Friday, October 10, 2008

Valuable Hillary Allies

Message from Hillary
I have three great friends I want to introduce you to. But John, Eric, and Rick aren't just great friends -- they're great leaders. They are honored veterans who will be valuable allies to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Congress.

John Boccieri from Ohio is a friend and a genuine hero who served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who will work to bring the troops home. Eric Massa from New York served 24 years on active duty in the Navy, and served in every operational area the Navy sails in. Both John and Eric are running great races and can help us grow our Democratic Majority.

Rick Noriega from Texas joined the Army in 1979, and later served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas Army National Guard. After 9/11, he was deployed for fourteen months including one year in Afghanistan. I hope to have Rick alongside me in the Senate.

I know John, Eric, and Rick well. I know they'll provide valuable leadership on national security issues and help us end the war in Iraq responsibly, face new challenges abroad, and restore the reputation tarnished by eight years of George Bush and John McCain-style foreign policy.

That's why I'm happy to introduce them as the next three candidates on HillPAC's 2008 slate, and I hope you will join me in supporting them.

Contribute today to help elect John, Eric, and Rick to Congress on November 4.

I know that we'll make Congress more effective and America stronger if we elect more Democratic veterans.

Thank you for everything,



Sherri said...

It breaks my heart every time Hillary or Bill backs obama in any way knowing they themselves have doubts about him and his views! I will support other dems but never obama!

Irene, KozeeLady said...

Think of the Clintons support of bama and the party as preparation for 2012. I have my Hillary t-shirt packed away, ready to wear in 4 years when bama or mccain prove to the voters they don't have leadership abilities or plans to get the country on track.

By the way, as soon as this election is over, we need to start hitting the streets protesting the war again and pressuring the media to cover it!

Anonymous said...

Sherri...I'm with just upsets me so much to see all that Hillary and Bill are doing for Obama...Obama doesn't deserve their support...especially..after he treated her the way he did...but..I understand her reasoning....she's doing what is expected of her...although, I feel that's how she and Bill feel in their hearts that they really want this over with...Each time I see Hillary on television or in the papers...she looks worn out and tired...this has taken a toll on her.....I wanted so much for her to be our POTUS...There is no way that I would support Obama...not now...not ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will never vote Obama...I despise his arrogance and the actions of the DNC who did not support Hillary!!! NOW.....I see Obama, the Messiah, (as Farrenkan calls him) NOW, NOW ,.. NOW when he needs the votes in PA. Obama gives credit to Bill Clinton..his black supporters in NE PA. were putting the Clintons down all during the primary and after!!! I can't stand Obamas two faced stuff.

Love you Hillary and Bill...............but NO WAY will I vote for Obama!!!!!! I will never, never, never trust him!!!! ...and believe me, I am a social worker trained to observe people and their behaviors.................this man is a snake!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too. I will not support Obama. It is scary just thinking that he may win the election by the help of ACORN.

God help America!!

beth said...

Once again, alleged Hillary "supporters" alleging that she's a liar and has no integrity.

Can't you just say you disagree with her without impugning her character?

As for ACORN - first, they are required BY LAW to hand in any voter registration cards they receive, even if they KNOW they're bogus. What Fox and Co. won't tell you, though, is that far from trying to commit fraud, ACORN staff WERE flagging those suspect registrations so authorities could find them more easily.

Second, even if the phony voter registrations do get past the authorities, unless you have enough people to send who know wehre to go and what names to use, the phony registrations are useless: