Monday, August 11, 2008


Michelle Thomas has spearheaded a petition drive for Hillary delegates to sign. She needs to get a minumum of 300 petitions signed and notarized. Once we get the 300+ petitions signed, Michelle will present Hillary with the petition to sign (if Hillary chooses) so that she can get onto the ballot.
Michelle needs our help in locating delegates. If anyone knows Hillary delegates please contact Michelle right away at Michelle will inspire them into action. Please talk to all your friends about this as you never know who may have a lead on a delegate.
re: Denver -- for anyone wanting to go to PUMAPAC.ORG to get info and updates. You will need to subscribe to get their updates.
re: Denver -- for anyone who is still looking for accommodations in Denver, check out AIRBEDANDBREAKFAST.COM as residents are renting out their homes and/or rooms during the convention.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think it's important that people know WHY it's been a monumental achievement to get in touch w/ ANY delegates at all. Since Hillary's campaign has been suspended and this is a truly grassroots effort w/ nothing to DO w/ the campaign, the organizers did not have access to the complete lists the DNC/Obama campaign has.

When people DID hear about the petition, they called the DNC and the DNC embarked on a campaign of mis and dis-information, wrongly informing callers it was a PUMA petition. They KNEW it wasn't and they continued to lie to callers to discredit this initiative.

Delegates reading this should be outraged. What if you are on the barely losing end of a presidential primary race next time? NOTHING is being done by the DNC or state parties to help Clinton delegates reach out to other Clinton delegates and they make up almost HALF of the delegation! When the petition is brought up on the weekly state delegation calls, they fall into the "Unity...we're all unified" chant despite all evidence to the contrary. And then they cut them off!

Call your state parties. Tell them you want your votes represented in Denver. How DARE they disenfranchise the 18 million people who voted for THE most qualified candidate AND their elected representatives in Denver. DO IT!