Friday, October 17, 2008

Al Smith Dinner Videos McCain & Obama Roast Each Other



Anonymous said...

Best debate of the season. This was the most-telling debate of all, McCain was able to laugh at himself, skillfully deliver on target comments and humor, and Obama had to poke fun at his own grandiose ideas to try to equal McCain. McCain the clear winner on the humor round.

Sherri said...

I agree Mccain's jokes were far more funnier. I don't find the fact obama is arrogant and conceded funny in the least. I will not vote for that one! Not this sweetie ;)

Anonymous said...

Some of Obama's jokes certainly fell flat even though he was in a room filled with his supporters. It is telling that he had to laugh at his own jokes. This great orator cannot even read the speech that was written for him with finesse. We are told by the media that the election is in the bag for Obama but that is propaganda that we refuse to hear. This former democrats is voting for McCain.


Ladies I sure hope it takes more than Obama's bad joke telling for you to NOT vote for him.Like lying, cheating,stealing elections.oh yes and being an elitist.Poor Obamination needed the media to explain his jokes,and they let him down.