Monday, August 18, 2008

Pelosi's Money Makes The World Go Round

-- Interesting video that list Pelosi's donations to the Superdelegates that endorsed Obama ~ but Hillary won their districts.

It is all starting to make sense.

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Jane Heffelfinger said...

Just as I've said since the primary/caucus, why are the SuperDelegates voting against those who voted them into the position they now hold?



Jane Heffelfinger said...

Responsible and accountable.

If you really want to clean up all these dirty politics?

Throw the whole lot of them out on the streets. Get some honest, hard-working, ordinary folks in there.

This "pretend to save the country bunch" should be shaking over what they've done to the people's party...and possibly the country and world.


HiLLGAL2008 said...

I know this for sure...Wafter this election, I don't care if Laura Bush runs in 2012 as the only Republican candidate, I will never vote for a Democratic Senator again...Pelosi needs to be kicked out and so does Kennedy, Dean, Kerry and a number of the ones who did not listen to their constituents, but, to the good old boys in Washington...I think they forget once they win, how they won...welll we should help them remember...if they had not been in congress and we had all voted for Republican Senators maybe we would not have spent eight years getting nothing's only about their party...doesn't matter about what we the voters want, they fight the entire time they are in office, if the republicans say it's white, the democrats will fight it...or not allow a vote..just like this month, Pelosi said she had to save the she would not allow a vote on drilling...but, she took her pay raise and she went on her five week vacation but, how many of us went on vacation...? she is a beligerent witch...who has let her the power she has, make her believe she is God...President Bush, may not have been the best, but, my GOd, look what he has been up agaisnt from the momwnt he took office...Within a few months of taking office, the terrorist who had come here, on the Democratic watch...killed 3000 of our Americans and our lives will never be the same...and I am sure President Bush's life will not be any better. He has had more on his plate than most...and we have blamed him for everything wrong with this country and that really isn't fair I don't guess...Congress has fought him every step of the way...but, they too paniked when the terrorist struck and agreed we should go after Bin Laden and then HHussein, now for political reasons only, they accuse Presidnet Bush of all kind sof terrible treasonist acts, and even though he isn't my favorite, I don't believe Pelosi and Kennedy or Kerry or Obama would have done anything any differently had they been in his shoes...this is all about politics...and you can say one things...I'd rather fight them on their soil than on ours, so maybe President Bush has done somethings we haven't given him credit for...and maybe Pelosi and Kennedy and Kerry and Obama, and Dean, could have helped us and the President had they kept their politics out of this war...and tried to work out a solution for our good and not just theirs... they all need to go...every last one of them...I guess President Bush kind of feels, "Walk a mile in my shoes." The Democrats need to get back to work...because they are soon going to be out of a job....

Anonymous said...

The ObamaNasties (Pelosi et al.) have tried to exploit the Bush administration to create personal advantages, but without developing the true oppositional measures that real Democrats would have employed to benefit Americans and Democrats. They are no better than BushCo and do not deserve our support in any future election, but only our firm determination to hold them accountable and remove them from responsible positions in our Democratic party.