democrats except for those who are blind and who would follow the pied piper right into a hurricane and that is where we are headed if Obama is elected.

It is sad to leave the Democratic Party behind this year after 50 yrs of voting for them but they don't deserve to even stay in existence after the dirty tricks they pulled and the sexist horrible way they treated the smartest, most electable candidate we have had in a long time, Hillary Clinton. They knocked her down, but what they weren't counting on, her supporters (THE INTELLIGENT ONES) went down with her but will rise again but not behind Obama. Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

No, the INTELLIGENT Hillary supporters aren't falling for this "McSham".

We are voting with our BRAINS and not with our hormones or with our emotions.
And certainly, not with our hatred.

Gloria Rickel said...

I am insulted. If McCain thought he could "appease" the women of America, he could have chosen one of the many female Representatives or Senators, or the respected and successful female head of a government agency here in Washington. Instead he chose a young person with a thin resume and some personal feuds to settle, governor of the least populous and worst governed state in the Union, whose 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant and unmarried. Does he actually think Sarah Palin is the equivalent of Hillary Clinton? Or does he just plug any woman in where ever one is needed?

Did any of you listen to Mark Warner's keynote address? Mark Warner is a highly successful, extremely intelligent businessman. His integity is beyond question. If Mark Warner thinks Obama is the best choice for president, I will go along with his advice. I am not hapy about it. I will continue to support Hillary and the things she stands for. But I am not going to vote for floosey Sarah? No how, NO WAY.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see Hillary supporters speaking up and AGAINST this "McSHAM"

It IS about us and it IS about Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I support Carolyn who said

"Because of the way the media and the DNC treated Hillary, NO HOW NO WAY NOBAMA"

I was not insulted when John McCain chose Palin to be his VP. My feeling towards his selection is that he will make changes in Washington DC. What kind of changes that Mr. Obama offer? He has never been specific in his glorious speeches. Mr. Obama had a chance to pick Hillary as VP, but he ignored that opportunity. He even was not the first one who informed Hillary about his decision. In my opinion, he is so arrogant, so he does not deserve my vote.

Anonymous said...

Well, I support what Gloria said.
I am insulted, also.

And I am insulted by the idiocy by my fellow females.
At least SOME of us aren't swayed by "gender loyalty" or hormones or hatred or emotions.


Anonymous said...

GUMA= Gender Unity My A**
HUMA= Hillary Unity My A**


Anonymous said...

No one seems to want to address the blatant fraud perpetrated throughout this primary process and want to stick their heads in the sand and still want to vote for the chosen one who was the recipient of election fraud. Is having the first Black/White man as President of the United States more important than having a leader that can save America from the evils around us. I am not sold that McCain can do that, but definitely don't feel safe with Obama due to his comments so McCain is the lesser of the two evils. I hate crookedness and the Democratic Party showed it's true colors this election. No longer a Democrat. Wish Hillary would go independent.

bjw1951 said...

obomessiah will not get my vote. i will vote mccain. you obo trolls can kiss it goodbye. you're trying to intimidate and bully, but it's not going to work. the sorry demcoratic party will wallow in its corruption and lament its stupidity until it comes to grips with the fact that we're not gonna take it any more. i'm one of 18 million. i own my get over it all you vile trolls.

Anonymous said...

You're b****ing about FRAUD in politics!?
Honey, talk about sticking your head in the sand! Where have you been for the last 2 centuries, LOL

If there was fraud, wouldn't you think Hillary and her camp would have exposed it by now!?

GUMA! Gender Unity My A**!
HUMA! Hillary Unity My A**!

Anonymous said...

bjw1951, NEWS FLASH!
I'm a Hillary supporter...not a Obama troll.

That's good, keep insulting my intelligence. God knows many of these posts have already done THAT.
But don't you EVEN question my support for Hillary and WHAT SHE STANDS FOR!

Gee, I guess Hillary supporters who support the Dems and what SHE stands for are "trolls"
Way to go.
GUMA...Gender Unity My A**, indeed!
HUMA...Hillary Unity My A**, indeed!

Anonymous said...

BTW, this woman (Palin) is anti-choice, even in cases of incest and RAPE.
The most violent of crimes against women.
How more SEXIST can you get!?

