Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama/McCain Debate Thread Now Open...Discuss Away

Feel free to discuss pre debate, during the debate and after the debate. Keep it civil!

This should be pretty intense tonight


beth said...

Just an FYI - here are the format/rules the candidates agreed on for this debate, from

"Tuesday's match-up at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., will be moderated by NBC's Tom Brokaw, with the questions to be culled from a group of 100 to 150 uncommitted likely voters in the audience and another one-third to come via the Internet. The Gallup Organization -- as in past debates like this -- has the job of making sure the questioners reflect the demographic makeup of the nation.

Brokaw selects the questions to ask from written queries submitted prior to the debate, according to the "contract."

An audience member will not be allowed to switch questions. Under the deal, the moderator may not ask followups or make comments. The person who asks the question will not be allowed a follow-up either, and his or her microphone will be turned off after the question is read. A camera shot will only be shown of the person asking -- not reacting.

While there will be director's chairs (with backs and foot rests), McCain and Obama will be allowed to stand -- but they can't roam past their "designated area" to be marked on the stage. McCain and Obama are not supposed to ask each other direct questions."

Anonymous said...

Obama is dangerous. How can Hillary support him? the democratic party is not the party of the people it is the party of the radicals who have carried affirmative too far. Our country is in trouble and the Clintons need to stop this anarchist!

Anonymous said...

Obama is dangerous. How can Hillary support him? the democratic party is not the party of the people it is the party of the radicals who have carried affirmative too far. Our country is in trouble and the Clintons need to stop this anarchist!

beth said...

"affirmative"? Do you mean "affirmative action"?

Or, in other words, you think Obama became the nominee not because millions of Democrats (black, white, and everything in between) voted for him, but because he's black?

But your opposition isn't about race...

I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

(and no, I certainly don't think all McCain supporters are racists. But I do think people who spew crud like this are)

Anonymous said...

I wouold've preferred Hillary myself, but that's a moot point now. McCain and his vp moron Palin are the ones who are dangerous. I am a working class white Lady who would like to eventually move out of the Ghetto. With McCain- I would be moving- right into a homeless shelter- if he allowed them to continue to exist.

A said...

Beth that bridge comment was hilarious. I think diet coke shot out of my nose lol

Anonymous said...

How could anyone be so ignorant as to spew the bs crap about Obama being dangerous. That is outrageous! The thing I find dangerous is an ancient adulterer, claiming to have good christian values, taking away our control or choice for anything, taking over the helm, and worse yet, when he finally croaks having an idiotic "hockey mom" with no experience who thinks she can get by with winking at people as his backup. Now that is friggin scary! WOW! Lets be real about this...

Anonymous said...

Hillary Sent Me...Obama-Biden '08

Steve said...

If Obama wins this debate tonight, that will be 3 debates in a row won by democrats. That will definitely slide McCain back even more.

Maybe McCain will be partly human tonight. Will he actually look at his opponent instead of being a snob? Will he look less mechanical and dead? Hopefully he doesn't call himself a "maverick", or Palin one either. Biden had a GREAT response after Palin uttered that word one too many times in the VP debate.

McCain is worthless.

Anonymous said...

This is a video From Obama's book. This is not second hand, but out of his mouth. How can anyone stand behind him. I hope everyone takes the time to watch this. It took my breath away. Watch it and tell me if you still stand behind him.

Darla wilson said...

Hillary Clinton is a class act. She should have been our president. but now is the time to move forward.
Now more then ever, we as a public voting body need to do our homework. We need to fact check each and every thing that both candidates are saying.
I'm not saying that Obama is my first choice, but his ideas and views support most of what i believe in.

I would like to know why Sara Palin feels its necessary to mention God every time she talks. I thought our Constitution provides a separation between church and state? I'm not down with that. I don't want your religious views in my face. KEEP THEM TO YOUR SELF SARA PALIN.
And why are we encouraging our candidates to "take the gloves off" how about we ask them to "put the thinking caps on?"
Americans need to educate them selves and not rely on Fox news for their information.

NJWomanforObama/Biden 08 said...

I just watched part of the youtube link posed on October 7, 2008 1:35 PM. I am sorry the author of the comment believes the people posting on this website are not able to put together the fact that this video was cut up and things taken out of context. It's OK all is forgiven...

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBH7LfGK8A0

AND.. YES i still stand behind Obama. It's about time that African American's have some one intelligent to look up to. This is a big step for us! lets embrace our differences, instead of fear them.
FEAR, that is what we are paralyzed with in this country.
Black, white, whatever, stop being an ignorant american and get over the color and get on the issues~!

hrc33 said...

I had my NY vote for Hillary given to Obama so I will be writing Hillary's name in on an absentee ballot. I can't in good conscience support either of them; they're both liars.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope McCain can restrain, but regardless this election is almost over and sliging lies about Obama wont bring back his numbers. He knows this too that this election is leaning far from him. All he needs is a big stat and hopefully these republicans dont pull the same crap they did to Al Gore! This is a new generation of voters and together with all the voters we will bring well deserved chang. GO OBAMA

Anonymous said...

