Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Do The Democrats Win Now?

How do the Democrats win now?
by Roger Ryan

Months have passed with time to reflect on things and it is now time to speak ones mind. This article could be twice as long if all the facts were restated but instead let’s try to make this a one pager, as all of America by now knows the true facts.

Senator Clinton must un-suspend her campaign and go to Denver with a firm resolve at becoming the Democratic Party nominee! She and all of America know that at the very least she did end the primaries as a rightful co-presumptive nominee. All this talk about a delegate lead is silly when we all can do the math and know that the primaries ended with the nomination totally up in the air! There may have been a strategy forced upon her by the media and the DNC to suspend for awhile but now that she is on the ballot and on the platform it is time to get solid and tough again! We have done our part and fought off the bias media these last two months and will keep fighting until we make it right!

What is this talk about negotiating I hear her speak of? We don’t negotiate, we demand our rights and with more votes and only a 50 less honestly chosen delegate count difference between Hillary and Obama, She and 20 million Americans have more then earned that right of not needing to negotiate or ask permission but instead have the duty to demand their rightful place as the co-presumptive nominee. No let me restate that, ALL of America has earned this right!

Stop this campaigning for Obama the opponent and get on with the business of fixing our country the way it should be fixed. Obama is not electable and that is real world fact. There are way too many democracy loving American Democrats who are upset as a human can be about what they have witnessed as being the same type of wrongs that they have endured under Bush and they are never going to vote for any ticket Obama is the top of. Even if the DNC or the media do not understand, we need to understand that we are not talking about a few vocal activist or just your avid supporters but included in these upset Americans are all the bread and butter Democrats who never say a thing except in the privacy of the ballot booth! They do not like what they have witnessed in the media and actions by the DNC which include Obama and his McCarthyism Chicago style politics. They also do not like how he has acted and voted since the end of the primaries. Obama has done nothing but throw promises, people and Democratic principals under the bus, betraying them all. They do not like the way the media and the Democratic Party leadership including even Hillary are trying to sell them on an untrue version of the facts. We can do math and we can read the history of all the conventions. What has occurred and is still occurring has a very anti democratic feel and is all wrong! Something is not right and we know it and are not going to vote for it but against it!

Does Hillary really want that Democrat in the White House? If she truly does the time has come to get real and un-suspend her campaign and go into Denver and win that nomination. Senator Clinton it is time to do some demanding and stop these mamby pamby actions or talk about negotiation. This is being very up front and honest with everyone so now it is squarely on Hillary Clinton’s shoulders if you want that Democrat in the White House. Before the blame could be put on the DNC including Obama and the media but we have been st ron g and have fought the good fight and have wrestled them all into a corner for an open and honest convention fight! We all know if that happens that the supers would take heart and select Hillary Clinton as the party nominee because they know she will make the better President. The American Public now knows that in even bigger numbers then before the primaries. That is the only good thing that has come out of these w ron gs is that the PEOPLE of America stopped and really listen to Hillary Clinton and said collectively “very impre ss ive”, we pick her! That is why the new 20+ million avid supporters number!

The day Hillary Clinton re- announces “I’m in to win” is the day McCain loses. The day it becomes clear Hillary Clinton is not going to do this is the day McCain wins. Either way Democratic Party & Obama loses. It’s just a matter if you want a Democrat in the White House or not! Like in 1972 that 18 million have already walked out the door. If Obama is the nominee that 18 million will not only keep walking but also like in 72 will turn the USA solid red by voting for McCain. If Hillary Clinton becomes the nominee less then 18 million may walk but they will not vote for McCain.

Again lets be very clear here, this means the 18 million that have already walked because of the wrongs done to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the rightful nominee will have the effect of 36 million while the Obama’s walkers would have an effect of only 9 million and as they are made up first time or seldom voter for the Democrats anyway it would be more like a zero effect. Think about that! The nomination of Hillary Clinton will turn the USA blue like everyone thought at the start of 2007 when that 20+ million walk back in the door and join the other 9 to 16 million in putting the right Democrat in the White House. This is reality the Democratic Party must face and make happen in Denver for a November win.

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LoveAmerica said...

What if the delegates come to their senses and see what you have described above and actually NOMINATE HILLARY? Answer: The Democrats win the white house.

What if the delegates get Obama to name her as his Vice President?
Amswer" A few Hillary supporters will join and support the ticket, but most of us WON'T BECAUSE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can we support Obama for President. So he loses the white house in November.

Plus if he loses, everything will be blamed on Hillary. Not Good for her or the DNC.

No Brainer here delegates. Just nominate Hillary period, and your problems are solved, a win in the white house and too late for the Republicans to build a giant case against her as they have been too busy trying to take down Obama. hmmm, what a strategy. Go Hillary Go

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the delegates will do the right thing by nominating Hillary.
I am with you that if Mr. Obama picks Hillary as VP, I still will not vote for Mr. Obama. Also, this is the first time in my adult life that I will vote for the Republican (if Hillary does not represent us). I am not proud of this current DNC.

Anonymous said...

Hillary NOT Releasing Delegates
I just got a note from a friend who was on a conference call with Hillary yesterday. I want to get two things out here for you guys to ponder before I head out to work... 1) Harold Ickes said the new magic number is 2111.
2) Hillary said a few words about unity and winning in Nov. but she said NOTHING about releasing her delegates. Not a word.

So let's keep our head down - contact as many delegates as we can in the coming days - and stay strong.

seasonedcook said...

I agree with the post How do the Democrats win now? My husband a life
long Democrat says sounds good on paper, but it is not going to happen..She does not want to lose her chances for 2012..If she upsets the convention then she will leave there losing everything she has worked for...We all want her to win at any cost, but the stakes are high..and it would take lots of praying and money to get her the nomination...Boy, the suspense is
horrible, waiting for the convention to begin..I figure there
will be more Americans watching
tv that week then was watching the
Olympics..Some people are suspecting a riot like there was
in Chicago..I don't want that to happen, but I don't want to see
a cut and dry convention where
it fits Obama to his liking..We need to fix it so she is the nominee..Then maybe she will offer
him the V P, but the way he has
treated her....I would surely
dump him..Dream on MsHill, Dream on!

Camille said...

I just read a news article stating that Clinton will have delegate whips on the floor in Denver, alongside of Obama's whips. They are for the express purpose of "whipping" us. They say Obama whips will stand in front of us, if we blow kazoos, etc. We can only wave Clinton signs during her speech, etc.
If I see that type of behavior out of her team at the DNC, then I will have no choice but to vote for McCain. If one of Obama's zombies got into my face, I would have to shove the kazoo up their nose! Good thing I won't be there for this sham-Bo-ree!