Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FINAL Obama/McCain Debate: Thread Now Open...Discuss Away

Feel free to discuss pre debate, during the debate and after the debate. Keep it civil!

I can't believe we are down to the very last debate


Anonymous said...


Again, McCain!

Anonymous said...


Again, McCain!

(will lose)
OBAMA in 08!

Maybe the dems can go 4 for 4 in the Obama won the first 2 and Palin got destroyed by Biden.

Anonymous said...

I really cannot understand how anyone who believed in Hillary Clinton would vote for Obama or have anything positive to say about him. Not only is he not qualified to be president but he cheated her out of the nomination and is using her to get out the vote for him. If anyone felt that Bill Clinton did wrong by his wife, it is nothing compared to what Obama did and continues to do to her. In prior elections no other defeated candidate campaigned for the supposed victor as Hillary is being asked to do. It is as though he is rubbing her face in his victory. But I suppose he feels he can do that to a woman. Hillary supporters of Obama are either battered wives or never supported her in the first place. This Hillary supporter has been sticking by her even while she has been stumping for that miserable excuse of a senator but I am glad she feels she will not run for higher office as she is losing her dedicated base by not slowing her support for him. After 40 years of being a loyal democrat, I will be voting for McCain. If Obama really believes he has won the election, why is he spending the obscene amount of money in these last few weeks. No matter what McCain does the MSM will declare Obama the winner of the debate. If an individual cannot use their intelligence, then they will let the media decide their president. My vote is owned by me and I will not give up that right to sucumb to pressure from anyone.

Sharon said...

I think what they need to talk about is what they have actually done for the citizens of the US thus far in their careers. I have put detailed info together, showing the bills, resolutions, and amendment legislation that each candidate has drafted and sponsored during their time in the Senate, and it John McCain's situation in the Senate and House.

If you want to know the FACTS, and not speculation and conjecture, then don't be afraid to read the details here:

Take Care, Sharon

beth said...


You can't understand why someone who believed in what Hillary stands for, who shared her political views, would vote for someone who ALSO holds those views?

Because to me that's just common sense.

Obama didn't cheat Hillary out of anything - she lost a very hard-fought campaign fair and square, but she did lose.

SHE is big enough to get over it and not threaten to vote for someone who's on the other side pretty much every major issue from her. Maybe you should think about it.

Anonymous said...

Obama reminds me of Nixon. In 1968, we got the "new" Nixon. After Rev. Wright fiasco, we saw the "new" Obama. Nixon had a "secret plan" for victory with honor in VietNam. Obama has a secret plan to save America from GWB's errors; the big problem is he doesn't know what it is either, that's why he needs our help so much! McCain '08; Hillary '12.

beth said...

another take on what Obama has done in the senate:

Sharon's site claims that none of Obama's sposored bills have been enacted, in fact the number is 15.

He's also worked extensively with memebers of BOTH parties.

You may not like his views, you may not like the laws he's had passed - but to ignore the work he has done is blatantly dishonest.

Anonymous said...

I love hilary and always will....but now that we are where we are: Obama vs. McCain.....all I have to say is OBAMA!OBAMA!OBAMA!, matter of fact, I already know he's gonna win, so Im gonna just start the celebration now! :) (sorry,McCain fans....maybe next time!)

Lauren M said...

It's amazing that anyone could blindly transfer their trust from Hillary to Obama. They are two entirely different people and any common worthy goals..... happen to belong to Hillary. He is riding on her years of dedication and hard work.

Wouldn't you think a person running for President should have proven themselves by their good works and achievements? WHAT HAS OBAMA DONE WITH HIS LIFE???? Running a campaign and talking about all the things you WOULD LIKE TO DO......BUT HAVEN'T YET, DOESN'T QUALIFY THAT PERSON.

Any person that truly cares about this country would have stepped aside and waited until the time was right. Hillary earned my my trust and she walked the walk.... Obama has not!

I don't even care that he was drug user and indulged in some questionable behavior as a young adult..... Although, I have to have a security clearance to work in my profession and past drug use would deny my access to my work location.

So being President doesn't require the same background check as many regular citizens might need with a security clearance. One would think, that personal references with mental and physical history would be important...... but nothing surprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

What an incredibly ridiculous comparison, and obviously from someone who perhaps only watches Fox News for information and comparison of candidates, to compare Obama to Nixon! If you really want to make a comparison, maybe you should look into the McCain/Pallin camp. Let's look at ssome of the people McCain associates with.

