Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Roll Call Vote for Clinton?

-- by Rockin Robin

I am having a blast here in Denver. It is a bit bittersweet though since the democratic party is like teflon to the 18 million Hillary supporters. I marched down 16th street with Cristi Atkins with Clintons4McCain, another JustSayNoDeal group. The press swarmed us for 8 blocks where we ended up at the MSNBC with other PUMAs. Cristi and I were invited to speak to Chris Matthews. ewwwwwwwwwwwww

I'm the first to speak here...

after we marched, the PUMAs headed off to a cocktail party where I talked to a delegate who is "out of her mind" with frustration with the Obama "ra ra" campaign at the Hillary delegate proceedings. She shared that they are being pushed into a corner to vote for Obama.

THIS DELEGATE WILL BE ON THE RADIO BLOG TODAY @1PM Denver Time. Call in to listen at 347-4870.

Meantime, there are all kinds of rumors about whether or not there will be an official roll call. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Stephanopoulos: No Roll Call Vote for Clinton?

ABC News' Nitya Venkataraman reports: After former rivals Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton worked to broker a deal where Clinton's name would be placed into nomination alongside Obama's at the Democratic convention, speculation swirls in Denver that Clinton insiders may be willing to accept no roll-call vote, fearing the blame of disrupting the party's efforts at unity.

ABC News' Chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos says no decisions have yet been made, but that the state-by-state vote faces the possibility of elimination in favor of Obama's nomination "by acclamation."

"The whole idea of a roll call vote could be in flux at this point," Stephanopoulos told ABC's Charles Gibson on World News Sunday night.

"The Clinton people here, they've said they wanted catharsis, they wanted that roll call, but they may not get it," Stephanopoulos said, describing the decision as one being discussed at the highest levels of Clinton's camp. "They don't want to be blamed for any trouble at this convention."

The roll call vote was planned in an effort to soothe Clinton supporters bitterly disappointed by her loss to Obama during the primary season.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sunday showed Obama only receiving the support of 79 percent of Democrats -- a number Stephanopoulos says is due in part to the fact that Obama doesn't yet have all of Clinton's supporters on board.

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Jane Heffelfinger said...

I channel surf and FOX had it that the Delegates MAY have to cast their vote FROM THEIR HOTEL ROOM.



Jane Heffelfinger said...

Oh, and the fact that during the Democratic Party Convention the Democratic selected-not-elected nominee is BEHIND THE REPUBLICAN!!!


LoveAmerica said...

Way to go girls, just saw the video. To bad Chris isn't interested in the truth.
Boy will they be embarrassed when the truth comes out.

Go Hillary Go,
Leave this stupid Democratic party and go Independent.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

These girls stood their own against the biggest jerk in news today and with the obviously planted crowd of idiots chanting like they do in the Middle Esat..I swear that is exactly what his campaign reminds me of..the Al Quida extremeist chanting for Osama..It's all very bizaar... This Mathews guy is the creepiest guy on tv...he is the overly exuberant person, or just extremely odd person who said on national tv, that "Obama gave him a tingle up his leg, like he use to get when he was a young boy"......what a very weird person...

Anonymous said...

Obama Bin Biden for America?

Anonymous said...

I hate to break this to you but Obama was ELECTED.
Go right ahead and let all your hatred and vitriol play right into the hands of the RIGHT WING REPUBLICANS.

You really think the Republicans would have treated Hillary with kid gloves, if she were the nominee? That's the biggest crock of dung. Have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hammity go after Hillary? And this is the party whose candidate you want to support!?

Anonymous said...

Gee, you march with "Clintons4McCain" and you're b****ing about the delegates not listening to you!?

WAKE UP, Honey! You march around proclaiming your support for McCain at the DNC and you think people are going to listen to you!?

What freakin' planet are you from!?
Of course, you're going to meet with hostility. Duhhhhhhhhhhh.
You want love? Go to the RNC next week. Believe me, those right-wingers will welcome you with "open arms".
Then, they'll stab you all in the back IF (God forbid) McCain wins this election.

Oh yes, tell me what a great champion of women's rights McCain is. Please, I would LOVE to see if you're aware of his voting record on women's issues. Go ahead, elucidate me. Just like little o'l "Stepford Wife Debra" who's making all these cute commercials for McCain and just gushing about his "pro-choice stance"

Go ahead and believe the fantasy all you want.
Please Robin, I can't WAIT to see you interviewed next week at the RNC!

Ricco said...

By not answering the question or admitting that they don't recall the name makes it seem like you are not credible. They need to be sure to have all our facts straight and try to not get emotional (even though I can imagine it was intense with the mob behind them). The first lady who spoke seemed more calm and collected. A better argument would be that if a child is born to a muslim father they are muslim. So he is denying his heritage. Why? The same holds true with the Jewish faith. Except it carried through the mothers side. No proof is required for that argument.

Anonymous said...

Robin, you all are doing nothing but hurt the Democrats, the country, and HILLARY.

