Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hillary In The News

Columbus Dispatch: Clinton exhorts faithful not to get complacent Read here.

Orlando Sentinel: 40,000 Cheer Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton In Orlando Read here.

Hibbing Daily Tribune: “Clinton rallies the Range: Sen. Hillary Clinton told a roaring crowd of nearly 5,000 people last night that ‘hard-working folks” of the Iron Range want a government that works as hard as they have their entire lives.”

President Bill Clinton has also been crisscrossing the country for Obama-Biden and other Democrats, making stops this week in Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas. Read about “Clinton Mak[ing] the Case for Obama” here.

“A Tide That Doesn’t Just Lift the Yachts:” Hillary also held a conference call with reporters and voters in New Hampshire previewing her upcoming trip and continuing to make the case for Obama-Biden and other Democrats. The Boston Globe reports:

"I think you know you're on the front lines of the election," Clinton told Obama field offices in a conference call also opened up to reporters. "New Hampshire is going to be critical to our victory." The last eight years have been "very good" to the wealthy, she said, and Obama would only return income tax rates back to what they were under the administration of her husband.

"We want a tide that doesn't just lift the yachts," she said. "We want to lift everyone up." Read more.



Anonymous said...

I have supported Hillary Clinton even before she ran in the primary but there is no way I will vote for Obama. I really cannot believe she or Bill feels that Obama would be good for this country. If she runs again in 2012 I will be there to support her again but my vote is going to John McCain and Sarash Palin.

Anonymous said...

Can you still be THAT stupid?
If McCain wins, say good-bye to what Hillary has worked and fought for.

Baa-baa...that's what you are if you're still POd that Obama will (hopefully) win this week and you're leaving chewing you REPUBLICAN cud!

Anonymous said...

To the 6:23 post:

These people can only be of one of a few types:

- Republican plants who never truly wanted Clinton in the first place and are just trying to stir up animosity in the Dems so McSame and his lipsticked Chihuahua might actually have a chance.

- Anti-male sexists who vote based on what's between a person's legs rather than what's between their ears.

- Psychotics so full of rage they will vote against their own interests to punish the majority for not doing what THEY (the minority) wanted.

- Childish people who don't really care but just want to stir up trouble (aka trolls).

Don't let 'em get to you. Just laugh at 'em and poke 'em right back! (-;

beth said...

"I really cannot believe she or Bill feels that Obama would be good for this country. "

Yet again, and alleged Hillary "supporter" accuses Hillary of lying; of selling her values and her country down the river.

Disagreeing with her is one thing, impugning her integrity is quite another.