Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rockin Robin a GOP Contributor? LOL

-- Dont know if this deserves that much attention but thought I'd post this to you all to clarify ~ I am not a GOP contributor. I have been fighting cancer for more than 3 1/2 years and in no way in a position to contribute monies to someone I don't know in Michigan. Further, I only know one person who lives in Michigan and that is a delegate who got handed over to Obama on May 31.

This will shed some light on what I am talking about.

What a sloppy piece of work. None of its true.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robin! It's J. Sorry, but that is freakin hilarious! Why would you donate to the Michigan GOP when you don't even live there?

Can you say "libel"?

Camille said...

Yes, you should sue them for libel. But, what we need to do now, before it is completely too late, is stop talking about race and religion where Obama is concerned. It makes us look like uninformed fruit cakes! Sure, they do not have all of the facts the way we do, but "it is too late to educate" now.
We need to focus on his foreign policy strength, and Biden's as well.
We will surely be sucked into a war with Russia, Iran, etc in the next four years. One president or the other will face it. Which one can do the job? Obama and his inexperience will simply double talk the enemy and they will attack because of his flip-flopping! Biden has a big mouth and a rotten attitude. The enemy will not sit with him! McCain is all temper and flare! He is (with good reasons) a war-monger! Only Hillary can deal with this future tension.
We need to convince her to go independent. With at least 18 million, she should be able to pick up where she left off. The internet is her territory!

LoveAmerica said...

I can't believe some of the statements I just read.

Doesn't anyone get it? It is no longer about Hillary, Obama or McCain.

The issue is that our voting system has run amuck and needs fixing, corrupt caucus, thugs stealing voting sheets, stealing delegates, hijacking an election,
and the only way to keep it from happening again is to MAKE sure the DNC doesn't get away with it by giving them a win in November. (Plus the fact Obama is not exactly Presidental material)

Good Grief people. If Hillary had lost fair and square there wouldn't have been this problem in the first place.


LoveAmerica said...

SORRY not the posters either, I agree with these, I was referring to some of the ridiculous Hillary bashers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Loveamerica.

Lately,lots of Hillary bashers seem to invade the Hillary Grassroots Campaign and some of them are pretty rude. If we disagree, we are called "immature", "uneducated" and so on.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Hmm...LoveAmerica...this all sounds so familiar..oh that's right I posted almost the exact same comment yesterday...of course I guess a thesaurus was used to change a few of the words..but, that's okay. What's that saying...about immitation being the sincerist form of flattery?
Oh well, point made...it's not about them anymore...it's about how and what brought us all to this kind of election...

Anonymous said...

Obama Bin Biden for America?

Anonymous said...

I voted for Hillary in the SC primary. I won't ever again.
Never have I seen such poor losers. You look like a bunch of b***** women. You have forgotten how very important this election is to this country.

joye cantrell

Anonymous said...


Country before Party

Country before Party

Country before party

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Hillary. Heck, I even voted for Bill BOTH times.

I hate to tell you this, but you ARE looking like unimformed "fruit cakes". Now is not the time to act all hurt and angry over Obama. Now is the time to stand up to the RIGHT WING "fruit cakes". And acting like a bunch of spoiled children because Hilary lost isn't the way to do it!

C'mon, ladies. It's time to fight the REAL OPPONENT and it is NOT Obama. It's McCain and all his conservative cronies.

You really want to help Hillary? Then help the DEMOCRATS win this election. Did it ever occur to you that maybe we need Hillary, at this moment, in the Senate to fight for WOMEN and for AMERICA? Think about the good she can do THERE. Keep up all your b****ing and feet-stomping, and you'll make Hillary look bad. You COULD sink her chances to be an effective leader in the future.
Do you really think the conservatives will take her seriously if they perceive the Democrats to be a party of angry, nutcase "feminazis"?

Yeah, just keep it up. You're really doing the Democrats and Liberals a great service....NOT!
Go ahead, sink the party and any chances we have of reclaiming the White House.

On YOUR HEADS be it!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all are watching ABC right now.
The Republicans have operatives in Denver...to EXPLOIT the weaknesses, IE, the TENSIONS between the Obama-Hillary camps.

Are you HAPPY now?
BTW, George Stephanoplis said that if Obama loses, it could HURT Hillary's chances in the future.

Are you HAPPY now?
Is this what you REALLY want?
You're hurting the Democrats, you're hurting the country's future, and YOU ARE HURTING HILLARY.

It's time to STOP this madness and it's time to stop NOW!

Anonymous said...

"George Stephanoplis said that if Obama loses, it could HURT Hillary's chances in the future".

Come on, please do not use this tactic.

I always have some reservation about George. Although he worked for Bill and Hillary and helped then into the WH, he did not really like Hillary while they were in the WH, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lots of misrepresentations already, the primaries recently complete, the conventions at hand. One Obamatron said I must be GOP & GWBush backer by my Hillary support; far, far, far off he was. But elections always are about ethics, qualifications, experience and judgement. I will not vote for second-rate material to represent me, especially when his ethics are suspect. This election is off to a very bad start; expecting more airborne mud like that thrown at Rockin Robin. Don't lower your standards just because the nominee isn't qualified.

Anonymous said...

Well, what say you NOW after Hillary's splendid speech tonight, IN SUPPORT OF OBAMA?
Are you going to join her in support of Obama or are you going to turn your backs on HER?

Still want McCain, after everything she said against him?
Still "NoBAMA" despite Hillary's calls for support and UNITY?

Or are going to throw Hillary under the bus, also?

Anonymous said...

Are you willing to go AGAINST everything Hillary has worked for, fought for, and still STANDS FOR?

A vote for John McCain is a vote AGAINST everything Hillary stands for.