Obama is worthless!!!!

What kind of change do you expect from this man?

Anonymous said...

What part of his quote that he hid the fact he had a white mother, so he would not be integrated with white people is missing. Please clear it up for me, for I am appalled. I would also like someone to comment on him talking about sitting in the sermons that he now says he was not apart of. His hatred for whites, lies, and conections with terrorists is way to much baggage. Not to mention in his last debate he said he wanted to end the war in irag (in defeat) but start another war in pakistan. Calling another 2 to 3 brigades of troops. His spending habits are out of hand and though I agree with pro choice... It's not for his reason that we should not punish someones mistake with a baby. I agree with pro choice for the infants sake.

beth said...

He doesn't want to start a war with Pakistan. He wants to be able to take limited military action when and if we have actionable intelligence on the whereabouts of terrorists or enemy combatants.

As do a fair number of our military. They don't like the idea that Al Q. and the Taliban can attack them, then run into Pakistan to hide without fear of reprisal.

Catherine said...

Lets talk about McCain - he is a traitor he sold US Information to the VietCong while he was captured.. aren't soldiers taught never to tell even under the most dire situations? Well he sang like a canary... Palin oh please.. hockey mom she can't relate she is so far fetched in her ideas ugh.. she calls Obama a terrorist because he hung around someone when he was what 6 years old.. hello? Does she even have a brain? I wish the Clintons were still in the running..

Anonymous said...

This election is disturbing and it looks like we will be in a downward spiral the next 4 years. The wrong Democratic candidate is 2 steps away from the door and those who vote Obama will regret it. We need to be diligent in our prayer lives. The problems we se with the economy today are lightweight compared to what is coming our way.

Anonymous said...

If we choose to believe all that the hype that McCain is trying to feed us then we deserve what happens to us in the next four years. Palin HA what a joke she should stick a puck in her mouth and shut up. If McCain had a chance he blew it with her. How does hockey relate to the rest of the country that does not have frozen ground? McCain is so full of it he reminds me of a former presidents puppet son. Think about 2012 will MCain still be around? Palin cannot fill the shoes of a president and I just hope that does not happen. Go Obama

Rockin Robin said...

Barack Obama became the nominee because the democratic party adjusted the rules on his behalf. He did not have enough delegates according to the DNC rules during the primaries. It was when Hillary was on her winning streak did the the DNC adjust the rules to ensure that Obama cross their newly created finishing line.

And yes, there is no denying that millions of people of all races, ages, etc voted for him. But stop denying that the DNC played dirty on behalf of an inexperienced politician.

and Alex... are you are Palin hater? Because that bridge comment is a result of a nasty smear campaign against Palin.

Unlike Obama, Palin has actually produced results as a politician. She has HAD to be decisive in her career as a politician.

If any of you have a comeback for that, then I ask you WTF have you done to serve your community?

I have yet to be impressed with any results that Obama has produced. He missed the button 5 times. Voted present over 100 times. Chicago is still as slummy as it was before he became their state senator. How does that translate to becoming a good president?

There is not a single person here who can tell me in good faith that Barack Obama would make a good president because YOU DON'T KNOW THAT. He has no past record that reflect what his future leadership looks like. None.

Palin has chased out corrupt politicians from her own party. And she never resorted to bucking her opponents off the ballot to win.

None of these politicians are FOR gay marriage. Neither is my state governor Arny, but that fact hasn't kept our state from legalizing marriage.

So the whole gay rights and women rights threat by the democratic party is bogus and manipulative crap.

We need to realize that this country is not safe from terrorism. And to pretend that we are is beyond ignorant. You cannot negotiate with a rapist just as you cannot negotiate with a terrorist. Both require a physical attack if they "cross the line".

And for someone to say that Obama won his previous debate, that is not up to you or the liberal media to decide. Its up to the viewer and YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT EACH VIEWER saw for themselves.

The only real poll is going to be on November 4 and even that will be questionable due to all the ACORN registration submitting thousands of registrants of people who either don't exist or who are dead. let's hope those investigations are thorough before election day.

Have a good night folks. And remember to pull your head out of your asses BEFORE the debate starts. You can hear better that way.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here is something to ponder... If Obama was white would he have won the nomination. I doubt it. If Hillary relligously went to a church that was conducted like a kkk rally she would have been kicked out of the nomination early. As she should have been. but why not Obama? How is someone so predudice going to unite us. I am not voting for him because his skin is dark, I am not voting for him because his soul is. Just like I hope others are not voting for him just because of his race.

Anonymous said...

The vitriol and self-righteous commentary from Obama supporters is often amazing; yet Obama's record is not. NoObama '08.

Lauren M said...

It's amazing to me how the tone of this blog has turned nasty and hateful. I feel like I'm reading old Obama threads. Once a upon a time.... we all supported Hillary, now we are suppose to support Obama? NEVER!!!

