Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill Clinton On Letterman

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Anonymous said...

I love Bill Clinton and soooo wish he could be president again.

Anonymous said...

Almost as good as McCain's appearance on Letterman last nigh...

Oh, wait!

Obama '08

Rockin Robin said...

I love Bill.

I think if McCain was on letterman last night he would have gotten blasted for it by the democrats. Some version of "what happened to 'party first'?"

why is there a loser Obama supporter on this site? Oh right, they are threatened by the Palin factor.

I think I'll go to an Obama site and start posting

go McCain '08

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Is this a pro-Hillary site or an anti-Obama site. I am NOT voting for McCain or Palin (and I am a woman who lives in Alaska!). I think Hillary is awesome. But I think bashing Obama is wrong.

pumawhisper said...

Bill and Hillary Clinton are the saviest political couple I know. I am sorry Hillary was cheated out of her rightful place.

I cannot validate DNC's corrupt selection of Obama and has nothing to do with race.

I put principal before party and therefore I will be voting for McCain who puts his country first.

Anyone who does a little research on the two candidates, will surely reach the same conclusion. Telling the truth is not bashing.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions but we have to be careful to distinguish those that are paid bloggers for by the Obama camp and those that come from the heart of a real voter. I am a democrat but ashamed of my party, the caucus frauds etc. Democratic party left me. I am disappointed in Hillary's support of Obama but she is entitled to do what she feels just as I do. This puma will be voting McCain/Palin.

I hope someday a black leader emerges that puts his country first, but Obama hasn't shown that he does yet.

Anonymous said...

Caucus cheating in every single caucus state that the D.N.C. knew about and did nothing about. Rampant voter fraud ran by ACORN and the Obama campaign. Pelosi and Obama buying off the super delegates. Strong arming and threats to Hillary delegates AT the convention and sham scripted roll call that did not reflect the will of the people at all.

Vote for that? Silencing of millions of voters? That's not a's not even a choice. You've been played in the most un American scam on the American voter since Nixon. vote won't count again till this heinous criminal is out of MY party and he is exposed for exactly what happened here. Media bought and sold even fact check is owned by Annenberg who is in bed with Ayers and Obama.

Good god. No wonder PUMA was born and no wonder rather than telling the truth, they will belittle it so others don't find out what the hell really happened. Obots, you were sold a bill of goods..."truth squads" are nothing more than trying to stop people from having free speech to tell the truth about who Senator Obama really is and what REALLY happened in this disgusting excuse for a primary season.

If it stays this way..move to Cuba, their elections are at least above board in installing a dictator. They know ahead of time any voting process is a scam and that their vote doesn't count really.

Alice Paul and the National Women's Party earned through beating and torture my right to vote. Obama and the D.N.C. just took it all away and got fully away with it.

For now. Even IF he cheats with phoney voter registrations, and it looks like he has been gearing up with ACORN to do just this for the G.E. since December,...he will STILL be EXPOSED as worse than Nixon. Probably impeached.

Thanks D.N.C.! For de frauding the voters at a time of crisis and all for the love of George Soros money.

Pelosi, buying off super delegates with YOUR PAC was are supposed to be IMPARTIAL and those supers are supposed to represent their constiuents.

This isn't even about Hillary Clinton except that they let rampant PLANNED misogyny be used to help defeat her, it's about voter rights...something many have fought and died for and the D.N.C. and the Obama campaign simply sold down the river as if it's not the primary right of our citizens.

It's a SAD day. Democracy in the democratic party is totally dead. The worst victims are not even those of us who saw it happening and stood up to's those who are so blind they can't see it or don't care anymore. You're next. Your right to have your vote matter is next.

Some of you with ACORN are going to jail. Some of you who didn't know and will find out your emporer is a scam artist and the party is a bunch of lying thugs will figure out how much you were used.

"Change" indeed. For the worse at a time I didn't think it was possible.

These party leaders will be shown for what they did and who they are. We need a new party alright. One that respects everyone's voter rights and nothing less!!!!