Saturday, August 2, 2008

Impeach Pelosi

-- Have we had enough of her?

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vrajavala said...

did anyone else notice the way she was being so kissy-kissy wit Barry?
I think she thought he was going to choose her for his VpP until he threw her under the bus with his lip-flop on offshore drilling.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Now, I am so hurt by you saying he lip-flopped...on drilling. Don't you remember, he said "we misunderstood what I said", and then he said,"obviously you weren't listening"...and he said "what I meant, was I wouldn't take it off the table" B. Hussein. Obama,that isn't what you said...and we did listen to you, thats your problem...lOl lol lol lol, lol, lol, .....he said what he said when he said it...remember that saying...and remember...liar, liar pants on fire...well,this flaming bama probably doesn't have any pants left....he's lied so much. He must be really really stupid or he thinks we are...doesn't this fool have anyone who keeps track of his lies for him and goes back over his public statements and says, hey "don't say you didn't say this or that, they'll call you a liar" good thing he isn't testifying in court under oath, he'd be in prison for perjury...

c said...

I do believe that Nancy Pelosi
has lost her mind. She said
that "Obama was a GIFT FROM GOD"!
Is she now a Prophet?

And, for those of us who desire
clarification...just which GOD are
you referring to Nancy. She has lost touch with reality. She is
outrageous, and perhaps even dangerous in her current position.

She needs to go.