Saturday, October 18, 2008

A personal letter from Hillary

This is a pretty amazing story from RedStateDem on

In June I mailed Hillary my most treasured Democratic Party possession, a 1964 mint copy of Saul Petts The Torch is Passed. I sent it to her out of appreciation for her presidential run, not forgetting “middle America“… but also from disgust of her treatment by the DNC and the MSM. (Also with a PUMA plea to save the party from NObama).

I really didn’t expect anything in return, but I got a letter from Hillary today. It reads:

Dear _____,

Thank you for your letter and copy of The Torch is Passed. It is very moving and I appreciate your sending it to me.
I note that you signed your letter: “A Democrat in Exile“. I hope you are only in exile and that you will consider reparation very soon! I continue to work to protect our national and economic security and to advocate for the millions of Americans who are without healthcare, who are disenfranchised, or unable to to achieve their God-giving potential. Victory for Democrats in November is the only way we will achieve these goals. Keep the faith!

With appreciation and best regards, I am
Sincerely yours,
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Is it no wonder why she is so admired!



Sherri said...

It is a beautiful letter but one I can't comply with. I can not nor will not vote obama. I will always admire Hillary and she has my faithful support in HER, not the party. I do not beleive obama will do the things Hillary fought for, nor do I want the change I feel he will bring. As I forgive Hillary for supporting obama I can only hope she will forgive me in not supporting him. Nobama!

seasonedcook said...

That was truly a nice jester on
your part and a nice letter from Hillary. I totally agree with you
Sherri, but then again, I had to change my mind, because I sure didn't want 4 more years of McCain. That man is so stupid. I would be afraid to allow my no voting go to him. I am like you, a die hard Hillary gal...I have been since she said made the about not sitting at home baking cookies or something to the effect..I saw how gutsy she was on tv...and she reminds me of me when I was a young girl. No one could change my mind because I had set my mind to things. Being black
I never saw color in anyone except we all have red blood...I trust Obama some what now, and trust McCain to do nothing the next 4 years...If you watched TV today,
Collin Powell was on. I would trust him to be my president..He is
an honorable man..A good Christian
man...I trust what he said on Meet
the Press...I have never ever heard
him say anything untruthful...He
was told things when he worked for
Bush, and he fell for some, but sure not all...
I love Hillary.. I hope it is not
to late for her to be our president. I am past 70 now, and I
would love to see her be in the W H before I leave this world....Obama
is not the best thing, but right now he is the only thing we can hope for to get anything close to
Hillary...He now has more respect for her then ever...I truly believe
that...I have been around this world, and I know with our faith,
we can swing things if we trust our
Savior to help guide us....Thanks
Sherri for your note..I understand
where you are coming from....

Anonymous said...

Dear Hillary,

I was your supporter but I will not give my vote to Mr. Obama. My vote will be for McCain/Palin, the country (not party) first. I just cannot agree with you that Mr. Obama is good for this great country.

It is very disappointing to see and hear you support Mr. Obama. You know from your heart that he is not good for this country.

So long, Hillary. I am very disappointed in you.


Kudos's Sherri,
I feel the very same way!
Seasonedcook YOUR wrong COLLIN POWEL LIED TO YOUR FACE AND THE WORLD WHEN HE SAT IN THE U.N.HELD UP A LITTLE VIAL AND LOOKED RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA AND SAID WE HAVE ABSOLUTE PROOF OF SADAM'S WMD's.Seasoned cook I know your going to say I'm Racist but you along with 99% of all blacks are supporting COLOR, not party or country,you can not honestly look at Obama's past and say he is best for POTUS.Have you ever heard Cindy McCain say she is just now proud of her country and have the media jump to her defense and explain what she really meant.Have you ever heard of John McCain's pastor saying GOD DAMN America,or be associated with a catholic priest that belittled your so called choice for POTUS Hillary Clinton,or have a convicted slum lord taking advantage of blacks in the slums of Chicago,as a friend,or a friend that wants to still bring down the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,or a man who still will not just produce his birth certificate.I ask you seasoned cook have you ever heard anything like this from McCain,or anyone claiming to have heard this about John McCain.My vote for McCain was not a vote for McCain but a VOTE AGAINST A LYING BLACK RACIST THAT STOLED THE NOMINATION FROM HILLARY CLINTON.

