Thursday, August 7, 2008

Christians Burned Alive and Obama Still Tied to Odinga. Why Isn't the Press Covering This...

Blood Brothers or Cousins?
Reviewing Paula Abeles'
"Obama and Odinga"

Rumors always abound, but this well documented [from highly credible news sources] article by Paula Abeles is a treasure of truth, and one that everybody should see. Not only did Obama endorse the candidacy of Odinga, but actually went to Kenya and campaigned along side of Odinga.

Why does this matter?

Paula Abeles highly researched and source documented article addresses the startling danger to our national security that lies behind the poor judgment and questionable associations that plague Barack Obama wherever he goes. A brief synopsis follows. The full article with full documentationand pictures can be found at .

It is WELL worth the read, and, more disturbingly still, raises the question as to why mainstream media has not been more forth-coming in their coverage despite articles previously published in the N.Y. Times, London Times and USA Today.
Although the Obama camp, as with so many things, has beenless than forthcoming about the relationship between Barack Obama and Rail Odinga, the political affiliation between theirfathers, both of the Luo tribe, is well established.

Contrary to Barack Obama's assertion that his father was a poor goat herder from Kenya, he came from a politically privileged, well connectedfamily where he was closely associated to Raila Odinga's father.

What we do know about Raila Odinga is that he was reportedly set up in the oil business by the al Bakri Group and Muammar Qaddafi and listed in the infamous "Golden Chain" a list of wealthy Saudi financial sponsors. And, after coming to power, he signed an agreement with Islamic extremists in Kenya, in which he agreed to institute Islamic law [with Sharia courts for family law] in exchange for their support, thereby extinguishing the liberties and even the lives of millions of Christian Kenyan women and establishing a safe haven for terrorists in Kenya.

Further, Odinga made opposition to the Kenyan government's crackdown on Al Qaeda supporters a cornerstone of his campaign. After Odinga took office, Al Qaeda cells that blew up embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam were known to have been recruited from mosques near Kenyan beaches.

In what appeared to be a coordinated strategy from the top, a core of whom called themselves, 'The Taliban,', Odinga's Luo supporters engaged in what US envoy Jendayi Frazier called "clear ethnic cleansing" of the Kikuyu opposition, burning Christian women and children alive in churches they had fled to for sanctuary. Odinga supporters went on a rampage, burning, raping and killing everyone in their path, recreating the horror of the bloody Mau-Mau uprising of the 1950s where thousands were killed and their property taken.

What does this mean to the American people and, indeed the world?

Well, for one thing, Obama has not attempted to distance himself from Odinga, with whom he admitted speaking by phone during the primary. On the contrary, he endorsed and campaigned for Odinga, who is corrupt, ruthless and has financial ties to terrorists.

Further, it is believed that political strategist Dick Morris worked gratis for Odinga's campaign, according to Odinga, at the "request of a mutual friend," purported to be Obama. In any case, the two campaigns share remarkable similarities, including ties to foreign money, oil and banking interests and intimidation tactics, but perhaps most disturbingly, the use of the campaign phrases, "It is Our Time" by Obama supporters and "It is Our Turn" by Odinga's Luos, who claimed that no matter what, they were going to take power.

Thus far, about 7,000 have lost their lives and 250,000 have been displaced. Human Rights Watch claims that they have evidence that Odinga leaders actively fomented violence that included roaming bands of machete wielding youths.

Senator Obama's actions, decried by both the U.S. State Department and the former Kenyan government, were in direct opposition to the efforts and interests of both the Kenyan Christian population and U.S. National Security.

Senator Obama's efforts on Odinga's behalf, despite his ties to Al Qaeda and Qaddafi, can only be construed as extremely poor judgment, be they the result of a frightening loyalty or merely that of inexperience and naiveté. Either way, it is dangerous and no one can hope to really know what lies behind Obama's true intentions.--

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Anonymous said...

VERY detailed article; i'll post and hope others will as well

WTF? Block Barack said...

WHO can vote for this man?
WHAT is America thinking?
WHEN did we become the party of the terrorists?
HOW did this freaking happen?

Lauren M said...

Look...... quit bugging the guy, he has a campaign to buy, people to bribe and excuses to make .... he doesn't have time to worry about a couple (ok.. a hundred or so) people who got tortured..... get over it "sweetie".

Geeez, don't you guys get it? He is the promised one, he can not be exposed at all cost (and believe me, it's costing many).

Anonymous said...

bbbBut Obama didn't see this in person himself, and, and ...and Odinga is not the same person that Obama once knew, and Obama didn't understand what Odinga was really about, and its about judgement, you know, and we all make mistakes, right, and so hey, it's not Obama's fault, after all he didn't create the problems in Washington, but hopes there will be change, and a whole new set of problems in Washington - oops, even experienced speakers make mistakes ...
sili valy Dem/Silicon Valley Dem

crymeariver said...

This is getting serious people.
No wonder they are wanting to register our guns and take them away (not that I have any) as the people may have to revolt sooner than later if this crap continues in the DNC nominating such people.
Forget the media, may have to be a grassroots rebellion for honest leadership. Wheres the Puma's when you need them?

BOMA Mama said...

No, not the PUMA's we need; it's the BOMA's
Barack Obama My ASS!

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Well, "Another One Bites The Dust." meaning another of Barrack Hussein Obama's friends/associates/ministers/family. This time Senator John Edwards...what the heck is wrong with those democratic men...their liberal, egocentric narcissistic personality seems to run rampant...and you see this with Obama...wearing his shades and chewing gum as he slowly runs down the stairs from his plan that had landed and given him another grin opportunity...what a joke...he is. In the words of Forrest Gump, "Momma always said"...."You're judged by the company you keep". Obama's has some real problems with his company..

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...there are people that want this "slimball" to become our President?? What in the heck is wrong with them?? They all need to have their heads examined....People had better wise up...someone needs to get to the media and set them straight about this man...he's scary....sneaky..nothing more than a "slick, smooth talker" who has managed to sway toooooo many people....WAKE UP PEOPLE...4 YEARS IS WAY TOOOOOO LONG TO HAVE HIM IN THAT WHITE HOUSE....I hope things change in a few weeks at the Convention....
AS for the media...I would try to contact Tom Brokaw and Katie wasn't long ago that the two of them stood up for Hillary.......saying how bad she had been treated....I don't think either her or Bill should back Obama...but, they are doing it because that's what "expected" of them.......

Anonymous said...

I really hope that PUMA is still strong and that the current DNC will hear the voice from PUMA.

The current DNC is so corrupted. There is no way that Mr. Obama will get my vote.

God help America.