Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Man Behind the Mask ~ by Andy Martin

-- by Andy Martin

(NEW YORK)(August 3, 2008) First, the good news. My book is in the warehouse. The first truckload arrived Saturday and Monday the truckload goes out to readers. We are already planning a new printing, even as right-wingers try to use copycat authors to challenge me with their own propaganda machines.

We are launching an all-out marketing push for the only authentic anti-Obama book, mine. I am "Chicago born" in politics, just ask Augie March what that means.,24459,the_adventures_of_augie_march,00.html

Now for real time reaction to the past week. Senator John McCain, who was criticized for his confusion over the Sunni "reawakening," (I happen to think McCain was right) has gone though a miraculous reawakening of his own. Unlike some on the right, who hold their noses at the mention of "John McCain," I have a tremendous amount of affection and admiration for the senator. McCain has been his own man in Washington, and he irritates both Republicans and Democrats; to call him "Bush III" is an unjustified slur.

In the wake of Obama's ego-trip to Europe, however, the media were writing McCain's epitaph, the same way his primary opponents wrote his epitaph as a potential nominee in August 2007. Well.

This past week I had the sense that a real battle had exploded. Unpredictable. Unscripted. I felt the crackle of combat, the smell of cordite, the confusion, the contradiction and controversy, all of the loss of control that takes place in the midst of a firefight.

At the end of last week's chaotic events, McCain had "surged" and Obama had imploded. The McCain "reawakening" created panic in liberal newsrooms from the New York Times to the three major TV networks. It was not supposed to happen this way, was it?

The Great Obama was supposed to be invulnerable. My reading list for the media this coming week: The Man Who Would Be King, by Rudyard Kipling. "Berlin" proved Obama's high water mark. Now that he has begun to bleed, Obama's steady descent is predictable. Just read Kipling.

Please note that Obama has only run in one seriously contested election, and he lost. In 1996, he ran for the state senate in Illinois using Daley Machine thugs to remove his opponents from the ballot (Post-It Note to the media: why do you always fail to mention Obama is a member in good standing of the corrupt Daley Machine in Chicago?). Obama ran for congress against an incumbent in 2000, and was clobbered. In 2004, the Illinois Republican Party collapsed, and nominated a professional clown as Obama's opponent.

Finally, Hillary Clinton took my advice and became a fighter in 2008. But it was too late. The rigged Democratic Party presidential selection process "rules" had locked in Obama's nomination before Clinton went through her own "reawakening." By the time Clinton opened up with her machine guns, Obama was already crying "foul" and demanding that he be anointed as king.

McCain looked as though he was running in the same well-worn rut, a patsy for Obama's bogus claims and egomaniacal campaigning. But this week McCain took command of the race. It was a surprise to everyone. Honey, we have an election! Phone it in.

This week also saw copycat writers trying to write books about Obama and using my own columns as their stencil. Unfortunately for the copycats, they do not understand Obama and do not understand his role in Chicago politics. The Daley Machine and local media have protected Obama. But no longer. Now that the Republicans have come to life, Obama will have to fight on his own. And he can't.

To use a boxing analogy, Obama has a "glass jaw." It took one punch from McCain to deck Obama.

Obama has been playing the race card for months. Bill Clinton said the race card was used against him. You decide. The race card worked. Painting the Republicans as racists had become an essential ingredient in Obama's campaign strategy. BHO was stunned when JMC fired back. That's combat, baby. That's a real battle for a change.

McCain fired back. He did it himself.

That's why I admire McCain. Unlike traditional "weenie" politicians who would have tried to hit Obama with a surrogate, McCain grabbed the issue and threw the live grenade right back at Obama's feet. The race card exploded. Obama was blown up with the same arrogant grenade he had tossed at his opponent.

I have never seen a candidate who acted more honorably than McCain. McCain has repeatedly chastised persons who engaged in sharp tactics against Obama. For Obama to be smearing the McCain campaign as racist, and saying McCain's campaign will try to claim "Obama looks different than people on dollar bills," is arrogant, condescending and contemptuous. Obama won’t be talking about pictures on currency or "funny names" any more; he threw himself for a loss. Obama is going to wish he had the "old" pre-reawakening John McCain to campaign against. The "reawakened" McCain is about to "surge," and demolish Obama.

When McCain took command and personally counterattacked he showed why he is presidential class. Obama was stunned. The race card had backfired. For only the second time in his life, Obama has a real opponent and a real opposition. He lost the last real election; now he is now on track to lose this one.

Finally, a word about advertising: campaign advertising is a form of clutter. It is almost impossible for a campaign ad to break through and become memorable. All of the pooh poohing about the McCain ad comparing Obama to celebrities was confirmation that the ad had worked. Spectacularly. Obama was left sputtering. His great triumph in Berlin had been debunked and deflated. Overnight. This is the man Democrats want to lead them into a battle against a feisty naval aviator and squadron commander? McCain has fought real battles; he has known incredible suffering. Obama is a paper mache warrior. This was the week that was.

As for my book, Obama: The Man Behind the Mask, bring on the copycat authors. I'm a fighter too. Chicago-style.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have decided to oppose Obama's election and have become Executive Director of The Stop Obama Coalition, By default, I have become the national leader of the anti-Obama movement. I am not acting as either a Democrat or Republican. I am acting as an independent American citizen who sincerely believes Obama is not the man we need in the Oval Office. We are going to run a very dynamic and aggressive campaign against Obama. I will continue to write my columns for

Book orders: Immediate shipment from the publisher now available.

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Nilla said...

Thank you, I just ordered a copy!

Gloria Rickel said...

Andy Martin I love you! At 77 and married to an 85 year old, we are too tired to get into the thick of a knock-down,drag-out political battle. We will continue to contribute what little we can, and do what little we can.

At the end of the road, if Obama really is the Democratic nominee, we will vote for McCain. We feel confident that he is patriotic enough and tough-minded enough to do what is right for America. Meantime we are depending on you and the rest of the Hillary Grassroots folks to make sure that BHO is not the Democratic nominee.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your book. I just deplore, dispise & am disgusted with Obama's "race card" strategy. I am so very glad that McCain punched back. McC NEVER said in his ads or in person anything remotely racist.

What Obama's campaign did to Bill & Hillary Clinton, and their surrogates, with regard to playing the race card, was beyond terrible. What a lame, miserable strategy! Nothing the Clintons or their supporters ever said was racist. He is a truly low-down, evil candidate who fights dirty.

I sincerely hope he's gotten his ears pinned back good this time. Hopefully, he's gone to the well with the race card strategy one time too often...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Andy....I can't wait to get your book and read it...You are a man after my own heart in what you think and feel about Obama...he has run a "dirty" race...just can't believe how he has managed to "sway" so many people...People need to wake up...the Democratic Convention should be interesting...nothing would please me more than to see him get ousted...I don't trust him...never will...there is too much about him that's NOT being's sounds like you have brought all of that to surface...sure, there will be many who will "defend" Obama....but...there are way tooooooo many of us who know better....Your book couldn't come out at a better time!! I applaud you!!

ohiosucks said...

Andy... big guy... whatever in the world makes you think McCain is in position to win the presidency, much less run the country? Despite his decades in Washington, he appears lost on foreign policy and doesn't have a clue regarding the economy. His only campaign strategy is to go hyper-negative and hope Obama does the same. Newsflash... despite living in a country that twice elected George W Bush... there's no way Grandpa Moron inspires enough votes to beat the best presidential candidate the Democratic Party has nominated in my lifetime. The trucks that delivered your books wasted valuable fuel that could've been used to drive Hillary to another fundraiser where she could beg for more money to pay herself back.