LibertyCampaign said...

I can see how many are disenfranchised by the Democratic party by supporting a black president who has little experience, and can not save us from our economic crisis. It is a shame that he will be getting a free ride into the Whitehouse due to McCain's disassociation with the American people. Who wants 45 new nuclear power plants across America? I sure don't! Who wants a shadow to Bush's failed policies? I sure don't! Obama will be the next president, sad but true, and I don't think that voting for McCain out of spite is the answer. We need to start voting on principle. We need to vote for someone who represents us before their own party. The only way to honor Hillary is to vote for someone who knows something about economics! Someone who has thirty years of flawless voting history, someone who never voted to raise taxes. Someone who never voted for an unbalanced budget! Someone who wants our troops home, and wants the kingdom building overseas to stop. Someone who wants to secure our borders, stop the Trans-Texan Corridor/NAFTA Superhighway (which is already being built!), and want to restore our monetary policy. Someone who voted against the bank bailout (Pay-off). And most of all someone who wants to end the National I.D., protect our privacy, and our constitutional rights! The only candidate who would honor Hillary is RON PAUL! Forget about the odds! Vote for someone you can believe in, someone with a clean track record, and someone who would take a paycut if elected and who has already refuse the lucrative pension plan. When you go to vote make sure to write-in RON PAUL for president!

Want to learn more? Goto and join the REVOLUTION!

Lauren M said...

I love Hillary and I can't stomach the thought of Obama being President. Seasonedcook is a good person with a good heart.... but I am not. I tell it like I see it and this election is a farce. It was taken from Hillary and given to Obama and that is not Ok.

I agree with Darrell, this is a black thing and Obama always makes us aware of that. Like Liberty said, "a free ride".... Obama did not work for this position and I don't believe he deserves it. The reason he not experienced, has to do with his life time of NO PUBLIC SERVICE! If the man had done HALF OF WHAT HILLARY HAS DONE, he would be someone to consider.

Until now, in a split second I would have picked Mr. Powell to be President..... Unfortunately, his endorsement has me questioning his integrity and that's sad.

Anonymous said...

I too had admired Colin Powell until today. I live in FL and on a hour program, Obama runs 4 or 5campaign ads slamming McCain and Powell and others complain that McCain is running more negative ads than Obama. Do they think we are that stupid? There are very few McCain ads since he is limited in finances so even if they were negative it does not compare to Obama's overkill. During the primary when Hillary wanted more debates, Obama supporters claimed she was just asking for free time. If you watch any news shows they are wall to wall endorsements for Obama. I do not hear the McCain camp complaining that Obama is getting free advertising even tho I feel this is discouraging to McCain supporters. McCain is running against Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Are they what we want for President? Not this disenfranchised democrat. I am not voting for McCain "out of spite" but because he is the less dangerous. With the democrats as a majority in congress he will be held in check. In the case of Obama, there will be no checks and balances. Obama has no respect for Hillary. He is just using her. A vote for anyone other than McCain is throwing away your vote and giving Obama a bigger chance to win.

LoveAmerica said...

I agree with Darrell Reed. "seasonedcook" I am so disappointed in your change of heart. I agreed with many of your comments all along the road until today. Colin Powell probably has been offered another position on Obama's cabinet. He and many other Republicans are turning on McCain because THEY ARE AFRAID, HE WILL GO AFTER THEM if they played a part in the Fannie Mae/Freddie scandal and bailout. Don't let them blindside you seasonedcook, you are a sweet person who wants what is right, don't believe the lies, there are plenty out there. There is so much to lose in this great country if Obama wins. Poor Hillary has had to bow down, but we don't. Please reconsider before our country goes down the tube. Hillary supporters on here are correct. McCain is are only hope. It won't matter much about the economy if we don't have a strong military protector in the white house.

Iran has scud missiles that can be launched from a small boat and take out our infrastructure right now. Economy, Chief Justices appointees,health care etc seem minor issues compared to just surviving in America don't you think?