Let's start off with Fred Malek - McCain's national finance co-chair, whose dark past in dirty Republican politics reaches back over 35 years - that's when Malek, the personnel chief for the Nixon administration, became known as the President's private "Jew counter."

Now, that is just one comparison. Although I know McCain camp likes to throw out people Obama has been linked to, met when he was 8, and people he worked with on a board - by the way along with many other Republicans also, I know that this attack on Obama and his connections to "terrorists" is exactly what the Republican party likes to do - sow fear in people - it is exactly what was done with Bush the last 8 years and I don't see how anyone cannot honestly see that if they really know the facts.

Lastly, if you want to compare Obama to Nixon, I suggest you start reading and comparing some of McCain's speeches to Nixon's speeches. And I'll leave you with a comparison - maybe instead of trying so hard to go after Obama, you'll actually look into your candidate of choice's associations, speeches, and the difference between the "new McCain" and the "old McCain" as well - he is definitely not the man he was 2 years ago and has switched over to create fear to gain our votes with none other than Carl Rove to help him out just as he did Bush.

Here are some highlights from a Nixon speech:

' Now, let me begin by describing the situation I found when I was inaugurated on January 20.

--The war had been going on for 4 years.

--31,000 Americans had been killed in action.

--The training program for the South Vietnamese was behind schedule.

--540,000 Americans were in Vietnam with no plans to reduce the number.

--No progress had been made at the negotiations in Paris and the United States had not put forth a comprehensive peace proposal.

--The war was causing deep division at home and criticism from many of our friends as well as our enemies abroad.

In view of these circumstances there were some who urged that I end the war at once by ordering the immediate withdrawal of all American forces.

From a political standpoint this would have been a popular and easy course to follow. After all, we became involved in the war while my predecessor was in office. I could blame the defeat which would be the result of my action on him and come out as the Peacemaker. Some put it to me quite bluntly: This was the only way to avoid allowing Johnson’s war to become Nixon's war.

But I had a greater obligation than to think only of the years of my administration and of the next election. I had to think of the effect of my decision on the next generation and on the future of peace and freedom in America and in the world.

Let us all understand that the question before us is not whether some Americans are for peace and some Americans are against peace. The question at issue is not whether Johnson's war becomes Nixon's war.

The great question is: How can we win America's peace? . . .

For the South Vietnamese, our precipitate withdrawal would inevitably allow the Communists to repeat the massacres which followed their takeover in the North 15 years before.

--They then murdered more than 50,000 people and hundreds of thousands more died in slave labor camps.

--We saw a prelude of what would happen in South Vietnam when the Communists entered the city of Hue last year. During their brief rule there, there was a bloody reign of terror in which 3,000 civilians were clubbed, shot to death, and buried in mass graves.

--With the sudden collapse of our support, these atrocities of Hue would become the nightmare of the entire nation-and particularly for the million and a half Catholic refugees who fled to South Vietnam when the Communists took over in the North.

For the United States, this first defeat in our Nation's history would result in a collapse of confidence in American leadership, not only in Asia but throughout the world. . .

For the future of peace, precipitate withdrawal would thus be a disaster of immense magnitude.

--A nation cannot remain great if it betrays its allies and lets down its friends.

--Our defeat and humiliation in South Vietnam without question would promote recklessness in the councils of those great powers who have not yet abandoned their goals of world conquest.

--This would spark violence wherever our commitments help maintain the peace-in the Middle East, in Berlin, eventually even in the Western Hemisphere.

Ultimately, this would cost more lives.

It would not bring peace; it would bring more war.

For these reasons, I rejected the recommendation that I should end the war by immediately withdrawing all of our forces. I chose instead to change American policy on both the negotiating front and battlefront.'

Please compare these highlights to a typical McCain speech on Iraq and then try to tell me you don't see a comparison. Remember also, Nixon ran on "quick victory" several years into an unpopular war, and won.

What we need to start doing is our homework for ourselves and finding out the real information instead of allowing smearing and false fear to take over.

monimom said...