And you want to go against a candidate who is FOR women's rights!?
And don't tell me Obama isn't....that's about as laughable as to think Hillary would actually vote for McCain!

Go ahead, let McSham and his Beauty Queen win...and work against Hillary!


Anonymous said...

I don't believe this.
WE are females and WE are Hillary supporters.

And WE are being attacked and called "trolls" and "illogical" because we're voting for the DEMOCRACTS.

WE want what Hillary wants and we're still being attacked because we're standing FOR HILLARY and the DEMOCRATS.

Yes, it is illogical.....simply illogical to support an anti-choice ticket such as McSHAM.

GUMA=Gender Unity My A**!

Rockin Robin said...

Pam needs to get on a hormone treatment!

It doesn't matter if McCain got a man or a woman for a VP, he is still a better choice than an arrogant unknown who benefited from sexism and media bias towards Hillary. Not the leadership I'm looking for. NOPE

Anonymous said...

Just read where Obama will give back stage passes for 5,000 posts against Puma's, Hillary, Palin, etc. I believe it. Will lets see Pam/anonymous you got at least 7 going on this post. Good Luck

It is obvious you know nothing of issues just how to put down others.
I am not going to play your game anymore. moveon and good luck back stage.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I need "hormone treatment".
Nice way to treat a HILLARY SUPPORTER.
How "un SEXIST" and logical of you....NOT!

Give me a break, Robin.
If I need hormone therapy, what do you need...a lobotomy!?

You know what, the more I see of you PUMAs, the more I really cringe.
Real smart.
Real logical.
Real mature.
A REAL woman and a REAL Hillary supporter.
ps....I'm not even near the age for menopause of hormone therapy. I guess being young doesn't mean being stupid.
So much for "with age comes wisdom", eh Robin? hehe

Anonymous said...

BTW, "anonymous" I see more and more SMART Hillary supporters coming here and trying to knock some sense into you hormonal therapy cases, LOL

Yeah, I'd love to see a link to that "5000 post" story.
In your dreams, I suspect.

ps...some of you are really beginning to sound desperate with all the stupid things I've been reading here today!

HiLLGAL2008 said...

I have always said regardless of the vp pick of John McCain or even if Barrack Hussein Obama chose Senator Clinton, I would never vote for Obama...I am a Senator CLinton supporter FOR PRESIDENT...not a Democrat...It's Mccain, no matter whom he chose...
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER will I vote for a person who is so radical and a sexist and so inexperienced and a dirty contender like makes me sick how people are so taken with NOTHING...he has DONE nothing in his career..and he can only win by using dirty tricks and RACE...

Lauren M said...

Have you all forgot how Obama supporters treated us who supported Hillary?

I read these posts and it seems that the nasty bullying tactics have rubbed off on the people who sooooo despised the treatment to start with. I guess Obama has that way with people.....

It's not about any gender, religion or color..... it's about credibility and Obama doesn't have it.

Those Dems pretending to be Hillary supporters it is very obvious... Those truly supporting Hillary's path, that's obvious too. Those of you who were/are republicans.... well I commend you for being creative.

I am sad that women tend to take the brunt of everything that doesn't end well. I would think we could all come together and try to resolve this horrible mess our country is in. My God, we can give and take away life.... we were given the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than all of us.

I truthfully don't know what the answer is..... but I will never vote for Obama ... NEVER! Hillary was my only choice.... not because she is a woman, because she was the best choice for me.



Anonymous said...

Gee, you go on about Obama being sexist and yet the owner of this blog just said I should have "hormone replacement"!
(and I'm a 30-something female)

All because I'm not falling in "goose step" with you "PUMA-NAZIs" and vote for a ticket which is so blatantly ANTI-HILLARY!

Pot, meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm sooooo done here.
Some of us who SUPPORT HILLARY have come here to argue some sense into you!

But it's no use. We're being met with the most jaw-dropping illogical arguments since Chamberlain negotiating with Hitler in 1939!

Quite frankly, I've heard more logic in an argument between Kindergartners fighting over a ball at recess!

This is pointless and useless. You're even turning against Hillary supporters.

Your paranoia is astounding. So is your "logic" (and I've never used that term as loosely as I have at this moment!).

