Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hillary on CBS and Nightline

Here is an interview with Hillary from Tuesday on Nightline

The last video got deleted. So here is the video of Hillary on CBS last week



Anonymous said...

Hillary is totally "AWESOME" I am so proud of her-I wish she was my state Senator-guess I'll have to move to New York! I love New York! She always presents a very good image and answers questions well-thoughtfully. It would be great if everyone who works in Congress were as well versed. God Bless the Clintons! We are lucky to have them on our side.

Anonymous said...

To Poster One...You are so right..Hillary is "AWESOME"..She should have been the candidate for POTUS...I'm a native New Yorker and Hillary is my State Senator...I can tell you that she helped my family on two different situations...she does care...NEW YORK is a great state to live in..right's beautiful with the leaves changing colors...breathtaking...only thing about living in this state is we are "taxed" to death...can be expensive to live here....I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!