Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hillary on Morning Joe



LoveAmerica said...

I wish Hillary was going to be our next President. I would have felt comfortable with her at the helm.
Since she is not, I feel comfortable with McCain who did again today put Country first.

Sorry Hillary, No Obama, no way Jose.

I can't validate DNC corruption by voting for any Democrat this year. I do like Joe Biden, and he would have made a great VP for YOU.

I disagree with you Hillary that Obama is good for this country.
Go Hillary in the Senate and I wish you will and thank you for the hardfelt campaign and hope you get some rest.

Rockin Robin said...

I can't validate the DNC either. They really treated Hillary supporters like a bunch of dumbasses

Anonymous said...

I also am very disapointed in Hillary. How could she say that Mr. Obama is good for this country?

With this comment from Hillary, I feel that she does not put the country first. How can she support a weak candidate? She knows from her heart that Mr. Obamam is a weak candidate from the Democratic Party.

I will stick with the conservatives this time, not with Hillary. Hillary is on her own from now on. Sorry.