Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton speaking at 2008 HRC National Dinner



Anonymous said...

I still support Hillary but when she talks about a new kind of politician that is not only what John McCain says but what Obama had promised. The difference is that Obama has not, so far, shown that he is different. He was going to run a new kind of campaign but his is the same old lies and mudslinging as any other. We do know McCain to be different, maybe not in the type of campaign but in his bipartisanship in the Senate and his distancing himself from his party's views and that of Bush and is not GWB incarnate. I truly believe that Hillary does not believe Obama to be qualified to be president. That being said, I still support her but I will never vote for Obama.

beth said...

Yet again, an alledged Hillary supporter accuses Hillary of LYING.

Disagreeing with her is one thing, but to call her dishonest?

Anonymous said...


We aren't calling her dishonest. She is like anyone being held captive by an abuser--she does what she needs to survive. We recognize the difficulty of her situation. Obamites are so desperate to believe Barack has a mandate and refuse to believe that Hillary supporters won't support Obama. Wake up and realize that a candidate who bullies his way to the top is on VERY shaky ground. Half the people "supporting" him are being forced because they are labelled racist or spoiled-sports. The voting booth will be very liberating for many.

Anonymous said...

Beth is right.
You all accuse her of lying, pandering to Obama, kissing the DNC's butt.....
You say you're disappointed in her because she's supporting the DEMOCRATIC party.
All because Obama won.
Golly, a MAN beat Hillary.
And you hate Obama.
Is it sexism or racism, ladies...or both?