Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin on SNL

The Sarah Palin skit on Saturday Night Live was amazing. She did a great job.



Tim said...

She was great when she was rockin' out to Amy's rap. A very good sport.

Aherri said...

What a great sport...I like her. Nobama!

Anonymous said...

She is great.
MaCain/Palin 2008.

No way No Obama.

sad said...

Enjoyed them both, and pray McCain and her win so I can sleep at night.
Obama scares the heck out of me.

beth said...

The rap was hilarious - I got a kick out of her bopping along with it, but I thought it would have been funnier if she'd done it herself (hey, if Bill could play sax on Arsenio Hall, why not?)

My favorite part:

Gov. Palin "Why can't we do the 30-Rock skit I wrote?"

Lorne Michaels "Trust me, not enough people are familiar with that show"

Hillary and I are still voting for Obama, though, and I sleep very well at night :)