I'm sorry, but you are NOT honoring Hillary, nor are you supporting her.
If you think you're striking a blow for women's right, you are SADLY and PATHETICALLY mistaken!

And I emphasize "PATHETIC". If you hate what is being said and written about your zeal in the media, don't blame Obama.
It isn't pretty.
And don't blame Obama.
You want to be perceived as nutcases, don't blame Obama or his supporters.
Blame yourselves.
And if you defeat what Hillary supports and works for the next 4 years, don't blame Obama or his supporters.
Blame yourselves.


blondie36621 said...

I am thrilled to see so many comments that reflect my feelings about Obama's complete disrespect to Hillary Clinton and his snarky announcement at 3AM of Biden. He just can't get enough of throwing dirt in her face. As far as voting for Governor Palin just because she is a woman....what is wrong with that ..? You have 94% of blacks voting for Obama just because he is black...if you ask why they mimic his chant of ' CHANGE'but can't tell you a single 'Change' he will be making...the only 'Change ' Obama will be making is pocket change out of your income once he is done taxing everyone to death for all his 'Reforms" he has lined up for the American people. I hope McCain and Governor Palin kicks Obama's butt out of the way while they march to the White House using her very nicely appointed High Heels!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pam go have your hormones checked.... count how many times you have insulted women on this blog.... you rant and rave and insult....

For as many times that you said the word "hormone", I would guess yours are out of wack or you are indeed a man!

Anonymous said...

Yes, not just about Hillary, its about fraudulent voting by Obamacrats, who will unwittingly install an Obamacratic government, elusive but authoritarian, with plans that resemble Obama's speeches, and programs and policies that even GWB could love. Obama lies every time he speaks; what he has done to Hillary is what he would like to do to all of us. Obama has more in common with Karl Rove, than with any sensible Democrat, because he too lacked a real father as a child. We must reject the DNC illegal voting for the primary season and the fraud of the nomination voting, by party hacks determined to impose their choice and reject the choice made by primary voters. Indeed, it is about what is best for the country, not party; will NEVER vote for a corrupt hack, even if he has the experience needed for the job. Subverting the democratic process is our first clue about Obama's true intentions, and his fundamental dishonesty. McCain may have significant flaws, but he is not essentially corrupt, nor sexist, nor racist, like Obama.

Anonymous said...

I believe that proviously only the real Hillary Supporters used this Hillary Grassroots Campaign Blog. We used polite and civilized language to express our opinions. Only recently, things have been changed and make me think that the Obama supporters invade this blog.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: "Pam go have your hormones checked.... count how many times you have insulted women on this blog.... you rant and rave and insult....

For as many times that you said the word "hormone", I would guess yours are out of wack or you are indeed a man!"

How insulting.
How illogical
How sexist
How desperate
How pathetic.

You know what...the more you go on, the more sad and pathetic you look.
If the media saw this blog, they would go on and on about how pathetic you are making Hillary supporters and women look!

You need to get a life...or a dog...or a cat...or hormone replacement, hehehe

Maybe you should call this blog "Miss Haversham's Waiting for Hillary" blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a lot of "cut and paste" copycats here, now.

Yeah, plus the "you need hormone therapy" insults.


Good job, gals.
Sisterhood my a**
SYA, anyone?


Woman for Hillary and anonymous(PAM)you two need to go back to the OBAMINATION camp,and report you can't change or fool the real PUMA'S.There are HILLARY supporters,and then there are the real HILLARY supporters we're called PUMA'S.
Darrell Reed Osceola,Iowa

P.S.If your going to campaign for Obamination on this site,at least have the b--l's to show your real name,or just sign Obama Zombie.

Anonymous said...

"Woman for Hillary and anonymous(PAM)you two need to go back to the OBAMINATION camp,and report you can't change or fool the real PUMA'S.There are HILLARY supporters,and then there are the real HILLARY supporters we're called PUMA'S.
Darrell Reed Osceola,Iowa

P.S.If your going to campaign for Obamination on this site,at least have the b--l's to show your real name,or just sign Obama Zombie."

Blah, blah, do I know you aren't a GOP/Karl Rove plant? I guess the PUMAs have to recruit Karl's shills to do their dirty work against Obama.

How pathetic that your hatred is so great that you have to have the GOP shills do your dirty work against the Dems!