He is not to be trusted, his history and associations are clearly defined. I believe his character is so flawed, I could never justify supporting what and who he is.

I am from Illinois and he is no mystery to us. We are pretty sure we know the direction he plans on going and I believe it won't be good. I also believe the majority of the people supporting him, don't have this country's best intentions in mind. As someone mentioned earlier ...... you should be judged by the company you keep.

Anonymous said...

YAY ROBIN.....You said it perfectly...these people that Obama is better than ice cream had better wake up...The ideals he has NOW..he took from Hillary...the man has NO experience...I don't trust him..he's shady...an "unknown" who isn't willing to disclose himself..he gets elected...it will be a very long 4 years...you think this administration was bad...you ain't seen nothing yet....WAKE UP PEOPLE...CLEAR YOUR MINDS...Should Obama win....and, he doesn't live up to your expectations...and, you start groaning...I'll just say to you..."I TOLD YOU SO"....Obama is not Presidential material....he "robbed" Hillary of what should have been hers....and, her on the campaign trail for him is wrong...why should she when he played dirty politics with her...she raises all of this money for him and he won't even payoff her debt...a promise already broken...IF I had been Hillary..I would have told Obama...NO...You want to be POTUS...you earn it on your own...

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Obama has brainwashed the stupid to believe that he will deliver a new Utopia.

Got an email from a friend which really took me be surprise. Instead of worrying about terrorists and how we are going to ensure our freedom, he is worried about not getting a chance to frolick in the flower fields.

The "evil" republicans have "ruined us"

OMG has he ever been to Lebanon? Indonesia? Malaysia? These folks don't have the FREEDOM to frolick.

This argument reminds of a girl who is so spoiled growing up in Beverly Hills and all it takes to ruin her day is a broken nail where somewhere in NYC there is a child huddled up in a stairwell glad he survived the day.

Anonymous said...

I can not see how anyone would vote for a man that is calling for eveyone to sevre him. He still has not given proof he is a US citizen. He has kid singing him praise like he is a god, and now a school with military style chants calling BO the Alpha and Omega. GET A CLUE. Obama is acting just like HITLER!! We have got to put a stop to him before he becomes president! I for one will not bow down the the great leader! We need to get the truth out out BO and all his ties to radicalism! The main stream media is blinded by BO and he has people bulling others to make them vote for him. He tries to stop people from talking about his true past but want to bring up everyone elses. This GUY is very dangerous, If he is president American will change for the worst. Look back at his history and Hitlers history and see the connetions for yourselves. VOTE McCAIN/PALIN!!

Ricco said...

Sweet Robin's in the thread. I don't feel so alone =P The Obamabots are going to be on top of tonight, it would seem.

This is the last chance Obama has with my vote. If he can address Ayers, Rezko and Wright in a way I can accept he just might just get my vote. So far McCain has me and "you betcha" I like Palin. But maybe Obama can turn it around.

Anonymous said...

The only way I would vote for Obama is if he put Hillary at the top of the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Obama will get my vote when he has actually done something at the legislative level that makes a difference.

So far he is just a PR job with a lot of funky people around him. Even his campaign manager is skanky.

danny said...

I wanted Hillary sooo bad as well. I worked my but off to get family and friends as well as strangers to vote in the primaries and caucuses. If there were a way to get Hillary in that would be great! That does not seem to be happening, so I f Obama screws things up thanand sad to say but I await Hillary! I cannot see McCain making any ground tonight and Obama will probably do good. We have to wait and see and remember what we want out of this election because all presidents promise but but who will come closer to this promise?

Anonymous said...

It is UNBELIEVABLE that ANY Americans can believe for one minute that Obama has the ABILITY to run this Country. Worse, how can anyone believe ONE word that comes out of his mouth. Sure we all have known some shady people, but in Obama's case that IS the MAJORITY of who he has known! Inexperienced, crooked as those he has ran with for most of his life, and yet want him as a leader?? People want to believe that he is another Hillary or Bill Clinton..no way, no how!! And he also would not hold a candle to JFK or MLK. HE is just a Chicago dirty politican that has the gift of gab and guess what that IS the ONLY thing that has gotten him this far. EXCEPT for the palestinians who PAID for his college education??? People want to say that it is the Republicans fault that the economy is where it is?? How stupid can they be? McCain and other REPUBLICANS were the ONLY ones that wanted to regulate Fannie/Freddie, Obama voted NO to any regulation.Frank, Obama, Reid And Pelosi have All gotten Rich from the Greed in Congress! And how about all these tax cuts he is lying about? Well, there is NO MONEY to cut taxes and there is NO MONEY for all of these programs that he says he will put into effect! More LIES!

Anonymous said...

well said anonymous @ 5:14

Rockin Robin said...

Hi Ricco,

I respect the fact that you are reserving the right to change your mind.

Has anyone watched the Briggite Gabriel videos? I posted them on www.DemsMoveOn.org. Its on the same blog as Hannity's report on Obama's friends. It really opened my eyes to the possibility of terrorists in this country.

There are six videos but I only posted the first two.

