Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hillary at Hiro



Anonymous said...

Awesome speech, as usual but I'm still not voting for Obama.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

None of us are...Seantor Clinton is only hurting herself everytime she speaks for Obama as well....After claiming throughout her entire campaign that she and Obama were different and he was so inexperienced, she now wants us to believe she is behind him....go to Newmax and read the article about how Obama paid for his Harvard education and also how involved he really is with the radical men he has been friends with for the last twenty years and more....I am telling you, he is scary...and I am sorry, but,it is not because he is black, it's because he is green in the words of another Nobama and now McCain supporter..I thought that was an excellent way to describe how we feel...he keeps trying to make it about race...and it isn''s about his associations with radicals like Ayers, and Rev. Wright and I use the term Rev. loosely, and Resko the convicted mobster slumlord...he has been friends with and even helped give him $14,000,000 which was suppose to be used for fixing the projects poor people live in in Chicago, Obama district, and instead he kept the money and God knows what he did with it...Obama says he didn't know, well, he should have known, and maybe he did..he has changed his stories on everything else...

Anonymous said...

I will not give my vote for Mr. Obama, either. I am now very disappointed in Hillary.

pumawhisper said...

I can only believe Hillary knows what she is doing. She should be President period. I cannot validate DNC corruption by supporting ANY democrats this election year. I must support McCain/Palin this time around due to his love of country FIRST.

Obama scares the H""" out of me.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that there are still PUMA members going strong, and not giving in to the media's rants about how if we don't vote for Obama we are either racist or bitter. The DNC is the one that lost this race for Obama because if they had played by the rules John McCain would not be nearly neck and neck in the polls right now. I will not be voting this year in protest...

Rockin Robin said...

didn't Chris Rock whine about how Bill and Hillary are not doing enough to get Obama elected. WTF?

well... I do hope some part of that is true. LOL.

This PUMA is not voting for Obama.

pumawhisper said...

Where are they hiding Michelle?

Is there a riff between the two?

Or are they afraid she will say something to ruin things and shutting her up till after the election?

I wish Obama would step aside and let a true leader emerge, Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now you're disappointed in Hillary.
You think she's only hurting herself.

Are you listening to yourselves!?
Geez, why don't you just throw Hillary under the bus, now!?

You are so pathetic. You really are letting your anger cloud your judgement.

So now Hillary's the enemy.
Face it, you're a bunch of SEXIST, RACIST pigs in lipstick.

Yes, SEXIST! It works both ways, ladies.

You can choke on your anger, especially since you really don't even care now about Hillary!

PUMA's a JOKE. A BIG, FAT lipstick!

Sirtriz said...

I am as disappointed as anyone that Hillary didn't get the nomination in lieu of Obama. I don't believe Hillary was treated fairly and while I knew I could never vote for McCain, I wasn't sure I would be able to vote for Obama. However, in light of the Republicans' platform and the shenanigans and impulsive politicized actions by McCain in recent days, as well as the clear and unfortunate lack of qualification of Palin, to remain so bitter towards the DNC that you will vote for the clearly misguided and incompetent ticket of McCain-Palin, you are only cutting off your nose to spite your face. If, after the sincere and inspiring speeches by both Hillary and Bill Clinton at the Democratic Convention calling for us to support them in their support of Obama you are not able to take the high road as they both clearly are, and support Democratic ideals first and really too bad. It took me awhile to heal from my disappointment from Hillary not getting the nomination, but we must move on and realize that supporting McCain is not the lesser of evils. Obama-Biden is clearly the most level-headed, experienced, stately, and balanced ticket between the two. McCain-Palin is chaos, blunder, incompetence, reactiveness, not to mention not supporting any progressive ideals whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

You can have your own opinion. So can I.

No way , No how, No Obama.