Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Case You Missed It: Robin in the Media

Robin on Biden from the AP

Robin Carlson, a hard-core Clinton supporter, told Fox News: "It would be demeaning for someone with more experience to take a back seat."

"We love Hillary and we love her commitment to the party," said Carlson, but she added that her group is "committed to not voting for Obama."

Robin marching on Denver from the Philly

Even though Clinton herself has urged support for Obama, Hillaryite Robin Carlson said, "I refuse to be emotionally blackmailed to vote for a candidate."

Carlson and her group marched down 16th Street to Union Station, where MSNBC was taping "Hardball with Chris Matthews."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robin and friends,
Want another 4 years with a pro-life/ANTI-CHOICE candidate?
Want another 4 years of a war monger in the White House who wants to prolong the war in Iraq?
Want more lost jobs, house foreclosures, no health care for your families?
Want more conservative Supreme Court justices who will want to overturn Roe V. Wade in a heartbeat?

Want to throw woman under the bus and kiss OUR rights good-bye?

Then go ahead, stomp your little feat, suck our thumbs, throw your little hissy fits, and vote for John McCain.
You ain't no friend, nor "sister" of mine!

Anonymous said...

Go Robin! Give them hell girl!

And for the first comment:

Do you want a president that you have no idea what he stands for? An aimless flip flopper who has no real solutions only propoganda and rhetoric?

Do you want children who are born from botched abortions to be left in a linen closet to die?

Do you want our military to be left behind because of lack of research and development?

Do you want to go to war with nuclear forces like Pakistan?

Do you want raised taxes across the board?

Then go ahead, tuck your tail, take it however the DNC wants to give it to you and vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you want John McCain? Then go to the RNC next week and show him your support to your hearts content.
Go suck on your pacifiers there and leave the REAL Democrats alone in Denver!

Oh, and get back to me when your John Boy totally tramples on your rights.
When Roe v Wade is overturned, when this war goes on and on, when more people are on the unemployment line, when women aren't getting their fair share of the pie, etc....

Don't say I didn't warn you.
And don't tell me about "flip flops". McCain has done his fair share, also.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Robin!
I can't wait to see you interviewed by Chris Matthews at the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION next week.

Go THERE and march with the Pumas and the "Clintons4McCain" crowd. That's just where you all belong.

Not throwing hissy fits in Denver, BTW.

Anonymous said...

I guess you probably won't listen to Hillary if she asks you to support Obama.

Yup, thought so. You'd rather have your "15 minutes of fame" and throw hissy fits in front of the entire nation.

Boy, you're great Hillary supporters.
Maybe we should make up "Hillary Pacifiers". Maybe we could really make a fortune off of them.

Ricco said...

Hey where's the video? I wanna see =)

Anonymous said...

re: the hissy fit comments. How does beating down someone going to get them to listen to you?

Are we going to go around bullying people into voting for your candidate?

And if that doesn't work, lets produce videos that instill fear in everyone.

what a bunch of ignorant comments.

If the first poster is so pro-choice, then why are you strangling the PUMAs to choose YOUR way?

Anonymous said...

It takes guts to be a PUMA. It takes absolutely nothing to sit behind your community and trash people.

WTF have you done to serve your country?

And the first poster must be a 12 year old who throws their own hissy fits, like on this page.

Anonymous said...

Obama and 'friends'

Rev Wright
Tony Rezko
Michelle Obama
Louis Farrakhan
William Ayres
Bernadine Dorhn
Rashid Khalidi
Nadhmi Auchi
Frank Marshall Davis
Saul Alinsky
Father Pfleger
Kwame Kilpatrick
Rev Meeks
George Soros
Raila Odingo
Abongo Obama
Black Panthers
Ahmad Yousuf (Hamas)
Fidel, Raul Castro
Hugo Chavez
Daniel Ortega
Kim Jong Il

Change we can 'bereave' in

Vote FOR America ... McCain/Palin '08