Bonnie Tierney said...

In less than 30 minutes we will hear from both candidates. Many of us still upset that Senator McCain will not be debating Senator Clinton but the fact remains, he will be debating Senator Obama. Ask yourself "who is ready to be President on Day 1 in the White House, please? We have the economy in the worst shape it has ever been in but folks, my concern is not about the economy quite frankly. You see, my concern is about terrorism. We won't need to worry about the economy if we're attacked again in the United States. It's not fear -- it's real true concern. As a former military officer and as one who served on active duty for over 19 years, I understand terrorism first hand because in 1983 I was involved in the identification and processing of the 241 soldiers that were killed during the Beirut Bombing of the Marine Barracks on October 23, 1983! Senator McCain warned President Reagan not to go into Beirut and despite his warning, we sent troops. The outcome was devastating. I've been a die hard Democrat voting 35 years...and this year I will cast my vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. It's not about the "Economy stupid" -- it's about your freedom...about the ability to stop and "defeat" terrorism. Senator Obama wants to confront it and sit down and have "high tea" with those who want to kill us...Senator McCain wants to "defeat" it! We have only one choice in this election and that is to vote for Senator McCain -- he understands our military and has the intelligence to know what to do in a crisis! Senator Obama is more like George Bush in that he is arrogant and has much to learn. I'm not willing to cast my vote OJT (On-the-Job Training) for him. Think before you make that final decision -- you may be voting for your own life! check out Locked In Time and you will understand why I feel the way I do.

With a Heart of Love,

Bonnie Tierney
Author & Veteran

Rockin Robin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rockin Robin said...

Hi Ricco,

I'm glad to see that you are reserving your right to change your mind.

Anonymous said...

I went in today and voted for John McCain/Sarah Palin
because they are the change from the Bush administration we need. Obama
would be a continuation of his type of administration. It is not about
conservative or liberal points of views of Americans as we have survived
that for 100's of years. It is about special interest, hidden powerful
corporations and people and a record of knowing how to stand up to them not
join them! A couple of things called experience and integrity! McCain/Palin
have a record of having that! Obama/Biden short record shows they are
willing to throw it under the bus for power! NO MORE MCCARTHYISM-OBAMAISM!
It is bad for the country!

Oh as a pissed off PUMA I also voted anti Democratic Party down ticket as
well if they were an incumbent! I only voted for non incumbent Democrats!

Steve said...

I love all the anonymous ignorant "NOBAMA" chants in this blog. Go check out a McCain blog and sing your praise about him there.

Bonnie, you definitely have conservative qualities to be singing the tunes you are singing. Obama having "high tea" with enemies, and McCain wants to "defeat" them. You see, I'm not trying to sound like a hippy, but do we as Americans really want to seem MORE like bullies than we already do? Go to India, Brazil, Norway, or any other country....you will get criticism over the Bush years in the White House and his war tactics.

It would be nice to broaden my horizons and go to other countries, but when the republicans want to bomb everyone.....it makes it less possible. In the first debate, McCain kept pointing out earmarks that Obama wants to take out. There are for health care, social programs and other things that would STRENGHTEN the nation. However, McCain does not also mention that the money he wants to put into the already large $10 billion a month we have going into the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, once we take on another war in Iran. His stance on Iraq and how we need to stay there to help them prosper as we borrow money to stay there when they have a surplus is absolutely ridiculous.

I'm scared of the U.S.A. if we elect McCain and his moron of a V.P. choice into office.

I gave McCain and Obama an equal chance months ago. McCain first couldn't remember how many houses he owns, then his flip-flopping and lies about how things are in Iraq turned me off. His V.P. candidate absolutely ended any chance with me. To think that if McCain croaks.....she would take over. Seriously scary as hell.

That video posted about Obama did not turn me off at all. How was it supposed to? To make me think he is racist to whites? Give me a break.

Here is a video that makes me scared of McCain, and what he has to say....


Anonymous said...

obama can take a flying leap and take all his obots and acorn workers with him.

down with hitler

oh sorry, was that racist? my bad.

Steve said...

McCain is a change and Obama is a continuation? Are you serious? You are laughable, anonymous person. Wow.....that is the first time I heard that. The same.....continuation? Actually it's the other way around honey.

LibertyCampaign said...

This Question is for Senator McCain. I would like to ask why your energy policy focuses on nuclear energy, when our current nuclear power plants have been proven to be inefficient, expensive, and the waste it produces cannot be disposed of in a sensible manner. If we build 45 new nuclear power plants across America, wouldn't that make the United States less secure, due to the possibility that these plants could become 45 new terrorist targets. And how would you plan on disposing of the countless barrels of waste that we already have a problem getting rid of?

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh....McCain, Brokaw just said to limit it to a minute. Turn up your hearing aid.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Finch....you are a moron. Don't go to a debate sounding like a fucking idiot.

Steve said...

