Monday, August 18, 2008

Does the DNC intend to rig the nomination election?

--So much for the benefit of the doubt - the DNC increases the impression that they intend to rig the nomination election

In the previous two posts on this blog, I wrote under the working assumption that the DNC and the DNCC would actually wake up to the terrible situation they are creating, switch course, and hold a meaningful fair and free nomination election (roll call vote process with both Senator Obama's and Senator Clinton's name equally in nomination, de facto as well as de jure).

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Anonymous said...

This fix has been in since Hillary said at the last debate, "I may be a lot of things but I am not stupid"
I have left the democratic party and will be voting Mc Cain, at least he is not being presented to me as being sent from God!

Anonymous said...

Obama has claimed he is not a Muslim, but I would prefer to hear him deny that he is the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

I also will not give my vote for Mr. Obama who is not ready to take this position. From the other night forum, you can see that he is not ready to face tough questions. He is good only at giving prepared speeches.

When their guy did not do well, they questioned whether John McCain heard the questions before his turn. John McCain is just so experienced and ready to take the lead (it will be better if it is Hillary).

HiLLGAL2008 said...

We are voting for McCain...there is no comparison..between Senator McCain and Barrack Hussein Obama...and I doubt we will go back even if Senator Clinton runs in 2012. She is supporting Obama on camera and it makes us feel like idiots...we would have preferred she stuck WITH US...and walked away...instead of rolling over for him and the good old boys in Washington and that Brazile person... McCain at least says what he means and doesn't worry if it doesn't please everyone..after the forum I really believe he is the best candidate and now that includes Clinton.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that Hiallary has other choices at the moment, due to the pressure from the DNC. If she does not do that, she may not have a chance to come back in 2012.

I will also vote for McCain this time and I will vote for Hillary in 2012 (if she comes back)

Rockin Robin said...

I personally think it would be a powerful statement if both Bill and Hillary left the Democratic party as the party certainly left them.

Alternatively I would love to them take back the party.

I too am unhappy with Hillary campaigning for Obama for the sake of the party. The same people who gave Obama votes in a state where he was not even on the ballot. The same people who allowed the sexism to go on. The same people who turned away from voters of 2 states where there could have been a re-vote.