Monday, August 11, 2008

Action Item

With the convention just around the corner, it is imperative that Democrats all around the country understand that whether or not Hillary is nominated, we are in this for the long haul.
This primary has revealed DNC "leadership" to be corrupt, mean-spirited, and lacking respect for basic democratic principles. They have completely and effectively ceded the moral high ground to Republicans at this point.
  • We have seen the race card played, with assistance from both Dean and Brazile.

  • We have seen rampant sexism with no objection by the DNC.

  • We have seen the superdelegates endorse as quid-pro-quo for campaign contributions.

  • We have seen arm-twisting of the congressional delegates by "neutral" Nancy Pelosi to declare for Obama.

  • We have seen an unabashed ageism campaign against John McCain, calling him "confused", and that he has "lost his bearings".

  • We've seen a softening of support for the gay and lesbian community.

  • We've seen caucus cheating.

  • We've seen intimidation of Hillary supporters, hack attacks and coordinated threats against voters and media that dare to dissent.

  • We've seen manipulation of the party nominating system and media to favor one candidate over another and the outright redistribution of votes cast for one Hillary and given to Obama.

This is now a democratic party in name only.
Please watch the following videos and forward the links to at least five other people. Please ask each of them to forward them to five others.
We need to get the word out.
It will take an effort from all of us to restore the Democratic party to its former self, to a party that we can be proud of. This is just one step in that direction. More to come.
"Money Changes Everything"
"Survival of America and Her Dream"
"DNC: Fractured Fairy Tales"
"DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee"
"History Repeats Itself"

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