Monday, October 20, 2008

Help elect Democrat Kristen McElroy to state senate in NY

Join the McElroy campaign and special guests

as we celebrate recent endorsements by:

Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee ¬ Emily's List

Empire State Pride Agenda ¬ Human Rights Campaign

for a reception honoring

Kristen McElroy

Candidate for State Senate, District NY-6

Democrats are two seats away from turning the State Senate from Red to Blue! Kristen's race is THE one to watch, as her victory would make goals like state healthcare reform, Congressional redistricting and equal treatment for ALL New Yorkers, a reality.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:30 – 8:00 PM

At the home of Ricki Lieberman

610 West End Avenue Manhattan (Enter on 90th Street)

Suggested Contribution

$5,000 Host ¬ $2,500 Sponsor ¬ $1000 Honored Guest ¬ $500 Supporter ¬ $250 Friend ¬ $100 RRL list

Please R.S.V.P. to Stephanie Hausner at 914.980.1747

or at




Anonymous said...

Sorry, the democrtaic party will not get my vote this time. The current Democratic Party is not the same as the party I have known for decades.



anonymous said...

I agree with the top two posters.
No money for ANY democrat. The DNC is corrupt, can't add anymore, their would be no checks and balances. I supported Hillary but no more money for her. Although after reading a post about how Obama has learned the art of hypnosis I underestand why she, Bill and O'Reilly and others are following him. I don't have the link sorry but was worth reading and really scary and dangerous technique our brilliant Obama has mastered and no wonder everyone exposed at rallys and such think he is so special. I will never watch him closely again as don't want to come under his dangerous spell. I know this sounds ridiculous but if you read what I read, you wouldn't think so.

I to pumapac democrat and although a democrat for 40 yrs, can't go there this year. Acorn has secured the election for Obama so my Mccain vote will be worthless but shall do it anyway. I fear for the future. Glad I am on the way out.

Anonymous said...

I think McCain/Palin may still have a chance. So, please vote. If we do not vote, it is a "sure" thing for Mr. Nobama.

beth said...

"Hypnosis"? Oh come one, that's crazy talk even for the blog-o-shere!

I'm voting for Obama, because I believe in Hillary and her platform, and Obama's is a heck of a lot closer to it than McCain's.

Anonymous said...

Copy of email *(11/2/08) to Gay City News:

I just received a robocall purporting to be from Gay City News, endorsing Democrat Kristin McElroy (over Kemp Hannon) because "she will vote for gay marriage, and advance the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender 'AGENDA' in Albany."

I don't think you would use the word "agenda" in ad - that is usually a right-wing code word. And I don't see her listed in your endorsements on your webpage (you did, for instance, endorse Craig Johnson).

So I think this is a Republican "push-call" to get waveriing voters who will react to the push-button word "agenda" - believing this to indeed be from a gay advocacy organization - and vote for Kemp Hannon.

I support gay rights & gay marriage, but I don't think this is how you would specifically go about trying to get support for them.

If I had time, I would try to get through to Newsday & TV channels about this. If you ge this early, perhaps you can check it out & decide whether to act or not.

Fred Smith
Garden City, NY