Yes, Hillary. If Obama loses this election, do you honestly think all this vitriol won't come back and bite you all in the butt!?
You don't think the backlash ON HILLARY won't harm her?
You are doing nothing but stirring up a LOT of anger....and it's all going to play into the hands of the RIGHT WING.

Way to go, gals.....sink the ship before it can even get out of port.
It's NOT up to Obama to unite. It's up to YOU.
It's time for YOU to put aside this petty anger. It's time to STOP stomping your feet and acting like spoiled little children who didn't get HER way.
Because if you think you'll get YOUR WAY with McCain, you ARE NAIVE!

Wake up and put away the pacifiers!

Anonymous said...

Shouldnt Hillary just go home? If they are not goin to have a roll cal vote for her--just go home. For al the money they spent on theis convention , it sucks! The Dems know how to fuck up everything--everytime. I cant vote McCain--I guess I'l vote nader or mckinney ---

KDelphi said...

Shouldnt Hillary just go home? If they are not goin to have a roll cal vote for her--just go home. For al the money they spent on theis convention , it sucks! The Dems know how to fuck up everything--everytime. I cant vote McCain--I guess I'l vote nader or mckinney ---

Anonymous said...

Indeed, why bother with a vote, when the outcome has been pre-determined during the primary season with processes that are equally suspect. Looks like we exported "democracy" to Iraq and left it there to hang alongside Saddam. This is not merely about Clinton vs Obama, it is about having and keeping an honest & fair process, though the Obamites begin the threats and abuse as soon as that point is made. Obamites have hijacked the wrong party.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this, but your point is REALLY taking a hit with the Huffington Post crowd.

Embarrassed when the truth comes out? Yes, but it ain't the Obama camp, nor Chris Matthews, nor the DNC.
Unfortunately, it's you.
At least, Hillary had the grace and the guts to call for unity tonight AND to support Obama.

Are you women enough to join her or are you going to let your bitterness go so far as to throw Hillary's message under the bus?

Anonymous said...

Hillary hates you. (You embarrass her and her perfect political world.) She just wants your campaign money so she can pay herself (and Mark Penn) back. You are irrelevant except for the dollars you give to the Clintons.

Tabitha LoVerso said...

There's a lot of hate being spewed on this site.

At least those girls had it in them to stand up to a crowd, regardless of their beliefs! It's very easy for an angry mob to chant behind you or for individuals to bash you. At least they were fighting for their cause and should be respected for that. Anyone deserves to be heard and at least have the decency of commonplace respect. If you don't like what is being said on this page, maybe you should find another one. Just like you said about these ladies being embraced by the McCain camp and being backstabbed...while you are at liberty to do the same thing via the Obama camp. Best of luck. I hope you fare well.

Tabitha LoVerso said...

Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous...sounds like the Obamanots have invaded a pro Clinton site.

I'm not bashing Obama on one of his sites.

For all of you that believe Obama is the rightfully appointed Democratic nominee to run this country...FIND ANOTHER SITE to pro-Obama on!

If you are so firm in your beliefs, you wouldn't have a problem posting your name, which leads me to believe that almost all of the anonymous posts are from Obama supporters.

ohiosucks said...


I'm Mychal Limric of Washington State... and I approve Anonymous's message.

This isn't a pro-Clinton site. If it were... it'd support her now as she (finally) does the right thing and comes to the reality that Obama won the nomination despite her attempts to bring up everything from her memories of shooting guns as a child (please... Hillary is pro-guns?) to the June assassination of RFK (oh... maybe she is pro-guns if it helps knock off her competition). I came into this campaign with the highest respect for Hillary (voted for Bill twice and considered Hillary to be just as skilled and without the personal issues)... but she ran a despicible campaign and blew her front-runner status before ultimately taking a low-road usually reserved for the Karl Rove crowd.

This site and the conspiracy nut jobs who talked to Chris Matthews yesterday don't deserve the time of day... except for the fact that the people who truly care about this country are not going to allow those types to put out unchecked lies and inuendo in order to push their agenda. We've had enough of that garbage during the Bush administration. Obama will beat McCain in November... and all the fear-mongering in the world can't prevent it.

Clintons4mccain said...

Actually, you heard Hillary say what she had to say because if she didn't 'fall in line' and call for unity...wouldn't she then be shut down in the senate? Wouldn't they just blackball her and prevent her from getting anything accomplished?

In my opinion, she cares about her constituents too much to become blackballed by Obama and his supporters.

And, the point that I was not able to make on Chris Mathews program for various reasons, was that we are not opposed to Obama being a Muslim. We are opposed to the gross lying of that fact.

He continues to lie to the American people on many issues...this is but one.

Furthermore, this is a pro-Clinton site. Democrats who are going to do as they are told, fall in line and vote for an inexperienced and dangerous man DO NOT DOMINATE THIS SITE.

I am a Clinton supporter and will NOT vote for Obama and no amount of intimidation on your part will change that.

Last point: Why did Chris Mathews refuse to accept the report? Because he already has it!
We sent it to him weeks ago and that's why he didn't address it.