Outsider said...

Women of America - please look at the big picture! Dems in Congress and in the WH leaves you wide open to democratic abuse! It would have only worked well with Hillary in the WH - with no-nonsense boys club business being tolerated ......... and if you want to see Hillary in the top spot, you have to push against that glass ceiling for all your worth now! McCain would get my vote if I was there - and Palin only adds to the ticket! BO and his abusive Chicago team have no place as my world leader ...... and he should have no place as your POTUS!

McCain in the WH for 4 years with Hillary in the Senate should be a good combination - and if it ends up with Palin v. Clinton next ..... bring it on, girls!

BARA said...

I am a PUMA and will remain one until we obtain party reform so when I vote democrat again I will no that my vote counts. Hillary did not divide the Democratic Party and neither did Obama. It was entirely the doings of the DNC and democratic leaders as Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Donna Brazile, Richardson, Reid. They know who they are and all of the elected delegates that sold their votes.
I am a caucasion female and I will not vote for Palin because she is a female. I will vote for the candidate that is the most qualified and that put their country first.
Since the democrats didn't feel that my vote didn't matter in the primary, I'm sure they haven't changed their minds. They will never again "select" a candidate of their choosing again and then insult us by having a sham "ROLL CALL." Hillary's candidates that gave their votes to Obama are a disgrace to democracy and should be ashamed of themselves, I don't care what Hillary said. You were selected to deliver my vote.
As for Greta Susteren, if you are a democrat I suggest you join the PUMAs if you ever want your vote to count for anything.
I will not let our troops that are fighting and dying in Iraq and the ones who went before them be slapped in the face and dishonored.

J said...

McCain/Palin is change we can believe. This former Dem will vote Republican in Nov. Texas PUMA

M. Sakel said...

Yes, Greta Van Susteren, I agree with everything you are saying on this Puma Site.

It's amazing that Hillary (and all women by extension) got more respect from the Republicans, especially Sen. McCain, than they did from the ex-Democratic Party and its Obamarama campaign, including the Candidate of Change and Unity Himself--BHO!

The misogynist media frat-boys' antics pushed an anorexic resume to a fraudulent 'finish line' of superdels and the extreme misogyny displayed by the Obama supporters was abominable and much worse than any Republican misdemeanor!

Obama's camouflaged sexism and sexist code: "Periodically, Hillary feels down, and starts launching attacks..." "The claws are comin' out"...."She's likeable enough!"....and Obama's greatest Youtube mega-hit:

"Obama Gives Hillary the Finger"!!

Barack appears day after his pathetically sutteringly inept performance at the Pa. ABC Debate, and on the N.C. stage, he performs his rehearsed JayZ rapper-wannabe act--using his midfinger to 'flip-off' in a fully dumb juvenile fashion...his fellow female Senator Clinton! The he finishes his routine, smirking, dusting off his shoulders and 'scraping off' his shoes the excrement (that is Hillary!)....And this is the Change and unity this Chicago political sewer-rat wants to implement when he becomes President?

Then he goes on Bernie Mac's stage (after numerous complaints by fundraiser audience) and agrees implicitly that "mothers and sisters" can be "family whores"! Geeesus, Barry! What do you take women to be? You can't fool them all of the time. Only the Obamyopic fans of your Britney celeb status!

Palin represents the ultimate shattering of the ceiling and - to teach the Xeroxed Candidate of More of the Same Misogyny a lesson on Gender Sensitivity 101-- she deserves the vote of every woman. Sarah voted to block legislation that would remove abortion as option. And she supported as Governor partner benefits for Gays! This is a hell of an individualist, spunky, hard-working, intelligent, unpretentious woman. She may be old-fashioned, but it's her personal choice. And we can put up with it for 4 years. I doubt Barack would have helped women any less than he already has by keeping SILENT (as did DNC) during the HIllary-bashing by the misogynist media!

Palin deserves support as a hardworking, intelligent woman with more executive experience than Obama's mere sitting on his butt for 144 days in the Senate while campaigning for the Top Job most of the time! No comparison. And she isn't even running for President. She negotiated a 26 billion dollar pipeline deal with the Canadian government. Obama took 60 million from the Annenberg Foundation sitting beside Mr. Terrorist Ayres pretending to work on Education when in fact, the kids were worse off after the monies were funnelled to organizations that had nothing to do with their improvement of skills but to serve the political careers of Obama and Mr. Ayres!

