Monday, August 25, 2008

Pelosi admits Democrats not yet united

-- Pelosi should call me. I can advise her on how to reconcile Hillary supporters.

1. stop calling us ungracious and start being gracious to us

2. stop threatening womens' rights and be a stand for womens' rights never again be a manipulative weapon to get our votes.

3. stop lying about how Barack Obama's inexperience is a good thing -- somehow we cannot wrap our minds around that one.

4. stop pretending that our votes counted - we all saw what happened on May 31st.

5. stop pretending that Obama will win without us - there are more of us than you can imagine.

6. stop pretending that its only the women who are upset ~ this alone is a sexist assumption.

7. stop pretending that the primaries weren't a big sham ~ caucus fraud !

8. stop pretending that this was a fair election process

9. stop pretending that your a democratic party and start being a democratic party

By SCOTT LINDLAW, Associated Press Writer

DENVER - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged Monday that Democrats are not yet united following the bitter primary fight that divided supporters of likely Democratic nominee Barack Obama and rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Asked by reporters about female voters' comfort level with Obama, Pelosi said women show a strong preference for Obama in public opinion polls. A "gender gap" in Obama's favor had emerged "even before the convention, and even before the complete reconciliation that we need," she said.

Pelosi, who is chairwoman of the convention by virtue of her post as House speaker, brushed off a question about that reconciliation effort.

"The nomination is decided, we have a vice president, we're going to work together and go forward," she said, adding that all 12 national conventions she has attended have been marked by contentiousness.

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BlkMan4Clinton said...

Will SOMEONOE in charge of this blog PLEASE address how the DNC is furiously trying to suppress Hillary Clinton and her voters with all of this talk of ending the roll call with her casting her vote for Obama and with all of their other sneaky deals they're trying to work on. They are doing these things right in front of us and I believe that we can do something besides march and protest....this is our last chance, people!!!

Ricco said...

Did you see when she was getting interviewed with Tom Brokaw... Now she's open to offshore drilling and natural gas... and she invested around 100,000 in natural gas... Brokaw tried to ask her how she could buy it and then support it. But she just brushed it off. I smell scandal in the future.

Anonymous said...

The reason many Clinton supporters will not vote for Obama is because they are embarrassed of him, his life, his unfair tactics and his beliefs. And they still don't know all about him.

1. They don't want a candidate that has been in a twenty year relationship with Reverend Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.

2. They don’t’ want a candidate that has a twenty year relationship with Father Pflaeger and refers to him as his compass in life

3. They don’t want a candidate that went to a church that supports Louis Farrakhan, an anti Semitic racist, that has led a rally of 20,000 Nation of Islam members to support Obama in Chicago

4. They don't want to defend Black Liberation theology.

5. They don’t want a candidate that lies about his relationship with Tony Rezko, the Syrian Criminal that sold his property to Obama and supported his campaign.

6. They don't want a candidate that could work with a domestic terrorist, William Ayers.

7. They don’t want a candidate that Hamas supports.

8. They don’t want a candidate that Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam support

9. They don’t want a candidate that has a wife that has just now realized she was proud of our country.

10. They don’t want a candidate that denies Florida and Michigan their voices

11. They don’t want a candidate that mentions 57 states in his speeches. 50 states in the USA and 57 states in the Nation of Islam (IOC website)

12. They don’t want a candidate that fights unfair and hyjacks Michigan delegate votes from his opponent.

13. They don't want a candidate that is inexperienced, especially dealing with military issues.

14. They don’t want a candidate that considers it a loss to not to be able to attend his anti American, racist Church.

15. They don’t want a candidate that has a “non practicing” Muslim father, but avoids the entire discussion of his father.

16. They don’t’ want a candidate that won’t debate

17. They don’t’ want a candidate that misleads the youth with an ‘Obama girl and her behind in their face”

18. They don’t want a candidate that says he’s an African American and missed the MLK Remembrance Day and the Louisiana Black Caucus meeting

19. They don’t want a candidate that enjoys laughing at sexism.

20. They don't want a candidate that switches his position on gun control, FISA, the war in Iraq and abortion issues.

21. They don't want a candidate that showcases his daughters on TV shows.

22. They don’t’ want a candidate that has poor judgment..

23. They don’t' want a candidate named; Barack Hussein Obama

24. He is embarrassing.

25. He scares them to death.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to have lunch with Obama or Michelle.
Neither one is not like me. They’re both scary.

Obama hopes the Americans are sleeping.
So does Michelle.

All of a sudden, Michelle loves this country now that Obama stole the primaries.

Obama is a disgrace. He's embarrassing.
What is wrong with the media.
What are they afraid of.
Examine and report on Obama. The media should for all presidential candidates.

Obama's HOPE message is that he can pull this off
He keeps changing his mind........that's his CHANGE message.

