Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hillary pushes for quality pre-K

Here is another example of Hillary supporting education

On Wednesday Hillary pushed for expanding public education to include pre-K. (from
“Investment in quality pre-K is a win-win,” Clinton said in a press release issued at a Capitol Hill briefing, which was not attended by either senator. “It provides immediate economic relief to families and ensures that children are prepared to thrive and succeed when they start school.”
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Anonymous said...

I know that Hillary is interested in educating our childred but at this time the school system is already overburdened and dropping needed classes. Parents should be the first teachers of their children and are abandoning that responsibility. Thirty years ago, I was a teacher's assistant in kindergarten and had to teach children their colors and how to count from 1 thru 10, and tie their shoes, etc. Basics that all children should know by 3 or 4. There should be requirements met for children entering kindergarten and parents need to know that they are to help their children meet those. My daughter is a primary school teacher and many parents refuse to be involved with their children and the schools. Schools should not be required to take over the responsibilities of parents.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope and pray that Hillary still wants to run in 2012. Enough of this Nobama support. I am writing in her name or voting for McCain this time.

granny said...

I am a Hillary supporter but I am not with her on this subject. I think there should be a requirement that the PARENTS one or the other stay at home with pre-schoolers and give them the foundation and love they need to succeed in Kindergarten and teach the fundamentals. They need nuturing at this young age. There shouldn't be any single mothers in the first place and we need to go back to couples (1 working) one at home to care for the children till school age. It works best for children and the government should stay out of it and quit babysitting the kids, the parents need to take responsibility.

Since Hillary isn't our nominee I will be voting for McCain as feel safe in his hands. Obama is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Lets ALL Write Hillary in for President.

Where is it written that we have to support the party choice?

Hillary 4 President in 2008..