Friday, October 10, 2008

Congrats to Connecticut - 3 states down, 47 to go

This Quote from Justice Palmer is amazing.
“Interpreting our state constitutional provisions in accordance with firmly established equal protection principles leads inevitably to the conclusion that gay persons are entitled to marry the otherwise qualified same-sex partner of their choice,” .... “To decide otherwise would require us to apply one set of constitutional principles to gay persons and another to all others.” (NYTimes)
It so crazy that it takes society so long to see common sense. You would think that the very action of imposing two different sets of rights on two different groups of people would scream "Craziness"....I am just glad that society is finally waking up



Sherri said...

I agree BUT it scares me that gays everywhere will vote obama for this very issue and forget the damage he will do to them in other issues! I can not and will not vote for him!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri...

Just FYI. I am gay, myself, and I absolutely loathe Obama. I will not be voting for him, and I know a lot of gay people that feel the same way. I have actually changed the mind of many myself to show them the light on Obama. Gay people tend to be a bit sharper than the average Joe when it comes to these things if you can actually get them to slow down for a minute and listen, and a lot of us are aware of the fact that while they are very important issues, Gay Rights and a Woman's Right to Choose should not even be a factor in deciding for this particular presidential election.

Neither candidate is a gay man or a woman, and quite frankly they have MUCH bigger fish to fry right now that will consume them for many years to come. Given those circumstances, I don't believe that either candidate will do anything either for or against one of these issues because they are not personally affected by them and will have much more pressing matters to attend to.

With all of that being said, THANK YOU CONNECTICUT and Justice Palmer for your very eloquent words stating something that should be so simply understood as common sense but unfortunately is not. Thank God there are SOME justices and legislators left in this country that truly have the best interest of ALL citizens at heart and not of just a select few. So thank you again to the great state of Connecticut!

Anonymous said...

SGEnglish....I was happy to read your comment...I have nothing against gay people at's what makes you the happiest...everyone has their preference and I'm glad that the gay community is now being recognized...
SO it goes with voting...I feel that people need to see what Obama is...and, finally...the news media is letting it out...I think FOX News is about the best..I like and appreciate Sean Hannity...from all that he can tell he's not for Obama...IF Obama should win...I have the feeling that someone will take him out.....there are so many people out there in this crazy/unsettled world that would do it! WE all know how unfair/unjust Obama has been and how he treated should have been her as the Democratic candidate...not...OBAMA!!

Anonymous said...

I abhore the thought that Obama might win this election. Not only did I think Hillary would have been a good president but this election is being made into an affirmative action campaign and that should not be how we chose a president. I appreciate the comment from sgenglish and wish him well. I am from Florida which used to be a Republican stronghold and now the polls say that Obama is leading. We need every vote we can get and it is disconcerting that Hillary is still encouraging her supporters to vote for Obama. I think she has done enough and should be able to pull back now. Although I dread the thought of Obama becoming POTUS, I would hope that he can be defeated at the polls since I believe all people deserve the same rights and wish him no ill will.

Anonymous said...

I also will not vote for Obama. I am gay, and loathe the fact that the gay community did not seem to see the VP debate when Biden said there is no difference between O'Biden and McPalin. Neither of them agrees with same-sex marriage, and they both believe marraige is only between a man and a woman. Biden even voted for DOMA. Or when Obama clearly said he only believed in marriage between a man and a woman when he was questioned by the Christian leader in CA. How can someone who is African-American think that "separate but equal" is OK??? I'm disgusted by Obama.

Anonymous said...

I too am gay and have NO intention of voting for Obama.

beth said...

Gays (like me) everywhere will vote for Obama - not because of what the Connecticut Supreme Court said, but because
a) he has a better record on gay rights
b) he has a better platfom on gay rights, including wanting to overturn "don't ask don't tell" AND the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and
c) we believe he's better on the economy and national security as well

Oh, and lest anyone be fooled by "anonymous" 's taking Biden's comments out of context: he said there was no difference between them in their belief that marriage should be for heterosexuals only. There are still huge differences in how they think same-sex marriages should be recognized and treated.

Obama is opposed to constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage - at both the federal and state level.

McCain in contrast says he supports anti-gay marriage amendments in AZ and CA.

Obama wants to repeal the laws that prevent the federal government from recognizing gay marriages performed in Mass, CT and CA.

McCain supports them.

They are NOT the same on LGBT rights or LGBT relationships - but don't take my word for it, here's a run-down of their actual positions:

Anonymous said...

As a gay for Obama, I have to say that the dems are the only ones pretty much that do anything for gay rights. Being "partnered" for 9 years and counting I just want the rights! These politicians have to appease the rest of the country which do not completely understand that is what at stake. We suffer the same discrimination as in earlier times that hated the ideas that women or blacks should not be able to vote! What next? Palin clearly stated her position and I was not proud of her! You think a 70 year old man will do anything to improve our rights as gays NO! So think what you want but Obama is looking out for the best interest of this country, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!