Saturday, August 2, 2008


-- You can stop this media manipulation by taking action.

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Watch the video ~ THEN TAKE ACTION

Please get the word out to EVERYONE to call the NY Daily News RIGHT NOW and DEMAND an immediate retraction of the Michael Saul story. 212-210-1565 or 212-210-2100. The story is absolutely factually false! HRC herself advised last night at a fundraiser in CA that the truest path to true Unity for the Democratic party is to give her delegates the chance to vote for her at the convention. In order to do that, her name MUST be in nomination. She also never told her delegates to "vote for Obama". She said to support him, but that is not equivalent to telling them to vote for him at the convention.

Threaten to go after their advertisers if they do not retract this story IMMEDIATELY!

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Anonymous said...

Contacted The Daily News yesterday. Got no response. Attached the link to this video for them to see.

I believe CNN has also reported this false story and should be contacted, as well.

Pumawhisper said...

Hey folks, I tried the second number did get thru and gave my little speech to first guy, he said hold on, and the 2nd person, when I asked for Michael Saul, he said hold on, and was put on hold for awhile then got a disconnect.
A really friendly customer service they have there at NY Daily News.

People, it appears that the ONLY WAY the truth is going to get out to the people in America is thru a MASS MAILING OF UNDISPUTABLE FACTS WITH PROOF DOOR TO DOOR.

Anonymous said...

May be we have to contact FOX News to get the fact out.

vrajavala said...

if you listen to the video, in the end the delegate says something about putting her name on the ballot, which is total nonsense right? She has to be put in the nomination.
I'm so fed up with this primary/caucus/delegate process!

Anonymous said...

I left a voice mail at the New York Daily. Should CNN be contacted as well? I agreed with Pumawhisper. It is incredible the media blackout that is taking place. Is there a move afoot to inform folks who are not privy to the Internet? I wish the foreign press would do an expose.

Martina in Ky

Rockin Robin said...

Check it out ~ CQ politics responded