Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sneaky, Race-baiting Tactics are "Old Hat" for Obama

The Senator's Chief Strategist David Axelrod Concedes 'Dollar Bill' Remark Referred to His Race--

Washington, DC - Senator Barack Obama's sneaky, race-baiting tactics are divisive, negative and wrong, but they are nothing new. The truth is Obama has conducted low-road, slice and dice politics aimed at fueling racial tensions from day one of the presidential campaign season.

Founder Cristi Adkins says, "Move on David Duke, there's a new racist going for the oval office. Hillary supporters have seen Obama unfairly play the race card time and time again. In fact, Obama's crypto-ethnic, inflammatory remarks have become the senator's number one method of distracting voters from his lack of qualifications, numerous flip-flops and dangerous associations."

A full-scale flare-up between Senator John McCain and Obama erupted last week when the Democratic presidential candidate, campaigning in Missouri, erroneously charged Republicans and McCain with trying to scare voters about his appearance by suggesting that Obama "doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills."

Obama's camp initially denied the remark referred to the senator's race. However, just one day later Obama's chief strategist, David Axelrod, admitted on "Good Morning America" that the candidate was in fact referring to his ethnic background.

The race card is no surprise for Clinton supporters. It actually started long before attention was drawn to it. An example was when comments from Michelle Obama like, "Black America will wake up" suggests 'black Americans' should wake up and vote for Obama simply because he is known as a 'black candidate.'

Dr. and Rev. James David Manning, an African American pastor from Harlem who supports Hillary Clinton or John McCain for President, says "Obama's race-baiting tactics are nothing new. He unfairly charged both President Bill Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro of racism during the primary and then worked to spin the story to make himself the victim."

Manning continued, "Obama's statements about race include a subliminal threat branding all white people who oppose him as racists, while at the same time appealing to African Americans' empathy as a victim of racism. These tactics are underhanded and I applaud McCain for exposing the Senator's hypocrisy."

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Anonymous said...

Obama seems unaware his tricks will not play well on a national stage; others have seen this trick before for unfair personal gain. And false accusations saying others are racist when they are not, is offensive and provocative. To suffer the insult of be called a racist for supporting HRC is not something I will soon forget, nor forgive. SVDem

vrajavala said...

Bsrry said all his life he dreamed of being president. Why then did he change his name from relatively acceptable Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama? He must have done this because he was, of course, adopted by Lolo Soetoro so he could become a citizen of Indonesia and attend Jakarta schools.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

He is doing exactly what he accuses others of doing...iusing race, or pleying the race card...and he has done it from the beginning..he is using black americans to win...and that sickens me..because he isn't worried about black americans or any americans, for that matter, except the rich ones, like Oprah, will Smith and Tom Cruise, the hollywoord types...he lives in a mansion in Chicago worth over one and half million dollars that he didn't even have the income to qualifie for, while the slumlord he ran with Resko, took money that was earmarkeed to clean up and make liveable, you know water,heat, air and lights,. and no rats or roaches...or ceilings falling in and he kept the money and diod nothing...and this was Obama district..when he was the junior senator there...he abandoned the black americans, because they were not the elite blacks but, poor...and he did it to poor white americans as well...I say, you take care of your own small districts in south chicago, which he did not, and then you can claim you will change the world...

vrajavala said...

check out on Stewart on the Daily shw

the clintons are Back

vrajavala said...

Did anyone else notice that George Soros backed Mikhail Shaakasvili just started WW III? Just as George Soros backed Barack H. Obama conveniently went on vacation?