Friday, August 22, 2008

How Well Do You Know Obama?

-- This is only the beginning. If Obama gets the official nomination, these ads will only get more embarrassing to the democratic party.

This pic was taken in 2001

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Darrell Reed said...

no one knows obama,and there lies,and i do mean lies, the problem.the thing i don't understand is how barack obama,an absolute no body could get this much support from the white world.then it hit me he is the white person's idea of what a black person should act like,talk like,look like,walk like.he is not as qualified as a jessie jackson,an allen keyes,al sharpton.but his secret is when around us he speaks as though he's white,and when around black people he speaks as though he's black.which in truth he's a black/white man, rev.jackson is right on the money when he said obama looks down on black people.obama will throw all his black supporters under his by now famous BUS,just as soon as they serve there purpose.i have to give rev.jackson,allen keyes,and al sharpton credit they act and speak like proud black men no matter who they are speaking to,and they don't talk down to no one.
Darrell Reed

seasonedcook said...

Thank you Darrell Reed..I am black,
and I agree with you 100%..He
wears to many hats..Why can't he just be himself and then he would blend into the mainstream...The reason is
he is to proud and an elitist and
everyone is below him...I talked
to a Democratic party leader today, and he was dumbfounded that I said
the same exact thing to him..He
said I needed to get behind the party...I said the heck with the party...The party does not care about anything except getting Obama elected and turned their backs on
Hillary...I said as far as I was concerned, the party is no better then the republicans...I said I would have to see some heavy changing at the convention before I would even consider voting for
Obama...I don't want dirty laundry
showing up in my home !

Anonymous said...


He scares me so much I'm ready to move to Australia... or dig a house underground and start packing it with ammo, food, and water. It's just one thing after another that just makes him add up to being the wolf in lambskin! Beware! Even CNN has caught on to him... He's a man of many lies....

Anonymous said...

Oh my god - GO AWAY. Please, please, just GO AWAY. lol...

Anonymous said...

I applaud you Darrell Reed....I could not have said it any better...I don't trust Obama....and, no one can convince me differently...AS I sit here listening to MSNBC and CNN....I can't help but wonder about this Obama/Biden ticket....the things that Biden had said about Obama while they were on the campaign trail...the primaries, etc...and, Biden saying that Obama was not ready to become President....Obama is "shady/sneaky"....a smooth talker that has managed to sway toooooooo many Americans....I just hope that AMERICANS wake up before November....GOD HELP US!!!

Aidyn said...

Anonymous said...

For everyone here in America who's ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out, and for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you.

Anonymous said...

Obama is so corrupt it scares me.I am concerned about the assination of Bill Gwatney who was assassinated and others who somehow are connected and died. How is this abnoxious is a candidate for presidency? Also what is happening in Kenya with christian women and children. I hope our base is strong enough to keep Obama out. I wonder if Bill Clinton endorsed Obama for a deal. Maybe to help retire some of Hillary's debt. Anyon this was just a thought.

Sherri said...

My heart breaks every time I hear Bill or Hillary support him....I know they are "pary" people but please how can they justisfy supporting him when deep down they have their own doubts to obama? I will not vote for him, if Bush (been a dem for 30 years) were running against him, I would take the lesser evil bush( bush is just stupid, Obama is calculating!)God help us if he wins!!!!!1