Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama partisans block Clinton faction bid to end caucuses

Obama sure loves those unfair Caucuses
From the ChicagoTribune
PITTSBURGH - Hillary Rodham Clinton loyalists tried Saturday to kill off the caucus system that proved so damaging to her presidential bid, but were beaten back by a Democratic Party leadership firmly under the command of Barack Obama.

Democrats who supported Clinton's candidacy pushed to amend the new party platform so that caucuses would be banned in future presidential nominating contests.

But the party's platform committee refused to allow the amendment to come up for a vote or even a discussion.

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Ricco said...

Its ok, its not like Hillary won't have all her little caucus ducks in a row next time. I sure as h*ll am gonna be there next time will every single person I can drag there.

LoveAmerica said...

Just shows how contrived the DNC is only letting certain people on the rules committee and insisting only the committee have any say in the matter. The names of the RULES committee should be exposed to the world so they can receive information from real voters and what they want and not what the party dictates. If any of them on the Rules committee are running for office, they should be voted out. Where's Puma when you need them lol