Obama said yes in an interview with Wolf Blitzer about allowing illegal aliens the right to drivers licencese and social security. The guy that flew into World trade center. McCain does NOT support illegal aliens getting drivers license to come into America and blow us up.

Seasoncook, please think about the crucial issues, and the type of commander in chief who fought for YOU and how important it is to have someone that can lead and keep us safe.

Democrat all my life and 70 yrs old too. Please vote John Mccain

Anonymous said...

Why does Obama get the free passes on accomplishments and experience? One problem is some hope and small change can make things even worse when you don't know what you're doing. And it's hard to miss that Obama is "putting us in charge", so that blame can be "shared with all". If Obama's party tricks make him the next H. Hoover, what then? My pick: Hillary in '12.

Bandy4 said...

I'm with you, Love America, we have big concerns to face! I also am a Democrat who will NOT be voting for Obama! There's just way to much to risk!

Bandy4 said...

I'm with you, Love America, we have big concerns to face! I also am a Democrat who will NOT be voting for Obama! There's just way to much to risk!

Anonymous said...

I also was so disappointed in Hillary. First for her dropping out, and secondly for her support of Obama, who sat by and in effect condoned the mistreatment she rec'd from his supporters by not speaking out against it. Then, there was Jesse Jackson, Jr. who threatened the Congressional Black Caucus supporters of Hillary Clinton. Congressmember Tubb-Jones spoke of this on the State of the Black Union program, which Obama was too busy to attend (but somehow Hillary managed to). I am still waiting to hear Obama apologize for the death threats Tavis Smiley, his brother and his MOTHER received after the program. I also have never voted Republican in all these 30+ years. Last week I voted Republican for the very first time. Sarah Palin's selection as the VP candidate had a lot to do with it. COLIN POWELL HELPED LIE US INTO THE WAR IN IRAQ. THEY BELONG TOGETHER. See ConsortiumNews for other Colin Powell info and his lies and coverups during the Vietnam war.

Anonymous said...

There is no way that I could vote for Obama..and, the "frosting on the cake" was the endorsement of Colin one time...I respected and admired him...not anymore...he crossed his party line to do that...makes me wonder what Obama has on him...why else would he endorse Obama "used" Hillary and still is..I don't see Bill doing that...Joe Biden made a "slip of the tongue" by something he had said over the weekend...thinking that it wasn't heard but it was..the media hasn't helped matters much...I feel the only station that is "playing fair" is FOX NEWS...Sean Hannity really probes into Obama...the media is so "swayed" by Obama...he's a man that we really don't know...has no experience and in the beginning...I didn't feel that "race/color" was an issue..but, it's turning out to be that way...Obama does not deserve to be POTUS...It should have been Hillary...Senator McCain is a man to be admired and I feel that he and Sarah Palin are a great team!! COUNTRY FIRST!!!

ASolis said...

I am still a Democrat in Exile despite Hillary's brave comments! My experience with Obama's many vile supporters is still fresh on my mind. Most importantly, the blatant disregard for democratic principles shown by the so called leaders of the Democratic Party - my party for more than 30 years! -will not be forgotten. God help us if Obama wins. I am praying hard AND mostly, importantly, tomorrow I will be the first in line to vote early - For McCain/Palin! It a strategic and deliberate way to act on what's in my heart and mind.

Tabitha LoVerso said...

I just sent in my absentee ballot and am proud to announce that we "Democrats in Exile" can find solace in voting for another party, neither Republican nor Democrat. I supported all Green Party and Libertarian candidates this election. Not only were they all worthy of the positions they were running for, but they actually superceded the mockery that is being put forth by the Democratic and Republican parties. Best of luck to you all in November.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah
"I'm so disappointed in Hillary"
"I won't vote for Obama because I'm still pouting and sucking my thunb"

Hillary wants us to support Obama but some of still won't listen to her because you're still being babies.
You don't care about only care about your hurt feelings.
Get over it and get over yourselves!
Will you still suck your thumbs and pacifiers next week, if Obama wins?