Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Video: Hillary at the eighth annual Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee luncheon



Anonymous said...

I believe Hillary would have been a wonderful president. I have never traveled to another state to assist in helping a candidate before Hillary so my support of her is strong. But I can not support her by voting for Obama. I feel she is doing what she has to do for her political career and I do not condemn her for that. A dead hero is not an affective hero. But I was a battered wife, and her overboard assistance of Obama reminds me of that situation. I blame the democratic party, which I supported for 40+ years, for expecting this of her. It was not required of any other former candidate. I can no longer belong to this corrupt party and I cannot support this candidate who I felt was, during the primary, incompetent but who I now feel is dangerous.

beth said...

I'm very happy to hear that you got yourself out of that situtation - kudos to you! I've worked with battered women and I know how much courage that takes.

But I think your projecting when it comes to Hillary (and Obama for that matter)

Lauren M said...

I agree with you anonymous and I too have been involved with women in crisis....... this could be typical behavior of a trouble person. However, I think Hillary is strong and she understands the gravity of this situation..... especially if she wants to run in 2012. I am sad that we all didn't support her more financially..... in a sense we failed her when she needed us the most.

It bothers me that people don't understand that...... people with integrity don't have to be examined with a microscope. Obama is full of the unknown and what is known about him, is not good. Also, his inability to communicate to us as a country about who he is and what he stands for, just shows he shouldn't be President. We shouldn't have to guess and fill in the blanks when it comes to this guy. He should have the common decency and willingness to communicate to the country what we need to know about him. I feel confident I know John McCain (don't like his issues with women and I wouldn't normally vote for anyone like him) and Palin and Biden...... but, who the hell is Obama? YOU KNOW, IN A WEIRD WAY...... HE GETS OFF ON MAKING THIS COUNTRY GUESS ABOUT HIS PAST...... IT'S A TYPICAL OBAMA POWER PLAY. HE IS A SELF INDULGENT JERK, WHO LIKES WATCHING HALF OF THIS COUNTRY BE SCARED TO DEATH OF HIM (maybe that's why John McCain is running so hard against him...... it's his nature to protect this country and he has proven that and I for one, trust him a lot more than Obama).

If Hillary is so great, why didn't he pick her...... talk about insulting, picking Biden over Hillary. Well the fact is, she is that great and the contrast would have shown how bad he really is. That's why he didn't pick her. He would have lost the spot light and she wouldn't have taken his crap.

I base my choice on merits.....Hillary has an adult lifetime of serving the people. She has always committed her life to making people's lives better. What exactly has Obama done and what good has he contributed back to society? Other than getting high and recycling in college as his community projects, this guy doesn't have anything to offer. He is a bought and paid for candidate...... it doesn't get any dirtier than that.

pumawhisper said...

I hope the truth comes out more about Ayers/ACORN/CONTRIBUTIONS FRAUD regarding Obama.

I was a Hillary supporter, but cann't validate fraud of DNC by voting for any democrat ever again.

McCain/Palin lesser of two evils.
I agree, unhappy with Hillary's supporting Obama. He is dangerous

Anonymous said...

McCain/Palin is the lesser of two evils?
Since when did Obama become the devil/anti-Christ?

Jeez, get over yourselves! You're so willing to vote for a ticket which is so OPPOSITE of what Hillary stands for!?
Haven't you listened to a single word she has said in support of Obama?

Oh, I all are disappointed in Hillary now because you feel she's coping out on you.
Didn't you get the isn't about Hillary and it isn't about your whining!