Rezko the criminal.
Ayers the domestic terrorist.
Reverend Wright the racist.

Obama for President?

Wake up Democrats! Wake up America

Anonymous said...

Gee, Obama and Michelle are not "like me".
What's "like me", ladies?
Not "white"? Sounds like racism to me.
"Sounds Muslim"? Sounds like bigotry to me.
Ohhhhhhh, I get it..."he's a MAN".
Oh, I forgot...women aren't sexist, either. That's only "a man's job".

Give me a break.
Hillary LOST because despite all her experience and resources, she couldn't beat that skinny, BLACK, GUY.

Doesn't matter that he's committed to protect a woman's right TO CHOOSE.
Doesn't matter that he's married to a strong, accomplished, EDUCATED woman.

I'm a woman and I can identify STRONGLY with both the Obamas.
And I'm white. Gee, guess I'm not only a traitor to my sex, I'm also a traitor to my race!

You know what, they're more like ME than you whiney brats will ever be!
And they'll speak for ME more than any of your angry so-called "feminist" screeds!

Sister Power, my arse. You certainly are no "sisters" of mine!

Anonymous said...

My antipathy to Obama has NOTHING to do with racism. I would be pleased to vote for a black President -- but Obama's not IT! My dislike of him has to do with his lack of integrity, his inability to stick to policy issues, his abhorrent sexist and demeaning mistreatment of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, his FALSE and egregious branding of Bill Clinton as a racist -- which was pre-planned and validated by e-mail between Obama operatives and Obama engineered so he could early on in his campaign STEAL from the Clintons their loyal base of black supporters of 35 years, without which Obama could NEVER have won this nomination (which he still HAS NOT, by the way!). BOTTOM LINE: Obama is dishonest, because it serves his purposes. Add to this Obama's underhanded, sneaky, and dirty political tactics at the Caucuses, plus his manipulative arm-twisting of DNC officials to throw the nomination his way. Not to mention his utter arrogance and self-important attitude which is a total turn-off. Personally, I value honesty, integrity and concern for others in candidates who expect to get my vote -- which Obama will NOT.

Camille said...

I always felt like it was just a gut feeling, that I couldn't get on board with Obama. But, now I know what it is. It is truly his "utter arrogance and self-important attitude" that causes me to turn my back on the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Totally unrealistic to expect unity with the DNC 2008 bait&switch program (caucus frauds a bonus?), giving us Obama when we voted Hillary. No BareHack for me; no BHO. Bet they're wondering what to do for my $upport. Won't get my vote either.

Tabitha LoVerso said...

I can't say I'm shocked that the Clinton's are supporting Obama. I don't think it's out of the goodness of their hearts, yet strategic for the next election.

Hillary is a very smart woman. That's why I voted for her, but I hope she's not insulting the intelligence of her delegates and supporters when she tells us that she is voting for Obama and therefore so should we.

This is how I see it. She's saying what she needs to say to play the game. It doesn't necessarily mean that she is in total agreement.

After watching the DNC Convention in Denver my blood started to boil. I'm not the type to simply jump ship because I'm told to. I'll retain my vote as my own and vote for who I deem fit and no one is going to tell me any different.

I don't want to reunite with the Democratic Party if my gut is screaming run the other way! Maybe I'm not as easily swayed as some people, and maybe Hillary's fight is over. To me it makes no difference, because it's my fight now. My vote.

The definition of a democracy is :

1 a: government by the people; especially : rule of the majority b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections
2: a political unit that has a democratic government
3capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the United States from emancipation Republicanism to New Deal Democracy— C. M. Roberts
4: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority
5: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges

Reading this definition is just further affirmation of the lack of democracy being upheld through the democratic party.

Why would I continue to support a party that has made it evident that if I don't jump on board and support a candidate that I didn't support or elect that I no longer matter?

I have gotten harrassed by several supporters of the Obama campaign for supporting his opponent. I never got one bit of harrassment from McCain's supporters. And now, I am just supposed to overlook all of that in good faith that because someone tells me he'll be great that he will follow through?! Seems shady to me! Now all of a sudden all of the 18 million that voted for Clinton for a better Democracy is simply supposed to bow down because we were told to, by the same people that harrassed us and told us we didn't matter! Any Clinton supporter that supports this is a coward! To me the Obama supporters are just like the bullies in the playground, and he is the teacher that is watching from the window allowing it! At any time he could have denounced these sorts of actions and behaviors to truly unite the party. The fact that he didn't, what does that say? How much longer are you going to allow them to take your money and beat you up??? Sound like Democracy to you?! Then be my guest!

And just let me be clear on this because I know I'll hear about it later. I wouldn't care what background Mr. Obama was from, for all I care the next president could be polka dotted! It's not about that! It's about following your gut as a citizen and as a voter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. No way, No how, No Obama.