Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton for Senate Majority Leader

The DNC may have undermined 18,000,000 voters...

...but we can do our best to make sure that the DSCC and the Senate don't do the same.

Please contact the DSCC and tell them you want Hillary Clinton as their leader in January:

Like LBJ in the late 1950s, Hillary Clinton can lead this country from that seat of power... and we 18,000,000 will have our voices better served and respected.

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BB in Arkansas said...

It won't happen.... that hag Pelosi does not want Hillary to take over as the most powerful woman in America. DNC screw up chairman Dean doesn't like the Clintons....and as we have seen Democrats are like lemmings...they follow the "holy one" off the cliff. I am done with the Democratic party!

Ice Princess Texas said...

if Hillary has any sense she will tell the DNC, Dean and Hag Pelosi to go screw themselves and become an independent.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There is noway that these people: Dean, Reid , and Pelosi will let this happen. Yes, Hillary should become independent. The current Democratic Party is so screwed up and becomes too liberal. It has been corrupted by the Moveon organization.



Anonymous said...

In November, the Obamacrats will be done, Pelosi & Reid & Dean get their pink slips when Obama's fantasy ends. New leadership for Democrats means that Obama's strongest rival comes to the fore. Like LBJ, Hillary can and will articulate her version of "bipartisanship", which was LBJ's version of a shadow executive branch in Congress. It worked well, providing coherence and unity nationally, while developing consensus and effectiveness (& leaders) in Congress, and ultimately allowed LBJ to realize his ambition to be President. Hillary Clinton has the ability and resources, as well as desire, to become the great leader LBJ aspired to be. Obama almost had it right - this is OUR time, and Hillary Clinton will take charge as Senate Majority leader when the new Congress convenes. Yes she can, yes she will!! Silicon Valley Dem

Rockin Robin said...

I think this is a great idea. 9% Pelosi just needs to leave step down.

And didn't Donna Brazille say she would leave her job if the super delegates became the deciding factor for the democratic nominee?

Did I tell you all that Donna was on my plane on my way out of Denver? Too back I didn't have my PUMA shirt on LOL.

texaslatina said...

i just have to say i am so proud of us pumas following our hearts and fighting for what is right; rather it be the clintons or our country. we are smart and have thinking working brains that do not buy into the media brainwashing crap they try to work on us. and we sure as hell are not listening to pelosi, dean, or brazile, P.U.M.A.!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a strong supporter of Hillary. I also want to see a Democrat gets back to the WH again, but that person will not be Mr. Obama. The DNC picked a weak candidate even they know that Hillary is a stronger one. So, it is a good lesson for the DNC. I also remember vividly about hearing from Donna Brazile (at the time when Hillary had more numbers of superdelegates than Mr. Obama) that she would quit the Democratic Party if the superdelegates voted against the will of people in their states.

I am not bitter but I do not like the unfair treatment that Hillary received during the primaries. How can we let a weaker candiadte to run this great country?

Hliiary 2012!!

Nadja said...

Rockin Robin is a hypocrite, and so are the rest of you for not believing in the issues Hillary stood for and thinking that Hillary is just going to go Independent to win this election. It sounds like a re-run w/ Nader splitting votes as we helped Bush in office in the first place. And trying to convince people to vote for McCain because you dont like Obama? And now that folks are not jumping the bandwagon you flip the Independent button. It is strange.

I am a Hillary supporter, a donating supporter, a volunteer on the street in the capital of OHIO, but this is all ridiculous.

A Vote for McCain due to Sarah Palin... is not a vote for Hillary.

If you were supporting Hillary, since she is no longer a candidate, be mindful of the issues that she stood for.
Those issues are what are important to you.

Do not be fooled by Republican shenanigans, they have chosen a woman as the VP candidate to try to fool Hillary supporters into voting against their real interests. THIS woman is as conservative as they come - she is anti-choice, pro gun (read assault weapons on the street), favors oil and gas interests over environmental protection, she is against Universal Health care, proposed bans on certain books in local public libraries, opposes domestic partner benefits, and opposes stem-cell research.

There are virtually no similarities between Palin and Hillary except for the fact that they are women. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Vote on the issues, not out of anger and resentment or you will be duped into voting against your own basic interests. So Don't get fooled again.

Anonymous said...

The pharse "Do not be fooled" turns me off even more. I feel that it is insulting. I also donated and did the volunteer things for Hillary. I did these things becasue I think that Hillary is a better candidate than Mr. Obama. However, the DNC selected a weaker candidate to represnt the Democratic party. I do not support this idea. Therefore, my vote will not go to a weak candidate from the Democratic party. If you want a weak one, it is your choice.

Anonymous said...

I would rather that John McCain offer Hillary a spot in his cabinet. That would set Hillary up nicely for a win in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking the same thing. John McCain may do just that if he gets into the WH. He is not snobbish or arrogant. His action in the past days is a real change.

What change does mr. Obama offer?

Anonymous said...

I want Hillary in and Biden out. Course Hillary in and Obama out would be better.

How about Obama replaces Biden with Hillary for a slam dunk win!

RallyGrrrl said...

I think there is a fine line between being dedicated to Hillary's ideas and being dedicated to Hillary - at some point they become mutually exclusive goals, and I think that's the line a lot of us have been walking these past few months.

Part of Hillary's power is in the votes she brings with her wherever she goes (thats us). But with that comes the burden of having to pretend like she supports Obama by telling us to vote for him. She has no choice if she wants to retain the power outside of our reach, as voters. So, we know she has to say those things and put on a happy face, and calling her on it only makes her have to act even harder to seem like she means it - which is torturous I'm sure. So we respond with luke warm enthusiasm and await an opportunity to support Hillary full force.

It's a trap to say that 'if you don't vote for Obama then you're betraying Hillary's values!' because he was the opposition - and a jackass opposition I might add. You could just as easily say that those people who supported him and not her were traitors to her ideals - because she was a slam dunk for this election before Obama entered the scene. Of course she would have motivated the conservatives to vote Republican, but that would've been dwarfed by the Democrat turnout and they are just as mobilized against Obama.

Instead, we had a hardcore race, just before we entered another hard core race. Some of us just don't have enough fight left in us to scream Obama's name from the rooftops. Which is why - when an extremely well known national figure, who has been in the public eye for two decades and has a strong voter bloc following, decides runs for president - you don't run against her that year, stupid.

It's the end of a very long day - she's not even on the ticket - we already lost in many ways - and in the process we were exposed to the most divisive sexism that we have ever experienced in our personal lives. We're tired. If you can't tow more than 50% of the line now when it really counts, then you shouldn't have tried so hard to beat down those who could.

RallyGrrrl said...

And yes, Hillary should be the Senate Majority Leader. And no, Dea, Pelosi, and Reid will not enable that to happen. And no, Hillary should not turn Independant, she should turn New Democrat, and we should all follow her in turning over a new political leaf.