CNN has a graph based on neilson ratings by uncommitted Ohio voters, men and women. Ohio is vital for either to win. They already said today that Obama is taking a lead. Based on the graph, McCain isn't doing well at all. It has never went down below any mark that McCain has when Obama is speaking. That is bad for the McCain ticket.

Anonymous said...

I notice McCain is not wearing his flag pin tonight... Will the Republicans begin calling him anti-American and a terrorist like they did when Obama did not wear his during the last debate?

Tim said...

How did we end up with this choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich? Both of these losers are so pathetic. It is so sad.

Ricco said...

Hey Robin,

Yeah I'm just tying to keep an open mind but honestly I don't think if he hasn't answered those questions by now he ever will. But I thought I'd keep an open mind tonight. We will see.

MileHighDivaCyn said...

This is indeed the "silly season"
neither one of these two have a clue and deserve to be the president. I still plan to write in Hillary Clinton. I'm disgusted with the way this entire campaign on both sides has been run.

Anonymous said...

Wow, McCain started this Social Security and Medicare question like a complete douche. Wow, what a prick. No wonder he runs so many attack ads.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is funny.....
Let me start off with .... I won't ever vote for Obama, NEVER!

Could you guys imagine the debate between Hillary and Palin? Hillary would have wiped the floor with her.... just like she did Obama and just like she would have done to Mccain. This is clearly a sad day.... Tim your right 100%!

Psycho Killer said...

"My Friends" John McCain is no friend of mine!

Ricco said...

Yeah I miss Hillary too =(

Ricco said...

Last debate Obama kept interupting now this debate he doesn't respect the time limits. The rules don't seem to apply to him.

psycho killer said...

In the words of Bill Maher.."if the American elect McCain, it's because they are "stupid"
Simply put. There we're even more McCain supporters on the first thread..laughing and cheerling like they we're watching a football game, claiming McCain won. Laughable being according to the public Obama one the last debate, and Biden won the debate against Barbie.
I'm confident we democrats will prevail once again.

Psycho Killer said...

Ricco..the way I seen it last debate was McCain kept interupting, and couldn't even look at Obama.
They both a breaking the time limit...

Ricco said...

Obama comes across as soooo entitled.

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for McCain. Almost.....

Psycho Killer said...

Haha...McCain has to keep writing down the questions..lol
Damn memory! his mind is too full of the "good ole days" to obtain new information.

Anonymous said...

John McCain has basically backtracked on every response given during this whole campaign & debate. The economy is in a comparable state to the Great Depression and the war on terror as comparable to Vietnam. Is anyone really willing to see another four years of what we have been going through for the past eight years?

Steve said...

McCain pulled up a lil at the end on foreign policy, but still fell short of Obama.

Well, democrats went 3 for 3 in the debates so far.

Psycho Killer said...

McCain accuses Obama of being risky? wasn't he the ole fella singing "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran?"

Anonymous said...

John McCain has officially lost it. He's twisting and contradicting words that he think he heard come out of Obama's mouth. He's run dry, with nothing left to say. So what happens next? Would ANYONE really want to risk Sarah Palin as the head of the free world at ANY POINT?!?

Anonymous said...

McCain speaks in "George W. Bush-isms."

Anonymous said...

over Obama.... Yes

Psycho Killer said...

word..no way would I want to risk sarah palin being large and in-charge!

Anonymous said...

Thought it was funny that Obama did not dispute that he was the second highest in recieving contributions from Fannie Mae. He should go put his head in the sand. Did he ever answer a question? All I ever heard come from him was a repeat of what is wrong, but never a solution on how to fix it. And what is this about him wanting to not only support countries like Georgia morally, but financially. Give me a break. Thought Mcain did great tonight. It's about time someone put Obama in his place.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I want to get votes by instilling fear in the American public as well. Holocaust?! Are you serious?! INSTILLING FEAR. NOT developing solutions to make the USA a stronger and safer place to be. People who say, "over Obama... Yes" worry me.

Psycho Killer said...

About time someone put Obama where? haha...obama obviously one this debate..3 in a row, and it was vital that McCain won this one.. i'm tickeled pink.

Anonymous said...

I hear a lot of negatives about Palin. What has she done that is so bad? If you are against her for lack of experience than you must also be against obama.

Anonymous said...

I can make a grocery list of what is wrong with obama. Can anyone tell me what he has to offer.

Psycho Killer said...

Why against palin? i'm sure she's a nice little lady, but she is clueless! she can't hink on her feet..and thinks Alaska is equalivalant
to the world..actually claimed that she knows foreign policy because of the location of the her state? hilarious! we DO NOT NEED SOMEONE ORDINARY TO LEAD THIS EXTRAORDINARY COUNTRY!

Anonymous said...

What has she done that is so good? She's for so many things I stand against. She has NEVER been outside the US except for Canada. She has NO relations with foreign diplomats. She was mayor of the meth capital of the US. She makes women pay for their own rape kits (DISGUSTING). AND insists that women who have been raped by their fathers or in other incestuals situatioans she be forced to have the unborn. She criticizes Obama for being an "organizer" and not a "governor." If she's going to play the Christian card she should realize that Jesus was an "organizer" when Pontius Pilate was a "governor." And if you're going to ask what has she done that's so bad... you should also ask what has she done that's so great?!?!

