Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Obama Fresh? Or is He a Political Insider?

-- by RockinRobin
August 21, 2008

I have these really fun conversations with my neighbor about Politics. He is an Obama supporter and I am a full fledge PUMA. Heck I was part of the creation of the coaltion which has been highly effective at expressing the views of disaffected Hillary supporters. So much so that the Obama supporters are now threatened by the possibility that we may make actually AFFECT something so they are launching their assaults on us.

Did you know that is 500,000 strong? Yep, we are a huge part of what is happening in politics right now so we want to acknowledge all of you for participating on this site as well as our our myspace pages, facebook, twitter and the list goes on.

Back to my neighor. This morning we had a conversation while I was watering my garden. He insists that Obama is most suitable to be our next president because he is "fresh" but, on the other hand, he is a product of Chicago politics. So that makes him savvy? My neighbor went on to say that what Obama has against him is that he is black. In his opinion many Americans will refuse to vote for a black man. While this may be true, it is my opinion that many will vote for him BECAUSE he's black.

I pointed out how the Hillary supporters don't like how Obama has been painted as the messiah and can do no wrong (especially since he's 'fresh'). Fresh, meaning he has no record to criticize.

While I'm not about to waste much time trying to convince my neighbor into seeing things in the same way many Hillary supporters see it, he did make one remark that got under my skin (though I didn't give him the satisfaction of protesting this remark). He said that the Hillary supporter have been written off by the DNC and that our efforts will make no difference in the outcome of the race.

In my humble opinion, this dismissive remark leaves Hillary supporters demeaned and suppressed. Does this country really want to "go there" with Hillary supporters?
Grassroots is a half million strong. We are only one of more than 400-500 groups that make up JustSayNoDeal / PUMAs and he's telling us we make no difference in the election?

I let him have his point of view on this. Why? Because I love being underestimated and I'm not much for beating my chest. I am a woman who does what women do ~ which is what has men afraid of us in the first place.

Don't get me wrong here. I love my neighbor. I consider myself lucky to share a wall with him. We all have points of view and we are not always going to agree on what we see or think especially among race, gender and politics.

However, it's no accident that after our conversation this morning that I get an email with the following video;

Is Obama "fresh" or is he a "political insider?"

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Robin....I think that you handled your neighbor in a savvy fashion....a lady with class...just like Hillary....I firmly believe that there still is "hope" matter what is being said....I still have faith that things will change next week in Denver...I've watched a few segments on FOX NEWS and MSNBC..CNN and there are some that now feel that Obama isn't Presidential material....makes me wonder if that light is truly on and someone is home...GOOD LUCK to you and the rest that will be here next week in Denver and know that I'll be there in heart and spirit!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, RockinRobin.

I appreciate what you and PUMA have done. Let's hope that we can give the current DNC a lesson.

It is beyond me that some people cannot see how Mr. Obama is really an empty suit with eloquent (prepared) speeches.

M. Sakel said...

RockinRobin this was truly an enjoyable read! You should have been on the Hillary Campaign much earlier telling it like it is.

It's unfathomable that the misogynist media frat-boys' antics pushed an unqualified baritone and anorexic resume to a fraudulent 'finish line' of superdels! But Obama himself has been a traditional sexist politico who relied on the media's Hillary-bashing to do his job. Although, i viewed his shocking onstage rapper-wannabe act:

"Obama gives Hillary the Finger"--where he 'scrapes' off his shoes (Hillary!) and dusts her off his shoulder like that moron JayZ! Meantime he goes on with the other moron (late) Bernie Mac whose punchline was that "mothers and sisters" are nothing but "family whores"! Now, that's change we can believe in coming from the guy who said: "Periodically, Hillary feels down and starts launching her attacks" and "the claws are comin' out"....and the 'snub' and so on. Even Andrea Mitchell had to wonder about this creep's endorsement of sexism as part of his political ammo to ambush Hillary during the primaries. Busing black voters to Iowa was how he won the caucuses, and the pushing and shoving of older folk and harassing mothers with children at the caucuses...Hope Brad Mays' The Audacity of Democracy will be a doucmentary that'll knock Barrack off the ballot for good.

And maybe we can send this rat packing back to his Chicago political sewers where he truly belongs. Now that's Hope and Change we can believe in, eh?!

Go Puma RockinRobin..let 'em hear you roar--diplomatically, of course!

Nobama '08

MrTerry said...

I voted for Hillary and wanted her to win. However, assuming that Obama's nomination goes through, I will support him. I sense a feeling of bitterness here, but just want to say that I really don't want another 4 or 8 years of the same crap we have had.

You will have two choices, I hope that you don't vote to continue down the same path we have been on during the last 8 years. Believe me, with McCain it will continue, because his platform has been simply slamming Obama. If Hillary is the choice, he will slam Hillary, McCain is simply playing up to us because he wants our vote, but once the election is over, we will have the same old Republican politics, with tax cuts for the wealthy, a worsening economy, oil prices will begin to rise again.

Do you really want George W Bush, Jr in the white house?

Anonymous said...

John McCain is not GWB Jr. The Obama supporters always use this tactic.

Anonymous said...

You want to know what, IMO, demeans Hillary supporters?
It's the way you all are CONDUCTING YOURSELVES.
With your hissy fits. With your DEMEANING comments about Obama. With YOUR SEXISM. With your VICTIMIZATION attitudes. With your ANGER. With this outrageuous demands which, IMO, border on blackmail and extortion.
With your DESIRE to see MCCAIN elected....anybody but Obama, right?
Doesn't matter if that candidate is RIGHT WING, CONSERVATIVE, and is anti-choice, pro-war, etc...

Go right ahead....demean YOURSELVES .You're doing a great job generating a LOT of anger towards yourselves and towards your candidate!

Anonymous said...

If you think McCain is no GWB, then you truly are foolish!
And no, it is NOT an Obama tactic. If you can't see that, then I truly pity you for letting blind hated of Obama cloud your logic.

You know, you should be glad Hillary isn't the Democratic candidate. Your hero, McCain and his hatchet people...led by Karl Rove at the helm, BTW (remember him?)...wouldn't hesitate to brutally attack Hillary at EVERY opportunity.

My God, you people are naive.

Anonymous said...

This terminology fits you becasue you did not do your homework.

John McCain is on opposite sides of Mr. Bush on many things---to name a few--enery bill, global warmimg----although he voted to support the Iraq war (which I do not like it either). Hillary and almost of them in the Senate did the same thing. Mr. Obama did not vote for the war because he was not in the Senate at that time. He (and others including Hillary)later voted to fund the troop (which is the right thing to do becasue the lives of our soldiers are important).

So do your homework before calling other people "foolish".