Are you willing to live with that, for the rest of your lives?
It isn't ALL about women....it's about our country and our future.

Steve said...

Hillary hit the ball out of the park last night. They (the media and Senator Obama's people)got everything they wanted and more out of a great presidential speech.
She was fantastic! All this in spite of the way she's been treated but the Obama camp and, as far as I'm concerned, the bias media.
I'm so angry that all of her accomplishments have gone unrecognized. After all the voters who supported her, a class campaign
and supporting Senator Obama with such dignity, they still treat us Hillary supporters like second-class Democrats. I'm sorry to vent, but right now I know I'd never vote for McCain. Senator Obama has between now and November 4 to show me why I should vote in the presidential election at all. He better show me something or I'll just vote "present".
She's got pure class in victory or endorsing her former rival. All this while being treated like a dog.
You're the BEST Hillary!

Anonymous said...

I do not have to do what Hillary said last night, although she gave a great speech. It is my vote.

beth said...

NO, you don't have to do what Hillary says. But this quote pretty much sums it up:

"A vote for John McCain is a vote AGAINST everything Hillary stands for."

If you want to vote for McCain, or rant against Obama, that's your right.

But you should stop pretending this has anything to do with Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Please stop telling me what to do. I do not need a lecture from you. Save it for your family.

Rockin Robin said...

Beth, this has NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to do with Hillary so your quoting Hillary falls on deaf ears. This has EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING to do with the Democratic Party and its undemocratic process.

PUMAS and others are a stand that the Democratic Party be restored. This year, the Dems morphed into a party some would describe as fascist.

Doesn't that scare you?

You are being fed Democratic principles by a new fascist party who call themselves democrats.

They are not FOR you, the people. If they were, they would have allowed for an authentic roll call and let the delegates vote without being coerced to "unite".

This new party who call themselves democrats became teflon to the people. This is what republicans are known for.

They are no better than republicans now.

But here's the thing. Many of us feel this way, but few will post about it let alone just come right out and scream.

Where would you be if someone didn't stand for you, as a woman, to vote?

beth said...

Nothing to do with Hillary?

Your right, this about Hillary.

So why is this blog called the "Hillary Grassroots Campaign" and why do so many participants refer back to her in their blogs/posts?

If by your own admission it's not about her, take her name of the page and her picture off the header.

And it's a bit rich for you to lecture someone about what I'm being "fed" considering the blatant bs you've posted on this blog, and accusations you've left up well after they've been debunked (even by HGC's regulars).

No one's had their votes taken away - hell, even the Michigan and Florida delegates are getting full voting rights, despite the fact that both states violated Party rules about when they could hold primaries (rules and penalties that Hillary willingly agreed to last fall).

Hillary lost the primary fair and square. We voted, we got counted, we lost.

Anonymous said...

No, Beth...this isn't for US.
This isn't for Hillary, either.
It's for their self-righteous, self-aggrandizing anger.

Robin said that your quoting Hillary just falls on deaf ears.
Just like Hillary's plea for UNITY and supporting Obama is falling on deaf ears here.

Give it up, Beth. They won't listen to us. They won't even listen to Hillary. They'll continue to make ALL us Hillary supporters look like a bunch of angry, nut-case "feminazis"

We, like Hillary, will support the "chosen" Democratic candidate. The democratic process worked, although if you listen to Robin and the PUMAS, you'd think we live in a totaliterian dictatorship. Next thing you know, they'll be saying we'll be walking in goose step and screaming "Sieg Heil, Obama", because we're brainwashed into supporting Obama!

Don't forget who brainwashed us, Robin...Hillary. Beacause we listened when she said "No way. No how. NO MCCAIN"
Get it, Robin? She said "NO MCCAIN" not "NOBAMA"!

Anonymous said...

"A new facist party", Robin?
THAT thought and what you still are trying to do is what scares the heck out of me! You're trying to bring down the Democrats. You're willing to vote support and vote AGAINST Hillary's vision.
If you think the Democracts are "a new facist party", what in your eyes does that make Hillary!?

I wish Hillary can read your post. I think she'd be scared, as well.

Anonymous said...

Well Robin, you got a woman on the ticket.McCain's ticket.
A pro-life candidate.
Someone who's been governor of Alaska for LESS than two years.
She just had her 5th child a few months ago....she may not be done dropping those babies. What if something happens to McCain and she can't step in because she's busy having another kid!?

So, is this the person you'd want to step in a be a "Hillary Wannabe"!? I'm sure Hillary is really thrilled.
THAT is scary. Really scary. This is one Hillary supporter who will be ill if you and your pals support this ticket just because McCain is pandering...yes, pandering...to your self-righteous feminist hissy fit!

You support this ticket and you definitely prove to me that you're NOT in it for Hillary!

Pam in Indiana

beth said...

Minor quibble, Pam:

".to your self-righteous feminist hissy fit!"

There is nothing truly feminist about this pseudo-victimization nonsense.

A true feminist would not respond to the sexism Hillary encountered in this race by pointlessly directing their rage at a bystander (Obama), or by supporting a man (McCain) who gives not a whit for women's rights or women's issues.

Anonymous said...

You've got a point, Beth.
If you're in politics, you have to be ready to have a VERY thick skin and dish it out as well as you can take.

You know what, we ALL face some sort of "-ism" or "-igotry"....sexism, racism, bigotry, ageism, etc...
You don't roll over and play the victim card, IMO. You stand up to it and try to change it.
All the "isms, etc.." aren't going to disappear overnight. But playing the victim isn't going to help, IMO.
A vote for McCain/Palin isn't going to help "isms" go away, either...especially towards women, IMO. And certainly won't help Hillary continue her fight for women....and for ALL AMERICANS.