Anonymous said...

Psycho Killer... are you old enough to vote?

Anonymous said...

Lets vote Obama, raised outside of our country, took the stars out of the flag, no acomplishments to speak of, his experience consits of 4 years in the senate, racist, at minimum friendships with terrrorists, cheated his way as nominee, and everyother word is a lie. That is much better than Mcain and palin. Do you know what a community organizer is. It is basically a terrorist in the banking industry. He intimidated banks alongside of acorn into giving loans to low income/ minorities that knew they could never pay. Now tax payers have to pay.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anonymous @ 8:16. You are clueless and shouldn't be allowed to vote. It's scary.

Anonymous said...

my one question is why obama will not put his hand over his heart when the national anthem is being played! and another thing is palin and obama have the bout same experience..yes obama has been in senate longer but palin has been around politics too! and also george w bush is not on this ballot! mccain is!

Bonnie Tierney said...

Steve...you're right, I'm a bit conservative when it comes to national security and I have lots of reason to be. As for the debate tonight, it was absolutely "boring" and much of the same from both candidates. Senator McCain was very strong on world issues as expected and I think Senator Obama fell short tonight and why is it that politicians just can't answer the question briefly and succinctly? The one line that will hit the newspapers tomorrow unfortunately for Senator McCain will be "That One Over There!" "That one over there" is clearly inexperienced when it comes to our national security but the words send a chilling message of disrespect. Of course, Senator McCain missed his opportunity to throw a curve ball back at Senator Obama for bringing up the "Bomb Bomb Iran" comment because when he was asked "What Dont You Know?" my response would have been..."I don't know about Senator Obama's true character. Afterall, anyone who sits in a church pew over 20 years listening to a pastor spew defamatory comments about the United States and has their children baptized by the same pastor not longer than 8 or 9 years ago, and maintains close contact with that pastor, has credibility and character issues." John McCain should have taken that opportunity to remind the American people about Senator Obamas' chacacter and he fell short in my book tonight doing so. We saw low life politics and mud slinging tonight on Senator Obama's part -- that doesn't represent change -- it's more of the same! Americans are tired of our politicians not answering the questions asked. Too much talk and not enough substance. It's all about speeches and delivery unfortunately. The American people lose tonight.

Bonnie Tierney
Author & Veteran

Danny said...

Its quite clear who won and it was like a hug! X 10 Obama did what he had to do and the polls speak for themselves. McPain made himself look like a senial old man walking around that stage! What was he thinking waving his hands as Obama spoke his part. McCain made him self look like a jack ass. All he could do is bring up votes that Obama chose not to vote on to not let Fannie and others have that bail out they just got. After Bush put us through this how can one not expect for Obama to make this vote at this time, he shouldn't have. Then if he had not you haters would be blaming him for that. The repugnant party did this and all them folk in DC get breaks but not like G Bush! So think about it and I wave my hand to all of you sticking by Hillary and if Obama fails she prevails in 2012! Take that Slogan!

Anonymous said...


Krystal said...

I'm voting for "THAT ONE"!! And John McCain, I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND!! That was just as bad as the **wink** on Thursday. Geez!!!

LoveAmerica said...

I just watched the debate.
Not a great one, but a little disappointed McCain didn't bring up the Ayers connection regarding the money he gave Obama to give to Acorn to pass out to public schools to provide programs to teach our kids radical politics. This is scarey. The same is happening in our college with athesist and socialistic professors all over the country. A gneration away and our country will be just like Soviet Union, communism.

Je'Amour(Betty) said...

Once again McCain offered substance. Obama danced around talk a good game and said nothing. Senator McCain is Presidential.
"Please to everyone come to the march in State College on October 13, 2008 2:30 sharp come to http://democracyinsuffrage.blogspot.com for details...

Anonymous said...

Hillary gave up her chance by not taking it to the convention. This is the first time in 40 years that I will vote Republican. Under obama the USA will become the USSA. If you don't know what that means I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