I can't understand how so many people could be so blind to the fact that Obama and his campaign is a farce. How could you vote for him and be for Hillary? He calls what McCain is doing a smear campaign but really isn't that what he has been doing since day one? I mean if I was innocent of everything McCain and his group brings up I would face it and deal with it by speakin up and telling the truth. This is America, we are entitled to ask about things concerning those running for Commander in Chief. How is it that Obama refuses to give up his medical records, Columbia records, anything that would ruin his career and we let him fact we endorse him! Hillary was the first one to call him on his past and look where it got her. Wake up America! I don't know about you but I refuse to vote for a man who I know nothing about except the pipe dreams he feeds us. McCain/Palin '08

beth said...

"One would think, that personal references with mental and physical history would be important...... "

So, you agree that McCain should release his medical records, then?

Thought so.

poz mikey said...

I have yet to hear how Obama is going to handle people living with HIV/AIDS in this country. We are helping over 2,000,000 people over seas and cutting benefits in this country. I'd like to know why?

Chris Maryatt said...

I agree, it's disingenuous of former Hillary supporters to support Obama now.
Weren't we all the ones who in 2000 said, "GWB doesn't have the experience; he's too arrogant; he won't really work across party lines like he says; and he seems to think he's God." And we were right, weren't we?
Then in 2008, we see the same qualities in Obama in the primary, and can't support him. But then, after the primary is over, suddenly, "Oh, no, it's okay -- I have had the kool aid and seen the light!" If that's the case, then just admit you're a hypocritical pansy. It's okay, at least that would be honest.

L M Lynley said...

I have been a professional political fundraiser and P.R. specialist for nearly three decades (mostly for dem. candidates and related progressive issues). I, for the first time in my adult life, will be sitting out the election. Make no mistake - the democratic party was Hillary's nemesis, not the republicans. Women need to stop accepting sloppy seconds or we will forever be treated as the underclass by the powers that be on all sides.

For you young ones; it may surprise you to learn that I have heard the phrase, "the most important election of . . . (our generation, the epoch, the century, et cetera) for decades now. This is election is not really special in any signifcant way if you take personalities out of the picture. Fortunes of countries and cultures rise and fall due largely to what "the masses" allow the leaders to do with the trust bestowed upon them.

Obama is a poseur (a rather poor one IMO) and McCain chose the worst possible female candidate for the ticket, thus not giving us women anywhere to go. The Greens are impotent since German founder Petra Kelly was murdered, and, the Libertarians are running Bob Barr (have they all gone mad?) Thus, the only thing we ccan do is to say no to being used as pawns in another power grab by Howard Dean and company - JUST SAY NO!

The planet will not slide off its axis if we have to put up with four more years of chaos and pillaging by the corporate robber barons to teach the democrats a much-needed lesson about the dangers of taking their base (women) for granted yet again. If I am wrong and the fear-mongers are right then who will be left to care?

One of the most basic concepts of human interaction is this: through our words, deeds, and actions we teach others how to treat us. For a woman to vote for Obama is a clear message to the lads who run the show that we are happy to do the grunt work while they once again take the glory.

Election Day 2008 will be a national day of mourning whomever ends up sitting in the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

Why is telling the truth a smear? The thing about lies is they don't go away and you never know when one is going rear it's ugly head and hurt you. Obama is a lie. This is not a socialist country though, I can bet every homeless, welfare person is going to be driven by Acorn to vote for Obama so he can 'spread the wealth'. The only problem is after all the earners leave the country, who's going to earn the wealth to spread? A small business who takes in $250,001 will be taxed up the wazoo under Obama, these are the main employers in the US and what that means is they will either downsize their employees or move to someplace they can keep what they earn. If we all act like sheep, we will be fed for a while and then slaughtered...just like sheep. Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous!!! Enough allready! And as far as Hillary goes I am just as disappointed as any one else that she didn't get to be the nominated President but youall must get over it and put your support in Barack Obama or we are going to be in very much trouble in the USA. McCain will take is time in ending the war just like Bush has well we have spent way to much money in that OIL RICH COUNTRY!!!!!!! GET IT?????????
YOUR TAX DOLLARS? Please people, think with your brains!!! WE CAN NOT HAVE ANOTHER 8 YEARS OF THE SAME!
I am sorry but McCain is NOT THE MAN FOR THE JOB!

Janean Rome N.Y said...

I can't believe McCain can try to lead us into thinking hes about- "country first" when the republican's are not thinking about our country, the economy is going to hell our country is billions in debt etc...we need "change" I believe once OBAMA gets elected we will feel the weight of financial stress among many other hardships the republicans has caused this country will VOTE OBAMA!!!

monimom said...

