Monday, August 11, 2008

7 worrisome signs for Obama

The Politico has a great article about Obama's campaign and the warning signs to worry about
“It’s not that people think McCain will win – it’s that they are realizing that McCain could win,” says Quinnipiac University pollster Peter Brown, whose surveys show tight races in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. “This election is about Barack Obama — not John McCain — it's about whether Barack Obama passes muster. Every poll shows that people want a Democratic president, the problem is they’re not sure they want Barack Obama.”...

“Fairly or not, folks think he’s pretty liberal and nobody wants a pair of Pelosis running things,” says a New York-based Democratic consultant.
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LoveAmerica said...

True, true democrats want to win in November, but they just don't want OBAMA as there leader.

There are plenty of black leaders we could support for President, just not OBAMA. Why can't the DNC see that and try another year to elect a black candidate worthy of winning.

In the meantime, the delegates should take a LONG HARD LOOK AT the "selected" presumptious candidate and correct their earlier miscalculation and nominate the real winner, most knowledable candidate possible and that would be Hillary. No big deal to do that, and delegates should now allow their bosses to bully them in to not voting their conscience and right thing to do.

I think Gov. Rendell has a skeleton in his closet and Obama stuck it to him to get on his bandwagon or else it would be revealed. Why else would he demand his delegates not sign the petition. Goodness. Isn't there any honest people in office any more that haven't done something wrong that they can be blackmailed for. I hope that isn't the case as kind of liked his spunk when he was supporting Hillary, but someone either poisioned his tea or have something on him to turn around like this. Maybe his dog is being held hostage, who knows but something smells fishy in his state.

LoveAmerica said...

correction to above post.

delegates "should NOT" allow their bosses to bully them in to not voting their conscience and doing the right thing." got in a hurry sorry.

irma said...

I, for one, would love to have a black president. Not because he is black, but because it would show that as a nation, we are color blind, as a nation we embrace each other no matter what color, race, etc. But, Obama is not the one we have been waiting for. He is not the right candidate. With all his inexperience and unamericanism, it is downright scary to think that he could be the President of this great nation. And the Democratic "leaders" are now just trying to save face. They know they made a mistake but are too stubborn to do the right thing now. Well, we the voters will do the right thing come November. Hillary or McCain.