Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please take a moment and join No On Prop 8

Four things you can do today to STOP Prop 8.
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Anonymous said...

I'd chop off my hands before I would vote on the side of hatred, inequality and plain bigotry. NO ON PROP 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seasonedcook said...

I would not chop my hand off, but I will vote no. I am a Christian,
a conservative, Bible believing human being. I believe that Jesus would not condone this, but he would not have hatred in his heart. Today the way they have signed in to law against people, who they can and can not give their assets too, like health insurance, property and such, to me is being discriminated against. I do not believe in Gay marriage, but who am I to condone people from having a decent life. As long as they are not pushing their lifestyle on me, and flaunting in front of me, live and let live. Most preachers would not agree with me. But too many stories have come out where these people have known since they were children that they was not the right gender, so there must be something to it..Why deny people happiness if it does not concern you. Please with common sense,
vote no on prop 8...and Vote for
Obama in all due respect....I am a Hillary girl, not happy, but rather then give the republicans 4 more years, I will vote Obama...
Thank you for reading my gibberish...MsHill

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Ellen, I guess because of hatred and bigotry(mainly from people who call themselves religious), you are no longer married to Portia. I wish I could have voted No for you, but my state didn't even have this initiative on the ballot. Maybe Obama will legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, I know Hillary would have tried...