Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Chance Superdelegates ~ Do The Right Thing

-- McCain is now leading Obama in the polls. Obama has lost his luster. To me, his European trip was akin to scaling Mt. Everest of politics and the only place to go from there is DOWN.

Hillary has proven she can win the GE. She won the electoral votes, she won all but one swing state. And if the Superdelegates endorsed the candidate that their constituents voted for, Hillary would have won early on.

So I urge the Superdelegates, let's not repeat what we have done in the past. Let's get Hillary nominated so that we will a democratic President.

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Anonymous said...

"McCain is now leading Obama in the polls."

Um, no:

Rockin Robin said...

all the more reason to have Hillary be the nominee

Um, yes:

Anonymous said...


She lost. Get over it.

And before you contradict me with no supporting (independent) evidence, check the link (click my "Um, no."

Rockin Robin said...

I will not click your link. What kind of coward hides behind anonymous and then barks orders at people?

Its Hillary or McCain

No Obama

Global E said...

For the first time in my 29 year voting history and I am a life-long Democrat, I will be voting for John McCain as President and the other members in my household, who are life-long Dems, will be,also, if Hillary is not the Democratic nominee. I know...what's a few votes...but, if more people feel like I do, then, the votes add up for the opposing party. After the Denver convention, I will be showing more support for John McCain if Hillary is not the nominee. How about that? A life-long Democrat pulling for the Republican party!!! Way to go!! I hope more will follow!

LoveAmerica said...

How many times do the truthful facts have to be printed before Obama diehards quit lying hoping repeating it would change people's minds.

Check out these facts:
Hillary 18,046,007 votes 47.9 %
Obama 17,869,542 votes 47.4% of the popular vote at end of the primary.
Now who lost????? NOT CLINTON

OBAMA'S CACAUS VOTES CAME from only 3% of the population. Apples and oranges yet through hook or crook it made him the presumptive nominee but not until the convention votes are counted did HE win anything.

Hillary haters need to get a life and learn how to tell the truth and accept the fact that unfortunately the first black candidate for President is a talker and not Presidential material and his actions of late will reflect badly on the good black candidate that eventually WILL honestly win the White House and I hope that day comes.

seasonedcook said...

Anyone hating Hillary should not be on here because we are desperate for
Hillary to be in the W H..If it be
V P..or president. He is being stupid by not taking her on as V P...Hillary's followers would jump on the band wagon with him if he was to make her V P..Obama being stubborn is going to follow through if he goes to the W H...but I don't think he will make it...I do believe he will lose in any event..His big ego shows up at every head posturing ..And this game he plays about racism and patriotism is his own making. He
cries fowl every chance he gets to
drawl attention to himself, and
have a pity party..The media follows and hangs on every word the
guy says...I am sorry, but I don't
feel as if I need to follow him
and believe him as the general
public does...I don't like word
games and to me that is what he is doing. I will not vote for him
period..My friends say if nothing
happens at the convention to satisfy them, they will give their vote to McCain...I have said I will not do that..but I might...Let's see what happens at the convention...I believe in Hillary...She is our gal..I can't help it if I have not gotten over
the fact that she did not win...
As far as I am concerned, she is
the winner because of the crooked
DNC...I bet there will be lots of
fire works going on in Denver..and not the kind that happens at the
4th of July...Go Go Hillary !

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that in every major newspaper today they are saying Obama needs to be more assertive, needs more specific plans, more specific ideas..isn't it alittle late for all that now, the GE is 2 months away. If Hillary were the nominee today she would have pounced on McCain weeks ago..She certainly would not be sunbathing and windsurfing in Hawaii as Russia invades Georgia and most importantly, we Dems would be 20% ahead in the polls right now

Anonymous said...

If these reports and the FOX News special about Obama"s 'DUAL CITIZENSHIP STATUS' is true, then the Democratic Party is History.
This is A FELONY OFFENSE TO APPLY FOR POTUS if you are a Citizen of another Country. It can also be looked upon as "TREASON".
Why are the Party Leaders so intent on Nominating Obama and not Hillary?. Are they not afraid of "loosing their jobs, Law Licenses, and going to PRISON?

Ricco said...

I am soo bummed that I can't go to Denver. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what happens. But I know you guys will represent.

I think what Obama followers need to do is "Get Over" your canidate not being able to win.

Anonymous said...