Come November, this will be playing at a theater close to Barack's home:

"Women Voters Give the Finger to Barack in the Voting Booth" --

Starring Baraccuda Palin and the Roaring Pumas--produced by the Bitter-Religious Working Stiffs!

Sweetie, you better start "getting over it" real and Biden have just run out of xerox paper!

kneec29 said...

I wonder why Greta Susteren is posing this question! Could it be maybe that she is a democrat and is unhappy with their sham of a nominating process and a bigger sham of a free "ROLL CALL" at the convention? Greta, if you are a democrat, come on oveR and join us. I am a PUMA and will remain one until the democratic party is reformed and I will be guaranteed that my vote will mean something and that my voice will be heard. I will not let our troops that are fighting and died in Iraq and the ones before for freedom and a true democracy be slapped in the face and their deaths mean nothing. Our true democracy was just stripped from the democratic party by the DNC and the heirarchy of the democrats. The democratic party just disgraced our country by selecting their nominee of choice and that has(d) associations with people that have ideals that are totally un-American. He has had those associations way too long to make me think he feels any differently than they. He kept those associations even after he declared himself as a candidate. He fought hard to keep them with one excuse after another until he decided it was in his best interest to throw them aside and I'm sure that was for show. No one can change my mind that he doesn't have those same beliefs. You don't change your beliefs like and on and off switch.
Yes, Greta, I am a PROUD PUMA.

islandpuma said...

I think it's a blast to have these trolls drop in to insult us. It just shows how incredibly dumb the obamabots are. If they want to "convince" us, they're doing a heck of a job to the contrary! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am a PUMA from Riverside, Ca. Some of the Obama bloggers are desplicable, reprehensible and simply have zero moral values to be judging Gov. Sarah Palin and her family. Have you viewed Diddy Combs You Tube ramblings about McCain and Palin? He is one personification of a deranged Obama follower.

Bandy4 said...

I'm also a Hillary supporter and voter who ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT be voting for Obama in in November! I made the decision long ago to vote for McCain in protest of what happened with Hillary and the corrupt primary process of the Democrat's this year! Along the way, however, I've actually come to discover I actually agree with John McCain on some things too!

I would be voting for McCain NO MATTER WHO HE PICKED as his running mate! However, I did see his choice of Sarah Palin as a smart strategic move! And I, for one,..hope that it pays off for him big! I have no problem with Palin! In fact, I heard she was in favor of teaching creationism in the Alaska schools, which is something I also favor! Palin is not Hillary by any means, of course, and I don't think any of us see her as that!!! Ever since the day back in June when Hillary had to suspend her campaign, she...(Hillary) has been my first choice for McCain's VP! But I doubted that would ever happen, unfortunately. And I do understand that McCain needed a VP choice that was acceptable to a certain segment of his party who would stay home if he chose Hillary, or even Joe Lieberman, who I understand he did consider. The way I see it, we need that segment "on board" with McCain - in order to defeat BO in November!...And thus to make the protest vote of us Pumas matter!!!

It seems that Palin has brought the approval of that segment of his party, while also showing us some respect... Something the Democratic party certainly HAS NOT DONE!!!! Instead, they spent the whole summer dismissing our existence and saying we were "just a handful of older women who would eventually come around". (I think Pelosi actually said a lot worse than that). They also tried to intimidate us with fear about the "choice" issue, etc, etc. So, I see Palin as a "plus" to my main goal now that Hillary's out of this process...And that is to defeat BO in Nov.!!!...Along with showing the DNC that we won't stand up for their fraud and manipulation of the election process!

As for Greta's question... Yes PUMA'S are REAL!!! No, there is NO UNITY!!! The Dem's made a big mistake in treating Hillary the way they did! Go McCain/Palin! Go Puma! And...NOBAMA, No Way!

Persio said...

These Obama zombies are bored and with nothing to waste their time at other sites since the media is still in love with "The One", so that's why they come on here. Hillary supporter all the way here and NO WAY, NO HOW, NOBAMA November 4th. There is no way i would vote for a Democrat with the option given. Yes i am studying my other options and trust me Obama isn't one of them.