There have been comments about McCain addressing Obama as "that one". In debate, this method is used to present a certain point.
Changing the rhetoric to not just saying Obama got the audtience's attention. The point was correct that McCain made about the vote and he was wanting to stress it.
If you want to observe something else, one should observe Obama's body language. It seemed smug like he was looking down at McCain.
I heard comments from the Obama side that he addressed the questions, but from the point of view he did not. McCain was better at answering the questions.
Even if he wandered some, he always came back to the question.
As far as the well-being our country, my vote is for McCain.
He has proven that he supports the country. As far as Iraq, he has two sons there, and he would do everything he could to make sure our troops were taken care of since his sons are there. He knows what to do in cases of other countries and as he said, no one is sure what is coming up so it is important to vote for someone who has been there and knows how to handle difficult situations. Obama has never had to handle difficult situations.
As far as Obama saying that he had a single mom and he had to live with his grandparents is not the truth. Check his biography.
His mother was married to an Indonesian and sent Obama back to Hawaii because she was concerned about his schooling. She was single for only one year and her parents always took care of her.
As far as Obama's schooling, he went to the most expensive school in Hawaii (and in the country) all the way through high school. His college was paid for and he never had to work his way through school or pay back loans. He has never run a business. It is coming out about his fake people giving large sums of money to his campaign and to his campaign giving $500,000 to ACORN, which now has had and is still having lawsuits against them for their illegal actions.
Obama did not defeat Hillary. He used underhanded techniques, especially in Iowa, to get the delegates. We are still having lawsuits in Texas over the vote.
Neither candidate is perfect, but I voted for Hillary because she had experience and not shaky friends. I voted against Obama for many reasons. I have not changed my mind about him.
I will vote Republican for the first time in my life due to the fact that I think McCain will put the country first and I should, too.

danny said...

Remember what u ask for? "100 years or more" Thats patriotic pertaining to the hitler comment. So Sad that u folk feel that way. Help this country HILLARY these guys and girls gone mad. Why are they on this site? AGAIN not to support HILLARY! Get over it you wont sway us true supporters. Im sure Hillary knows what shes doing. I support who I was supporting and what she says. Women know best! As a man, I speak that. The only thing that would save the DNC is if they would have done HER justice and THANKS HOWARD DEAN FOR THE GAMES YOU PLAYED AGAINST HILLARY. HOW MUCH WAS HE GETTING? Ask that and when its done all we have to look towards are these 2 candidates when we had a maverick in Hillary. Thanks for the division dumb ass DEAN!


Goddamn I thought this was a site for Hillary supporters.But apparently I must have gotten into an OBAMINATION site,and this shit is to much,you Obamazombies have a site so go to it,and fall on your knees, and use your imagination about this position. Because the messiah will take what ever you have to offer him from that position!


beth said...

Yes, allegedly, HILLARY supporters.

Yet so many of you PUMA types keep insulting her character and integrity by saying she doesn't really support Obama, and is only campaigning and raising large amounts of money for him because she has to or some other nefarious purpose.

Says a lot about your true allegiances.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Darrell Reed.

Lauren M said...

I agree with Darrell.....

I was thinking about the people in my life that are exceptional. Those are the few who can really be trusted no matter what. Those are the ones you can count on no matter what happens in your life. Those are the ones that NO ONE EVER QUESTIONS THEIR INTEGRITY!

Then I thought about Obama.... I don't believe anyone who lived a good life with a decent moral character would have sooooooo many questions and accusations against him. How is it that this man has to always justify his associations, behaviors, political involvements, personal financial issues, church affiliations and commitment to this country?????

I don't recall Hillary being called to answer so many questionable behaviors and associations..... or John McCain or Palin.


If it acts like a pig and it smells like a pig and it talks like a pig..... guess what?

beth said...

I don't recall Hillary being called to answer so many questionable behaviors and associations..... "

Seriously? Have you been living under a rock since 1992?

Please, people on this site who claim to be her supporters regularly question her honesty and integrity. Son't get me started on the garbage that Sean Hannity and his ilk have tried to stick on her.

The mere fact that people ask questions or make accusations means nothing. Especially when most of them have been debunked.

Anonymous said...

March 2, 1981 - Pakistan International's flight PK-326 was hijacked by armed men, at the time it became the longest hijacking in history.

Not that but, the fact that a government official in the trenches with one of the most vile Islamic radicals in Pakistani History, Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, invited Obama to stay with him at his house.

None of this is mentioned in either of Obama's autobiographical books.

When all U.S. Citizens and Christians were banned from entering Pakistan, in 1981, Obama visits Pakistan in 1981!! Pakistan was under Sharia Law then and had been under Martial Law, which lasted from 1973-1988.

In 1981 Obama visited the most Muslim populated countries in the world: Indonesia, Larkana and Karachi in Pakistan, and Hyderabad in India (Hotbeds for Jihad against all non-Muslims). He traveled with Wahid Hamid and stayed in Karachi with Mohammed Hasan Chandio's family.

Obama also stayed at Ahmadmian Soomron house, the then deputy speaker of West Pakistan Assembly under the leadership of Islam Radical Mohammad Zia ul-Haq. General Ziaul Haq overthrew the people's government of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in the early 70's and a reign of jihad began. Muslim radicals were allowed to enter into the country to jihad against Christians and Jews.

So, why would Obama be vacationing in Pakistan, during this time of Martial Law, an overthrow of the free constitution and people's government, massive jihad and Sharia Law, when US citizens were banned from entering Pakistan and under Ziaul-Haq's authority all Christians were banned from entering?

Why was Obama at this government officials house? No ne is talking, including Soomron's son Chairman Senate Muhammadmian Soomro of Pakistan who confirmed the story, but refused to say who their connections were.

Obama must of gone to these countries on his Indonesian passport, which due to Indonesian law requires all identification to state religion, because apostatizing is illegal and punishable by Indonesian Sharia Law.

