Friday, September 26, 2008

Hillary to GOP: Stop the "posturing"

From the Politico

Hillary Rodham Clinton backs yesterday's agreement between Congressional leaders and Hank Paulson and is slamming the House GOP for "posturing" and "partisan politics."

Her statement:

"The crisis that has seized our markets and millions of families throughout our nation demands our swift action. Any further delay motivated solely by partisan politics and posturing risks deeper financial crisis and catastrophe.

While legitimate concerns about the proposal should be and will continue to be discussed, obstruction for its own sake undermines the economic security of our financial markets and nation. The gravity of the current crisis compels us to put aside partisan wrangling and posturing so that we can proceed on a course of action that will ensure the stability of our markets."



Edward said...

It is unclear as to which party is culpable of posturing, but what we the american people do know is that the Democrats can pass this legislation without the assistance of the republicans so why do they not demonstrate the courage to make a stand. It is for this very reason we were unable to support the democratic candidate and now the party seems to be following his lead by not assuming the responsiblity of solving this problem now and let the chips fall where they may!

Anonymous said...

This crisis happens when the Democrats are majority in both the Senate and in the House of Represnstative. Therefore, the blame should not go to the Republicans only.

Previouisly, I would support Hillary's idea. Now, I feel more and more discontent with Hillary. How can she work/support Mr. Obama after all of the frauds during the primaries.?

Country before the party.

Tabitha LoVerso said...

It pains me to say that I actually have a lot of respect for how the Republicans have been dealing with issues lately. Some would call me a turn coat, but I feel like their is not much of a democratic party left out there! There are a whole lot of normal americans out there who feel like they are a people without a party. It's sad really because the people of this country just need someone real and that they can trust to rally behind and regardless of all the media circus that is shoving Obama down our throats, I do believe that there are a lot of people out there that are not buying into all of the antics of the media. I'm not sure about John McCain either. Even though my vote may not hold as much ground I am seriously researching Ralph Nader a little more to see what his stance is on issues.

I like many of you am severely dissappointed in Hillary, though I understand her reasoning for backing Obama. She has to have a party that supports her for 2012.

It still makes me sad to think I can't vote for her. Maybe I'll just write her name in and let that be my personal stand. I don't know...

It does make me worried to think that Obama could win. I just don't trust him.

Good luck America.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, if the vote goes to the third party, it means that Mr. obama gains.

It had never occurred to me that I will support the republicans, but this year I will vote McCain/Palin. This is not a protest but I feel that John McCain is a better candidate than Mr. Obama. The medias are trashing Palin the way they did to Hillary during the primaries.

beth said...

"I like many of you am severely dissappointed in Hillary, though I understand her reasoning for backing Obama. She has to have a party that supports her for 2012."

Does it not occur to people that she's backing him because their views/politics are so similar?

Seriously, you can disagree with who someone is backing for President without questioning their integrity (which shouldn't be hard because we all supposedly believed in her a few short months ago)

Rockin Robin said...

I can see how Hillary may be infuriated with the GOP. And it does make McCain look as if he is doing the righteous thing. Especially since Obama is using this opportunity to be political about McCain's campaign suspension. But if didn't do it, he would spun into a hypocrite. And Obama is not showing his leadership in this at all. He's going to go to the debate being self-righteous about it.

Meantime, there is more to this economic crisis than the media is revealing.

I knew was going to happen. Does anyone here know who George Soros is?

He is one of Wall St.'s most powerful players. He is a speculator who deals in billions of dollars a day. He is a f*ing crook who is directly responsible for the demise of other ecomonies in the world. He even trashed the UK Pound, the Italian lire and currencies in Indonesia, Mayalasia and Korea.

What does he get out of it? Power, control and lots of money.

He critized Halliburton for profiting on the war which subsequently caused the stocks to drop, only to purchase a hefty portion of the now lowered stock price of Halliburton, thus profitting on the war himself.

Soros is a sad man who was born in Hungary and was handed over to the nazi's as a kid. His job was to pull gold from dead jews mouths in concentration camps.

This is the template for which he lives his life.

Soros has poured a ton of money into ACORN, and Obama.

According to Joe Lieberman, Soros is anti-american and perhaps has too much influence on Obama.

Ricco said...

Very interesting Rockin.

Are you sure Hillary was not talking about Pelosi and Barney Frank?

Anonymous said...

You know i love Hillary... But did you know that they have earmarks for ACORN in the bailout proposal ???? I personally was glad to see McCain go to Washington.. Everyone needs to call their representatives and complain !!