Well Beth,
check out fit to be President on CNN. McCain turned over 1100 pages of his medical records. Obama had his dr. write a note and refuses to turn over his medical records. So you thought wrong

Anonymous said...

The only way I will be able to sleep at night is if Hillary OR McCain are in the Whitehouse! The economy will get better. But the safety of this great nation is a job Obama is just not ready to do. I agree with so many of you---What has he done??? He wrote a couple books about himself. Yay! What has he done for America? And I'm sorry but as a business owner Obama just is the wrong man for me in the Whitehouse. I have worked darn hard to get where I am at in life and NO I do not want my hard earned money redistributed. That is just plain WRONG! MCCAIN and PALIN need to be elected to save this great country!!! Obama will only make things worse.

Lauren M said...

Chris and Lynley very well said.... I am so lost for words and feelings, it's hard to express how bad the thought of Obama being President makes me feel.

I watch this man evade every important question that would really define who he is.

I also find it frustrating how his supporters make excuses for him, which make them no better then he is and they have the ability to vote him in.

MORE IMPORTANT: I believe there is a huge amount of people that have no clue about who Obama is and they are voting for him because of what he is. I'll bet this LARGE amount of people are first time voters and they couldn't have cared less in the past and probably won't care in the future. I will also bet, if Obama dropped out or he was not qualified to run.... THIS SAME LARGE GROUP OF NEW VOTERS WOULDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO VOTE!!!!


Anonymous said...

McCain/Palin is the team for this country.

Lauren M said...

Monimom, thank you for your input.... also well said.

monimom said...

you're welcome! =)

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to vomit on myself. How can you possibly think that McCain will actually get this country out of the ENORMOUS hole that its in thanks to his own political party? How can any of you think that this ancient man with old beliefs will give us the change we need? Who wants ANOTHER 8 years of this nonsense? It can't be any more obvious that he doesn't only want to continue the war, but he wants to start another one in Iran. If he doesn't even care to show Obama at least the slightest bit of respect in front of the American people during the debates, do you think that he actually cares to show any respect to the rest of the American people? Don't get me wrong, I was fully supportive of Hillary during the primaries and I don't know if Hillary would happily run to the ballots to vote for Obama, but i'm pretty sure that she wouldn't settle voting for McCain with opposite views merely because Obama won the primaries. This isn't high school where you vote for your enemy at prom just because you're friend beat you at homecoming. This is ONE party people!! Since when do party supporters with certain social and economic preferences go against each other? Give me a break! This bitterness has got to end and we have to open our eyes to see that Obama MUST win this election. As for McCain...send him to the nursing home where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

We are a family of Dms for McCain.
Bye Bye Nobama.

Tiffany W said...

Well here's to hoping everybody gets a chance to read any pro Obama comments on here very soon.

Because they make perfect sense but if history is any judge they will all be deleted within 24 hrs from here by the "group" that runs this blog.

Oh and there is no such thing as Dems for McCain, if you support McCain you are NO democrat so stop sullying the Democratic name but saying otherwise.

A said...

Wow Obama is totally fumbling

Steve said...

Uncommitted voters in Ohio are leaning in McCain's favor. UH OH!!!!! No bueno for the McCain/palin camp!

Justin said...

i want the drugs that obama is on... i want to be that high... he created his own little fantasy world.

Tiffany W said...

I need to know what channel you all are watching (prob fox) cause McCain is crashing and burning on this one.

I've never seen the Ohio meter dip so negatively on so many of McCain's talking points in any of the debates as it is here. Of course most of his points are simply attacking, no substance, not unlike most McCain/Palin red neck rally's.

SmartAssProducts said...

It breaks my heart to see people who supported Hillary Clinton now supporting SoetorObama. How can they not see what a dangerous, racist, anti-American, INEXPERIENCED, unqualified, unvetted UNKNOWN he truly is?

And for those who supported him all along...I don't know what to say. Time will, of course, prove what a mistake that was, but in the meantime...?

monimom said...

Well I hate to make anyone puke any more than they have to but Obama talks in circles and Hillary can't even stand him. so I would say its not exactly like high school. I find it so funny that Obama stands for one thing and a year later he mimicks McCain on a lot of issues. Sorry but Obama speaks well... thats about it.

psycho killer said...

