Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is America Blinded By Desperation?

By Liquid Amber 8/14/08

It is expected that a democrat would work for a democrat not cross party lines. However, I've learned recently that some Hillary staffers have crossed over to work for McCain.

People don't work for the "other" party because they are getting paid for it. Is it because they cannot work for someone who they don't see fit for the white house? ~ or perhaps they see a bigger threat here. That threat being George Soros.

Here's the thing... George Soros and his filthy cronies are funding Obama. Soros is an evil man. At age 14, he worked for the Nazis during WWII -- some of which included extracting gold from the teeth of dead jews in concentration camps. He learned how to profit from the demise of others (even though he himself is a jew). This is his thing. He has no remorse in doing it then nor doing it now.

Soros is responsible for collapsing the economy in Indonesia and other SE Asian countries as well as descrating Italy's lire. How he does this is through financial speculation. He influences Wall Street and the public in turn responds to Wall Street.

Think about it. All he has to do is say there is an oil shortage, and gee, we now have higher gas prices. Why would he does this? One might conclude that its the perfect set up to make the public panic at the voting booth.

Now our currency is taking a hit due to Soro's dirty deeds and we are blaming the republicans? So that we all panic and make sure we do not vote republican.

We are blaming the economy on the war? Guess who's making money on the war? Soros. Soros critized Halliburton for profitting on the war which drove their stocks down then, in turn, 2,000,000 shares for himself ~ ceased critisism and the stocks went up.

We are on the brink of a terrible recession and Soros is pulling the strings. Why? So we will vote for Obama.

Think about it. Soros has given nearly $6,000,000 (though I've heard that amount is even more, but to error on the conversative side, we'll say $6 Mil). then developed a grassroots campaign to support Obama. And the press gives credit to Obama's phenomenal leadership.

Soros works in billions of dollars on a regular basis and has no real heart in what happens in America. He is all about power and control.

What's my source? Just google him and you don't have to look that far. And don't be fooled by his so called charity work. They are frought with schemes.

Where is Obama getting money to pay off superdelegates. Look no further than Soros and his goones.

We have on record how much money Obama has been giving superdelegates where Hillary won their constituents.

Think about it... why else would these long time loyal Clinton friends and allies unceremoniously dump Hillary during the primaries? ie.., Richardson (who said 4 times he wouldn't do what he did).

Why did Edwards come out and endorse Obama the day after Hillary won West Virginia by 41 points (when his wife voted for Hillary?) He was likely blackmailed with his affair. We all knew he was having an affair and Obama's peeps had him by the balls. However, they knew something we didn't. Edwards was financially supporting his mistress and his campaign finance guy. This is serious fraud that Edwards was cornered into it. What dumb ass.

We are clear that Chicago style politics is not limited to Chicago.

I want what you want for this country AND the truth is we are in bad shape and don't need another unqualified president in the white house ~ Bush was a disaster.

Lastly, I hope you don't take any of this personally. In the past, I have worked in politics with another Senator and learned that its very important to know who we are voting for and be clear about what they can deliver.

Obama is not scrutinized close enough by his supporters because people are so hungry for hope and change. I don't blame them. Bush sucks and Soros is amplifying that as best as he can to get you to vote for Obama.

However, if we get desperate, we will get in huge trouble. Obama will go down in history as the most foolish and desperate move Americans have made.

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the American people have been herded like sheep. Knowing America would want to go the opposite direction the wolf set up camp on the opposite side and waited. The mindless droning of Obama followers is so very similar to the same mindless droning Bush followers had at the start of the war.

Rockin Robin said...

Are we just too complacent to be bothered with how this country is run?

Americans are in for a rude awakening if Obama gets into the Whitehouse. No longer will they be taking life and the American priviledges for granted.

Now that's change.

Anonymous said...

Amen! This has been my theory since I started researching all of these people.

I have been blaming everything on the Bush administration. And would have continued to do so had I not come across a lot of information on the web.

People who are hurting financially run to what "Change". This is what happened in Nazi Germany.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a mighty sad day should Obama win in November....he is clueless...mindless of what to do....he's played "dirty" politics since this whole thing began...I can't vote or respect someone like that who has done all that he could to push Hillary out of this race...Obama may have many people fooled...BUT...US "smart ones" know better...don't we???

anonymous3 said...

I agree with you all about the American voter being blindsided but what is scarey is that the majority of people too busy with keeping food on the table aren't reading the truth and will vote Obama and those of us who have the luxury of blogging will protest Obama by voting for someone else but the SADDEST part is, WE ALREADY KNOW OUR VOTES DON'T REALLY COUNT, AND WHAT MAKES YOU THINK IT WILL COUNT EVEN WHEN WE PROTEST VOTE! HE HAS THE VOTING FRAUD SETUP TO WIN NO MATTER WHO WE VOTE FOR I SUSPECT???
WHAT safeguards can be put in place to make sure YOUR vote really counts the way it is supposed to. Scarey and probably truer than not.

Anonymous said...

McCain isn't a good choice, but he is a better choice than Obama. Vote NoObama.

Anonymous said...

I agree that John McAcin is not the best for the job (because Hillary is). However, John McCain is much better than Mr. Obama, so John McCain deserves my vote. Mr. Obama is so inexperienced and he only is a talker, not a doer.

I still think that our votes will count.