Concerned Citizen said...

The most important thing to know about Palin is that she has an 80% approval rate amongst Democrats in Alaska. She will not disappoint you.

Lifetime Democrat Kinky Freeman said on Fox & Friends that McCain is turning out to be the tortoise in the fable 'the tortoise and the Hare'. He thinks McCain is going to win because Palin is accomplished and very dignified. He also made an analogy between ruman and Palin, stating that no one thought Truman was going to be a good president, but like Palin, he was a hard worker who looked out for the people, and as a result went down in history as one of the great presidents in this country. He thinks Palin might one day be considered the same and that no one should second guess her.

I also just heard today that Obumer might appoint Hillary to a cabinet postion to get all the PUMA voters back. Do you think manipulating Democratic women will work?

Tabitha LoVerso said...

I am very excited to see a female running mate. It is high time! I think this gives McCain a lot more consideration in the female community and whether he is being strategic or not, it was the smartest choice he ever could have made.

McCain/Palin is looking like a really good alternative to me.

Anonymous said...

The rights of women are not served by having a single idealogy, in which all women are subscribed. Defining womens rights in such a way denies the many voices of women, and their diversity of views. Idealogy is the power of slavery and the enemy of independent free thinking.

Palin is labled as anti woman because she does not support abortion. I think the right to choose, is the right to say that you can be feminist without supporting abortion. That you can be for responsibility, for birth control, that their are other options besides abortion.

On the issue of gay rights, their is civil marriage which is a legal contract binding two citizens together in a partnership. I can see no legal reason for anyone to restrict this right to enter into a partnership as long as one can enter the agreement with a sound mind as in any legal contract. As for the religous definition of marriage that should be left to religious groups to define.

The democratic ideals sought by the founders of our country embraced the idea, of freedom, by grantinging freedom to others with whom we have opposing views. Our collective freedom is gauranteed only by allowing the other to have freedom to oppose our views.

As a nation our greatest strength is the diversity of voices and opinions we have as citizens. In this election, I choose to embrace diversity by supporting local democrats, while supporting the Republicans in the Presidency. Why? I think the democrats, and the mass media at large, have subverted the voices of middle class, working families. Democratic leadership with help from the mass media, has injected their opinions, and desires, for those of whom they represent. They have the opinion, that they know what is best. After all, we are a republic,not a true democracy. The problem as I see it is, that we have the worst of both. We elect our leaders in a popularity contest, which we call democratic, while we are governed as a republic.

The democratic leadership, made a political calculation in which they felt that they could ignore the will of middle class america, and women in particular, because what choice did they have but come back and support the candidate they choice due to issues such as abortion, and gay rights. The democrats would play the fear card that they have stated is reprehensible that the republicans have used in past elections.

The stakes cannot be higher. If the democrats prevail, it will signal to Democratic leaders that middle class americans can be taken for granted. It means that your power to influence goverment is diminished. This result must be avoided at all costs. Defeat means an America, ever more divided, further separating from the middle and moving toward the extreams. If history is to be a teacher, then we should look to Rome. Rome's strength was her middle, and when it was lost, Rome was lost.

Voting for McCain/Palin is a matter of voting country first. It is stepping outside of ourselves and doing what is best for the whole. A large group of people today have grown up in an innately selfish world. They have little experience in relegating themselves to the common good of all. If America is to once again regain her luster, we must once again place ourselves as servants to the idea of America.

Anonymous said...

This snarkey "pam" poster is so clearly on the obamacrat payroll. In the end, all we have to do is let these Obamabullies run on and and on and on and make the case AGAINST Obama FOR us.

It's not just WHAT BORG (Barack Obama Rapture Group) say (which is mean stupid and pig ignorant enough to put lucid reasonable people off) it's the entirely disrespectful and confrontational WAY they say it that makes them so instantly recognizable.

One definition of a mental imbalance is to DO the same self defeating behaviors over and over and EXPECT a different result.