This was a great debate!
Obama worried me during the begining..then McCain had another emotional anger attack during the advertising question, i can always count on him having anger issues.
I think Obama is more in touch with the issues that are important to the American people. McCain simply focases on attacking Obamas' character, and who he may or my not be buds with!
I thought Obama should had been more agressive during the vp question.,,always a gentelman!

Steve said...

Wow, Hillary is great! She is talking up Obama, and saying that what she fought and believes in.....Obama will folloe them in the presidency.

This makes me wonder why all these so-called Hillary fans flipped to the McCain side. Even when Hillary highly endorses Obama.

Even she said....."he went 3 for 3".


monimom said...

Hillary endorses the democratic party... therefore has to endorse Obama, don't forget she's the one that tried to dig his grave. Not keeping it clean.

Time for a Democrat!!! said...

Obama, Obama, Obama for President!!! Get over it People!!!! Smug, smug, Smug McCain! He is the biggest jerk I have ever seen!!! well, I don't know who is worse him or Bush!!! We don't need any more wars!! Our Armed Forces are completely wore out or should I say WAR OUT!!! How many of you have your loved ones fighting for another country's freedom? McCain will only make things worse!!!!! We don't need a war with Iran.
HE IS THE ONE WHO STARTED WITH THE NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNS NOT OBAMA!!! Now Obama is and I don't blame him! Oh the news even said McCain has stopped because he thinks it will help him!!! See he is all for show!!! NOT REAL!!! JUST WANTS TO GET ELECTED!!! MAKING UP ALL THESE LIES ABOUT OBAMA, MAKING PEOPLE SCARED OF OBAMA!! SHAME, SHAME ON SOMEONE LIKE HIM!! And his wife Cindy is a complete joke!!!! 400,000 for 1 outfit??? Give me a break please! Can you imagine how much it will cost for her to re-do the white-house? omg!!!
Barack's wife is down to earth no nonsence woman.
Republicans have screwed up America enough, lets give the Democrats a chance for awhile! I think Bil Clinton did one heck of a job when he was President! No, I am in no way comparing Bill to Barack, but I tell you this folks McCain is much, too much, too OLD!! Sorry!!!!

Anonymous said...

As Obama calls Western Pennsylvania racist, which I admit a lot of the older generation is, but to say that ALL of Western Pennsylvania is, is just asinine. I was a Hillary supporter from day one, she has done a lot for this country. Unfortunately, I can not bring myself to vote for Obama due to his lack of character. You can not generalize an entire region. If he can generalize an entire region, he can generalize the entire caucasian population of our great nation. This is completely unacceptable to me. McCain has my vote. McCain '08, Hillary '12 And I know this probably has absolutely nothing to do with the debate tonight (I was at work and unable to view it) I was viewing highlights of the debate on and reading an article that was on the website. This just seriously peeved me.

Tiffany W said...

monimom - During the republican primary's ALL the other republicans tried to bury McCain also - its what primary's are about so that is a totally invalid argument.

SmartAssProducts - you talk about dangerous and racist, yet this describes so many supports of McCain/Palin its pitiful. When you say racist what are you talking about? don't tell me anybody is still trying to claim the old Muslim line. that's so lame it's laughable, and to use Western Pennsylvania as basis for that comment is not only total out of context but had noting to do with race but peoples living circumstances.

And you mention dangerous? McCain's dislike of Obama was visible on his face the whole debate. If a person, a fellow American can cause such palatable hatred so easily think what McCains trigger temper will cause in real world situations, heck we'll be in a nuclaer winter before you can say gosh darn.

Or even more horrendous to contemplate is having (I can see Russia from my house) Palin in power when ole Mac has a stroke from all his animosity.

It obvious that Hillary would never support getting McCain in the white house, it has nothing to do with experience, I mean McCain has never been pres before either and both would have advisers around them.

Hillary's views and beliefs are the polar opposite of McCains, not in a million years would a TRUE Hillary supporter vote against Hillary's beliefs.

Anyone who says they will vote McCain is and was a closet republican all this time, and posts here only to muddy the waters.

True Hillary supporters will either vote democrat or like myself not vote at all.

Anonymous said...

I thought Obama was Presidential, calm (which in these tumultuous times is needed) and direct. He stuck to the questions asked, the issues at hand and was clearly the winner. McCain, whom I respect as a Senator and military man, was confused, erratic, speechless at times. He talked of Sarah Palin's "autistic" son who has Downs Sydrome. I do not want him as my next president.

mama k said...

