Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hillary on Entertainment Tonight



Anonymous said...

It really bothers me that Hillary is doing so much to help elect Obama. I cringe each time she says he is capable of being POTUS. I try to understand her position but the democrats have taken away the opportunity to elect the most qualified candidate in this election. I am working to elect a democratic congressperson from my area, but I resent that the democratic party gave me no choice but to reregister as an independent. I cannot vote for Obama.

Tabitha LoVerso said...

Well, if it helps you any...I was having an excruciating time trying to put my heart and hopes behind a candidate and I finally decided to support Ralph Nader the Green Party's candidate. I also re-registered as an independent, which is really a shame, because if things had been handled differently I would have remained a loyal democrat.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the 2 posters ahead of me..Hillary is only doing what is expected of her..I heard a little of what Bill had to say during his speech at the rally for Obama today..and, I know that his heart wasn't really into it..he should get an award for his performance..Obama isn't fit to be our's nothing to do with "color"'s his lack of experience...and, for the fact that I don't trust him..he's scary...his "smooth talking" ways have swayed so many I understand his supporters/people are downright mean...nasty...rude..I have no use for the DNC...Howard Dean...Nancy Pelosi..and, this "bailout" is a joke...let WALL STREET crash...I'm tired of paying high taxes so others can get richer and richer...I live month to month on a meager income and worry about how I'll put food on the table for my family..wake up during the night and worry if I'll be able to pay those bills...but, it goes to the old saying..."money goes to money"...that will NEVER change...I moved and needed to register so that I could vote...I was going to register'm not registering at all...HILLARY should have been the candidate and was robbed of's sickening what the country has can't be blamed on the current administration...Bush it taking the blame for others actions!!

LoveAmerica said...

I understand the above three posters sadness which I share. But there way of dealing with their disappointment unfortunately is 3 votes for Obama, by not voting for the one candidate that has a chance to beat Obama, McCain.
I too am or was a democrat since 1960. McCain could use those 3 votes to help defeat Obama. Without them he WON'T so in esscence the three of you ARE voting for Obama, you just fail to realize not voting or voting for a sure non winner you are essentially throwing away your votes. I understand it, but it is this kind of thinking that is going to allow Obama to win. We need to bite our lip and pull the McCain lever. Can't let Obama win. Please think about it. I know how you feel but we got to do this people.


I voted today by absentee ballot as I always do.But there was one difference this time I voted for a Republican,for the first time in my life.I did not want to but I have to send a message to the party elites that I own my vote and do not trust or even like Obama.So my fellow Puma's please follow my lead and vote McCain/Palin.We must not waver now!

Voted for McCain/Palin
P.S.My hand did not fall off as I thought it would,LOL.

Anonymous said...

I will vote McCain to ensure obama doesn't win! I was a very conservative dem for 30 years but I can not vote for that inexperienced, empty suit puppet, especially not knowing who is the puppet master! I trust the man McCain is, I don't know the man obama is!

Anonymous said...

Am so very disappointed with the Democrats & the media with the way they supported Obama as opposed to Clinton. Nothing to do with race, but Clinton is far more competent & experienced to run a country.

I have co- workers who are so passionate with suppporting Obama because they say it's about time an African- American gets to the White House to do some "serious cleaning up". This is highly bothersome to me.We should vote for the issues that a competent & credible candidate stands for.The fact that he would be the 1st African- American commander in chief is not a sufficient reason
to vote for him. Regardless of color, I will vote for the candidate, I believe is more experienced, credible & competent.
That's why I have decided to vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Hillary Clinton. I promoted her ideas and history to everyone I could. And like many, I am disappointed in who ended up with the winning numbers...I am still lost over who to vote for. I do not trust Obama, but I don't want a repeat of Bush. I do believe that McCain has witnessed first hand what the Bush presidency has done to this country, and I believe that he will do everything he can to make a completely different path than what Bush has done. He seems more real. Obama seems like a idiot playing the part of a prophet. No clear words on his ideas and goals, nor where what little he has said has came from. His choice for VP mate is the first sign of poor decision making. McCain at this point did not do any better on the VP slot. I'm definitely not trying to make this a racist statement, but the problem with what has happened with the democratic party is that the majority of the under-educated black citizens voted for Obama in the pre's simply because he was black. And once again, I stress that I am not trying to start a racist debate on this blog, but if that's why that majority voted for him, they voted for the wrong reason. He is inexperienced, egotistical, and disrespectful, and shown this the day that Hillary was suspending her campaign, he made it very clear that he was going to be golfing instead of respectfully watching or attending her speech. That behavior alone, (and the fact that Oprah screwed up by endorsing this man and causing half the population to vote for someone that they didn't know anything about, they just heard Oprah say it and they did it), made me want to vote for McCain even more. Maybe if we do get another Rep. in office for the next four years, then in 2012, maybe everyone will be enlightened enough to see that in 2008 they should have elected Clinton. Just like the last four years, folks, we have done this to ourselves. If Obama wins next month, God help us.