What is important also about this?

Obama still was an Indonesian citizen! It was illegal in Indonesia to have dual citizenships. So both Obama and his Mother "Ann" lost their U.S. citizenship when moving to Indonesia. The Indonesian government only began acknowledging dual citizenship in November of 2006; The Hague Convention of 1930 and argues that since Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, neither did the United States when it came to Indonesia.

So Obama was still an Indonesian citizen during his trips to Islamic countries, in 1981.

So with such close ties to Pakistan why did Obama show so much animosity towards them?

Obama publicly voiced his desire to invade Pakistan, when American ally and Islamic extremist's worst enemy Pervez Musharraf, was still the President. Obama also publicly said that he wants the United States to distance itself from Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

Why would Obama stay with a radical Islamic Pakistani governmental official, who's party was responsible for mass murders against non-Muslim and the complete instillation of Sharia Law and Islamic rule? And, be so against Musharraf?

ghazali. net/book1/body_chapter_8.
thenews. com. pk/daily_detail.

Please read this blog!!!!!... It will shock you.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry the link to the blog has spaces so here's one without spaces http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=82319744&blogID=438759050

Lauren M said...

The mere fact that people ask questions or make accusations means nothing. Especially when most of them have been debunked.

Most of them, not hardly. Actually very few have been answered. You call it debunked, I call it covered up.... whatever.

So what's his/your excuse for the 1981 affiliations? This blog is just like the old Obama threads..... nasty and defensive.

I don't believe Hillary would expect anyone with a clear understanding of Obama's background to support him. She has political obligations, which I am sure she can't get out of. But if truth was known, she would never support Obama and I don't believe she supports him now. They are two entirely different people. What he claims to support now, are all the things she has been about from the beginning.
It is because of Hillary, Obama is where he is today..... any good he has to offer is from what she gave to him. Never doubt that.

Hillary supports the party and the direction of the party.....and that's it!

Beth, the rock you suggest I live under is floors above you. Go back into your hole and stop defending that worthless cause. Better yet, go to Obama's blog and hang out with those supporters.

beth said...

Hillary is under NO obligation to campaign and fundraise for Obama.

Not at all, let alone with the energy and enthusiasm she has shown.

Bradley didn't in '00. Dean didn't in '04. The other Republicans who ran this year aren't doing it.

You insist that Hillary is party loyalty ahead of what she thinks is best for this country - basically accuse her of being a liar and questioning her integrity, and yet I don't have cred as a Hillary supporter?

Yes, lauren, Hillary has been the subject of countless ugly smears and accusations since entering the public eye, and you would have to have been living under a rock not to know that. But if you really do think Obama having questions raised about him means there's something there, then you must also believe that there's something evil about Hillary, too, because that's your standard, right?

And yes, lauren, if you bothered to read something besides partisan blogs or watch something besides smear-fests like Fox News you would would know just how spurious those smears are.

Anonymous said...

No Beth, it isn't about race. It's about female SEXISM.
Face it....you women are whining, pouting, angry SEXISTS.

Disappointed in Hillary? Wow, you're really great supporters of her...NOT!

You're not in it for Hillary. You don't even give a flying leap about her. If you truly cared about her, you wouldn't be spouting off your angry mouths in disappointment over her support of Obama.

Grow up and get over yourselves. You're not in it for Hillary and our country. You're only in it for yourselves.
Sexism works both ways, ladies and you're showing it in full force!

Anonymous said...

Yeah rocking robin, Palin is soooooooo great and accomplished....NOT!

Wow, she's a WOMAN so therefore she's better than any man. She's automatically "Superwoman/Virgin Mary/Mather Theresa".
Of course, women are NEVER inferior or stupid or weak or unqualified.
We have vaginas, therefore we rule the world.

What a bunch of bull.
What a bunch of SEXIST bull.
Just because Sarah has boobies and has pushed out a couple of kids doesn't automatically make her qualified to run the country.
And gee, mayor of a small town in Alsaka...whoopee. Governor for two years. Wow, color me underwhelmed.

Start using your brain, robin. Start looking at the issues. Start listening to HILLARY.
Get over yourself.
Hillary's right and you're WRONG!
So wrong!
BTW, if the DNC is so corrupt, why is Hillary still a Democrat and out stumping for Obama?
I don't see anyone putting a gun to her head.

Get over your anger and get over your SEXISM.
Pam in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Would you have ever imagined that in your lifetime that a black man named Barrack Hussein Obama would be points ahead of the hero status military white guy. Give yourselves a pat on the back because it means that we have started to evolve. Finally.

Anonymous said...

Oh but anonymous, you must have missed the memo where everyone here is supposed to think that black man is the devil incarnate.

I guess not everyone is as evolved a you, me, and Beth because there are a lot of angry little girls around here afraid of the big, black dude.

That indeed is unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are still those that are afraid and ignorant and are willing to be scared out of their vote. But we are not the same America that voted in George Bush four years ago. At least I think we are not.