OBAMA is steady and has fundimental beliefs closer to Hillary than McCain. McCain has been quite erratic his whole carreer and has become increasingly so during this campain. BTW, All of you who were swayed into the McCain/Palin ticket because Palin has ovaries are sick little puppies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tiffany W.

monimom said...

Well gosh darn I guess if Obama was so great he wouldn't have a problem handing over all his medical records and that of his time at Columbia University but he hasn't has he? Any other government job and you have to jump through a million hoops. Has Obama? I don't trust anyone who has so much to hide sorry but still voting for McCain. A vote against Obama is better than no vote at all.

pumawhisper said...

Obama wants to "spread the wealth".
His tax credit plan on the 40% who don't even pay taxes is nothing but a WELFARE PROGRAM.

People if you want socialism, move to those countries that embrace it.

Anyone voting for Obama is blinded by eloquence, false promises and will BE SO SORRY WHEN they work hard for their money and he takes it and redistributes to others. Just wait people. You vote your Obama in, and don't come crying later, you voted this practice in.

Anonymous said...

amen mama K the sex of someone shouldn't matter nor should the race. The smartest person left to do the job at hand, and people we are talking about the presidency of US....... U S; do I want a silly cheerleader mom representing U>>>>>S in a national setting? HELL NO! I love THE CLINTONS BUT THEY GOT BET AT THEIR GAME, DONE but to go against you core beliefs is crazy.. McCain and palin is a joke and it should be a kick in the face that a Hillary supporter would be dumb enough to fall for a REPUBLICAN poly. Again dose the REPUBLICAN party think we would fall for such a silly and Obvious trick. tricks are for kids fellows........And dont fuck with me fellows. word from a gay, indian (feather not dot) irish boy. wish my lady Hillary would get back in. peace to all

melissa said...

I love Hillary Clinton and will admire her until the day I die but I have also been very proud to support Obama. I am a dem through and through and will never vote for the likes of John McCain/Sarah Palin. I didn't think it possible that a ticket would scare me more than Bush/Cheney but it has happened. To quote Hillary, "No Way, No How, No McCain!" If you ever were a true supporter of hers, you will vote for Obama. If you vote for McCain, you are destroying all that she has worked for. We will have a woman in the white house but not one that was invited along out of patramony!

psycho killer said...

As always...i stay shocked! It's amazing to me, the power of word of mouth!
Someone actually to;d me the new rumor about Obama is he's not black but actually iraqy! lol wow!
i've already read that many radical christian groups are accusing him of being the anti christ! how awful!
every american has their right to vote for who ever they choose, but please don't let someone pull the wool over your eyes with these crazy rumors!
McCains promoting lies and hatered! should rightfully be sued for deflamation of character! the lies they helped spread are horrible!
McCains rallys are not far off from the jerry springer show..with their chants and hate messages!
i'm disgusted!

robin2685 said...

I was undecided about my vote until last nite. I was a firm Hillary supporter. But after last nite, I have made up my mind. All McCain did was set there and put Obama down, over and over. He didnt even wanna really talk the issues. I believe he has hardening of the arteries or something cause i saw in him, what I did my parents when they got a certain age. On the other hand, Obama was trying to talk to the american people and let them know what he would like to do for us. This is what I wanted to hear...not some old man who seemed bitter and senile. Anyways, I have now decided to vote for Obama. He seemed very interested in US, the american people, and he didnt sit there and bash and bash.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with robin2685 above...I was with obama then became undecided...but last night totally prepared me on who to vote for thanks to mcains bashing and the way obama held up to talking about the issues...I will definately go with Obama thanks to last night debate.

Anonymous said...

neither of them impressed me in last night's debate. i agree with Chris and Lynley, it is better to sit out of this election all together. I can tell either candidate will be a big mistake for this country and I don't want any of that on my conscience, I don't want to have been part of electing either fool. If Hillary had made it, I'd be voting ASAP. But she didn't. We eat our best alive in this country.

danny said...

Obama has my vote! He is more open and willing to speak the issues and not smear on anyone. He cares for the AMERICAN people in need! I am lucky to be able to afford to comment online when my money is gone! When will it come back think about that? I could not imagine how it is to lose mmy retirement to the market. 8 years of the same or time for change? If you wanna sit it out you make it better for me! I get my family together and we are much larger than the Brady bunch! Obama 08 Hillary 12