Insulting, abusing and accusing Hillary Clinton's base has NOT brought us to Obama's a matter of FACT it is the tactics of people like "pam"
who have mad PUMAs steadfast in our realization that The Brave New Obamacrats must NEVER achieve power in ANY way shape or form

They may all earn their Saul Alinski Civil Unrest badges from CAMP OBAMA but what they really HAVE (and need to be treated for) is borederline personality disorder or, in laymen's lingo,

meangurls, flame warriors and crisis junkies.

janitt dott
donewith democrats

Anonymous said...

yeah, greta, we're for real.

sdy said...

Yes Puma's are real people with varying degrees of disdain and will not be voting for Obama as they do not wish to validate a fraudulent election.

Obama is NOT qualified to be President, and the DNC members do not deserve to remain in their positions as stated many times on these blogs.

With regard to Obama offering Hillary a cabinet position to try and bring Hillary supporters back into the fold. IT WON'T WORK, TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE AND I HOPE SHE WILL TURN IT DOWN AS IF SHE HELPS YOU WIN, THAT WOULD MEAN SHE COULDN'T RUN IN 2012. WHY WOULD SHE HELP YOU WIN NOW. SHE HAS DONE QUITE ENOUGH ALREADY.

Gloria Rickel said...

After listening to Sarah Palin's speech last night, I will add another note to my previous comments. She did a great job even if the speech was written by others. She is well-spoken, aggressive and combative. She has allied herself with several vocal, and previusly neglected, voter groups - the handicapped and their care givers, stay-at-home moms, and working class families, among others.
McCain has found himself an effective "Attack Dog".
I really do not want another 4 years of Republican rule, but it could happen, if enough Hillary supporters move over. I would be surprised if Obama is not at this moment regretting he did not choose Hillary for his VP, he certainly should be!
It is always nice to think of saying "I told you so", but in actually practice it is NEVER satisfying. Those of you who are thinking of moving to the McCain camp (as I was) need to think again before you do it.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that the "good old boys" in the Democratic party will give a woman real power? Or will it be just enough to be a good lap dog. The humilliation that I felt during the Democratic convention was palpable.

The whole thing was set up for the "as usual" crowd and the celebrity adoring novice. Hillary was sacraficed on the Dean alter of the "50 state strategy". It was decided that woman were like the poor and would always be democratic....with us. And the whole nomination process was to capture the black southern vote. I understand that...but why...why...did Sen. Obama disregard Hillary for the VP slot and go for a 36 year Washington insider like Biden? Was he that insecure? No..No.. Nothing will change inside the Democratic Party until the nomination process is changed. Do away with the chinese fire drill called a caucus and super delegates (the good old boys trump card).
I not only will vote for McCain, I have changed my party registration to send a message in the 2010 census.

Nadja said...

I am sorry but I wasn't a Hillary supporter because she is a woman. I vote on the issues, and her platform strongly echos that of Obama. This "Grassroot" PUMA stuff is weird. Folks, please think for yourself and vote on the issues YOU believe in not these weird Pop-up over the night "Indy" orgs. So strange folks eat this stuff up.

Alicia said...

I love Senator Clinton, as a young, black, gay woman, she was the best candidate for me. I weeped when she was denied the nomination. But having said that, as a young, gay, black woman, I CANNOT support Palin. She's anti choice and anti gay rights. It's been an honor supporting you all and having fellow die hard Clinton supporters. I've love her since I first saw her. But, I have to leave this group. I wish you all well.

Y.Win said...

Too many trolls here; I recommend a better site to express your opinion: Hillary Clinton Forum. Real opinions, real people, no blogger snobbery, no Obama trolls.

Here's the link to Hillaryclinton

Diane Selwyn said...

I don't know a single Hillary supporter who is not now voting for Obama. We are democrats first. Palin is from the radical right. I don't agree with teaching creationism in our schools. I do believe in teaching sex ed from the word go. I do believe in helping the poor. I do believe in recalling the Bush tax cuts to the rich. I do believe in global warming. I never believe our reasons for going to war in Iraq, or agree with the war now. I do believe in the govt providing health care (McCain and Palin only believe in govt health care for themselves, not us). There aren't any major issues I'd agree on with either of these unpleasant folks so why in the world would I vote for either of them? Hillary supporters who truly are going to vote McCain must hate women to a degree that so boggles my mind I find it hard to believe we can even exist in the same dimension. To all of you who will vote that way: thanks for helping to make America a worse place! You are making suicide seem the much preferable option.